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Blackwell, Miniard, and Engel Decision-Making Model Essay. My family recently purchased a Toyota Prius. Easy Maker! This is a magnificent car which has a positive effect on the environment. The Toyota Prius runs on both petrol and electricity thus saving both money and the rapidly decreasing ozone layer. My family has always been environmental conscious and this was an important decision considering the current state of the environment and teacher job application essay global warming. Not only was there much research put into this purchase but there are also incentives in places such as Westminster City where Eco-cars receive FREE parking permits (“Free Parking”). Blackwell, Miniard, and resume Engel have been working together for phd thesis many years to determine the consumer decision making process. Together they have created many models and easy maker completed much research to support their theories of and mail essay guidelines consumer behavior. Using the Blackwell, Miniard and Engel decision-making model I will show how my family came to easy resume the decision of the purchase. There are many steps that one goes through before making an important decision such as a purchase of a new car. A Resume! Reviewing these steps in sequence and having an inside look of the though that went into each step will help establish the maker process of consumer behavior.

Beginning with stimuli, we will review the exposure, attention, comprehension, and retention stage that occurred to cause the phd thesis endnote thought of this purchase to hold steadfast in the memory, then moving on resume to need recognition, environmental influences, individual differences influencing the purchase decision, we will see what cause the american women dissertation purchase to became complete, and what happens thereafter with satisfaction/dissatisfaction and divestment stages of the consumer process. Stimuli: Product Exposure. What better stimuli for a new product are available to easy maker the consumer than media exposure? There has been a lot media exposure to globe guidelines global warming and the effects green house gases on having on the ozone layer. There have also been many celebrities choosing to go green and help save the world. Stars Penelope Cruz and easy Leonardo DiCaprio hosted a Pre-Oscar green party to show their support of electric cars. They, along with several other celebrities, opted to drive themselves to the Oscars in their new electric cars.

The point was clear; everyone needs to take steps to prevent global warming (and you should hurry up and jump on the band wagon celebrities are giving up limo rides!). The Pre-Oscar green party is was a genius idea as the Oscars are huge and people from all over the world partake in the nights events. The marketing behind such an event draws attention to the eco friendly cause and covers all of the beginning stages of the Blackwell, Miniard, and Engel decision making model; exposure, attention, comprehension, acceptance, and endnote retention. Of course these five characteristics contribute to memory and that is where the consumer behavior process begins. My parents had already decided that it was time to purchase a new car. Need recognition was already determined. But at easy maker this point they were just beginning to take a look around. And Mail Guidelines! The genius of the easy marketing ploy/awareness campaign for Eco-friendly cars stayed with my parents as they began to make some decisions about their new car purchase and once again reinforced to memory the importance of eco-friendly vehicles. Teacher Job Application! Eco-friendly cars are a hot topic and many friends of my parent’s had also started to think about or start purchasing green cars over the last year. Now with the easy resume maker price of petrol constantly on the rise how could you not consider it?

The influences of friends have always helped my family move along and make a final decision. In this case all of my parents’ friends were considering taking a step towards a cleaner environment or at least taking a step to stay trendy and essay festival up to date with the current issues concerning the resume maker world. Of course this is a tough cause to turn your back on as many people are adamant and phd thesis endnote taking firm stand to lower the rate fossil fuel is burned. With this heavy exposure to both the cause and the solution my family chose to reevaluate the current car situation and resume see if it was time for an upgrade which would be the need recognition stage of the model. After a quick internet search on the status of the ozone and essay on spring in pakistan the effect of fossil fuels on the greenhouse gases my father discovered; the effects of global warming are being felt worldwide. “Global warming and the melting of resume maker polar ice cover is predicted to raise ocean levels worldwide, directly impacting on island nations who plead most strongly for restraint of fossil fuel consumption by industrialized nations#8221; (Mayer).

Some alternative fuel methods have been tried and found to be very successful. “Another strategy for globe reducing fossil fuel emissions from vehicles is to shift to alternate fueled vehicles. Various choices include electric, natural gas, methane, and maker fuel cell vehicles” (Mayer). He decided it was time to step in and help the cause. During the pre purchase evaluation my father decided it was time to upgrade the vehicle and began an internet search to find out everything he could about the Toyota Prius, and other green cars including the Volkswagen Touran, the Peugeot 407, and teacher the Honda Accord. He learned everything possible about each car including the gas mileage, cost, efficiency. He read consumer reports, company reports, and online reviews and eventually evaluated the positives and negatives of each car. Personality, Values, Lifestyle Choices permit Consumer Buying. My parent’s liberal nature permitted personality, values, and lifestyle choices to properly fall into place with the purchase. Resume! For years my organic food was the only thing available in my house and my parents have supported many environmental causes. After the Oscars my father’s motivation to purchase a green car increase ten hold and he begun his thorough investigation.

The individual differences of the cars and manufactures had much to do with my family’s purchase of the Prius. The internet provided all the consumer resources my parent’s needed to come to a narrowed the decision down to either the Toyota Prius or the Volkswagen Touran. The next step was for my parents to go and see both cars. They met with salespeople; test drove each car, learned how much fuel each car consumed per kilometer, and investigated the electric components of the car. Although comparable in design, boot space, and kilometers to the liter, my parents both choose the Prius and dissertation after much research were happy to take it home. My parents are very happy with this vehicle at home. Consumer consumption is a concept that can be defined as “a mean’s of producing one’s self and self-image” (Arnould Price, 2000, p. Easy Resume! 141). The image my parent’s are trying to produce is fellowships one of a trendy and environmentally aware people. Resume Maker! The Toyota Prius definitely portrays this image.

In terms of satisfaction this may be the on spring festival best purchase my parents have every made. They are more than happy to show it off and tell all of the easy resume perks and special features to and mail essay guidelines anyone who cares to easy maker listen. In retrospect if Toyota ever needs spokes person for the Prius they should definitely consider my parents. At this time divestment is not a concept that is considered with this purchase. The social value alone has causes an investment in the environment which is globe never a lost cause. Friends and easy neighbors are impressed and writing latex this is easy important to my parents.

My parents played out each step of the decision making process in almost the exact layout of the model provided by Blackwell, Miniard, and Engel. Beginning with stimuli, we will review the american women fellowships exposure, attention, comprehension, and retention stage that occurred to cause the thought of this purchase to hold steadfast in the memory, then moving on to need recognition, environmental influences, individual differences influencing the purchase decision, we will see what cause the purchase to became complete, and what happens thereafter with satisfaction/dissatisfaction and resume divestment stages of the consumer process. Overall this has been an interesting investigation into the thought process behind such a purchase for our family. Consumers as a whole have a difficult time choosing environmental friendly products. “Until (recently), industrialization had enjoyed an teacher, extraordinary and almost continuous successexcept for occasional wars. Technological development and its products were widely accepted. Standards of living, prosperity, and welfare were and are closely tied to the successes of industrial society. Easy Resume! Energy, particularly in the form of essay on spring in pakistan fossil fuels, has been and continues to be essential to easy an advanced, industrial society. The enterprises and authorities involved in energy production and supplyand the decision making and planning relating to themenjoyed respect and need support.

They had well established legitimacy. An ample supply of energy was seen as crucial for industrial development and for providing important ingredients to everyday comforts and welfare. Since the #8220;golden age of energy#8221; came to an end (around 1970), there have occurred significant changes in easy our consciousness, in our policies, and to some extent in our practices. In part, this is reflected in women fellowships the results of energy research. In response to the energy problem, policymakers and planners have triedand continue to trya variety of strategies: Attempts to reduce energy consumption, save energy, and increase energy efficiency” (Monnier et al., 1986, p. 54). These are issues that need to be clear in every consumers thought process. I applaud the thoughtful efforts of easy resume celebrities, manufacturers, countries, and individual states that support the cause and try to encourage consumers to be conscious about their buying decisions.

It is important to and mail guidelines consider the consequences of all of our actions and this includes our action when we purchase a new product. Arnould, E. J., Price, L. Resume Maker! L. (2000). 8 Authenticating Acts and Authoritative Performances. In The Why of Consumption: Contemporary Perspectives on Consumer Motives, Goals and Desires , Ratneshwar, S., Mick, D. G., Huffman, C. (Eds.) (pp. 140-163). London: Routledge. Donnelley, Astrakhan. #8220;Natural Responsibilities: Philosophy, Biology, and Ethics in Ernst Mayr and Hans Jonas.#8221; The Hastings Center Report 32.4 (2002): 36+. Questia . Ps You! 21 Mar. 2007 Johansen, Bruce E. The Global Warming Desk Reference . Easy Maker! Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2002.

Questia . Teacher Job Application Essay! 21 Mar. 2007 Lackner, Klaus S., and Jeffrey D. Sachs. #8220;A Robust Strategy for resume maker Sustainable Energy.#8221; Brookings Papers on Economic Activity (2005): 215+. Questia . 21 Mar. 2007 Lee, J., Geistfeld, L. V. (1998). Enhancing Consumer Choice: Are We Making Appropriate Recommendations?. Journal of Consumer Affairs, 32 (2), 227+. Retrieved March 21, 2007, from Questia database: Mayer, Donald O. #8220;Corporate Governance in the Cause of Peace: An Environmental Perspective.#8221; Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law 35.2 (2002): 585+. Questia . Globe And Mail Guidelines! 21 Mar.

2007 #8220;Free Parking Permits for Eco-Cars.#8221; BBC News 15 Mar. 2007. 21 Mar. 2007 University/College: University of Chicago.

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Pisa syndrome in Parkinson's disease: diagnostic and management challenges. Accepted for resume publication 27 February 2016. Checked for plagiarism Yes. Pisa syndrome (PS) denotes marked lateral flexion of the trunk, which is typically mobile and resolves at supine position. It was originally described by Ekbom et al 1 as acute truncal dystonia or pleurothonus related to butyrophenone administration. The term PS was subsequently applied to patients with dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, 2 Lewy body disease, 3 Parkinson’s disease (PD), 4–7 multiple system atrophy, 8 progressive supranuclear palsy, 9 and Huntington’s disease, 10 who developed lateral trunk deviation. In addition, PS has been described in job application essay, patients with normotensive hydrocephalus, 11 subdural hematoma, 12 subacute sclerosing panencephalitis, 13 or can present as an resume maker isolated and idiopathic condition. 14 In PD patients, PS can occur either as a motor complication of the underlying neurodegenerative disorder or can be drug-induced. Practically, all dopaminergic drugs, including levodopa combinations (eg, levodopa/carbidopa, levodopa/benserazide, levodopa/carbidopa/entacapone), 15,16 ergot derivative pergolide, 4,15 nonergot derivatives pramipexole 15 and ropinirole, 17 and monoamine oxidase-B inhibitor rasagiline can cause PS. 18 Other drugs associated with PS are typical and atypical antipsychotics, tricyclic antidepressants, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, antiemetic drugs, lithium, benzodiazepines, cholinesterase inhibitors, and valproic acid (Table 1). 19–23 In this review, we will focus our attention on PS in essay on spring festival in pakistan, patients with PD and provide an update on prevalence, pathophysiology, clinical manifestation, and treatment options.

Table 1 Causes of Pisa syndrome. PD is the second most common neurodegenerative disease and is characterized by bradykinesia, resting tremor, rigidity, and maker postural instability. 24 It is a progressive, lifelong, and so far incurable disorder causing significant reduction of endnote, quality of easy, life and fellowships increasing health care burden. Besides aforementioned classical motor symptoms, additional aggravating conditions include postural abnormalities, which are quite common in maker, this population. According to the results of a retrospective observational study, a third of patients with PD had a deformity of their limbs, neck, or trunk.

25 Almost 2 centuries ago, in the fundamental paper An Essay on the Shaking Palsy , James Parkinson described distinctive stooped or bent posture of patients with PD. 26 Nevertheless, significant proportion of essay on spring festival, patients exhibit more severe postural abnormalities or spinal alignment, leading to easy maker significant disability. These severe deformities include PS, camptocormia, scoliosis, and antecollis. Essay On Spring Festival? 27 It is resume noteworthy that most of the patients present with a combination of ps you a resume, postural deformities. The underlying pathophysiology of these deformities is largely unknown, and their management remains a challenge. The lack of consistent diagnostic criteria could explain small number of resume, epidemiological studies regarding prevalence of PS in PD patients. Essay On Spring? Most of the epidemiological data concerning frequency of PS arise from studies conducted in psychiatric population and are not going to be discussed here. Easy Resume Maker? Multicenter cross-sectional study, conducted in Italian movement disorders tertiary centers, systematically investigated the prevalence of PS and its relationship with clinical and demographic features in a large cohort of writing, consecutive patients with PD. 28 Among 1,631 enrolled patients with PD, PS was detected in 143 patients (prevalence 8.8#37;). Patients with PS were older, had lower body mass index, longer disease duration, higher disease stages, poorer quality of life, more frequent falls as well as occurrence of “veering gait” (ie, the progressive deviation toward one side when patient walked forward and easy resume backward with eyes closed). Patients with PS received higher levodopa-equivalent daily dose and were more likely to be treated with a combination of levodopa and dopamine agonists.

Osteoporosis and arthrosis were significantly the most frequently associated medical conditions in patients with PS. Another Italian single-center study detected 26 patients with lateral trunk deviation in the cohort of 1,400 patients with parkinsonism. American Women Dissertation Fellowships? 29 Several studies investigated the easy maker prevalence of scoliosis in PD patients. Yet, the results are highly variable with prevalence of american dissertation, scoliosis ranging from 2#37; to 60#37; in PD patients. 25,30,31 Still, it is easy maker important to emphasize that the terms “scoliosis” and “Pisa syndrome” are not synonyms. The term “scoliosis” should be reserved only for patients whose posture cannot be improved by passive movement or supine positioning, and who have radiological evidence of a structural curve with axial vertebral rotation that persists when the need a resume effect of gravity has been eliminated. The pathophysiological mechanisms underlying PS in PD patients have not been fully explained. Two different hypotheses have been proposed: 1) central hypothesis consider PS as a consequence of basal ganglia dysfunction along with altered sensory–motor integration, and possibly exacerbation by dopaminergic treatment; 2) according to the peripheral hypothesis, PS occurs primarily due to an alteration of the musculoskeletal system, such as myopathy of the paraspinal muscles and soft tissue changes (Figure 1). 27,32.

Figure 1 Pathophysiological mechanisms responsible for maker development of Pisa syndrome in Parkinson’s disease. Asymmetrical central process is likely to play a role in the tendency to lean to teacher job application essay one particular side. Studies in a rat model showed that chemical degeneration of the nigrostriatal pathway produced substantial spontaneous trunk deviation toward the denervated side. 33,34 Most of the clinical studies have also shown that patients lean away from the easy maker most affected side, which is consistent with animal studies. 35–37 However, few investigators failed to replicate this finding. 28,30,31 Another observation pointing to job application the involvement of central dopaminergic system is that PS can occur as a motor complication of PD. Resume? Kim et al 7 reported two PD patients who developed PS during the “off” period with favorable response to an increase of women dissertation fellowships, levodopa dosage. Nevertheless, most of the resume PD patients with PS will not benefit from increasing dopaminergic therapy.

Moreover, PS is frequently reported as a side effect of almost all dopaminergic drugs. 4,15–18 Together with other axial deformities, PS in PD patients usually represents therapy-resistant symptom, highlighting possible involvement of nondopaminergic pathways. 38 Association of PS with cholinesterase inhibitors is well recognized. Phd Thesis? 22 The improvement of resume, PS with deep brain stimulation (DBS) of the pedunculopontine nucleus (PPN) suggests the contribution of the cholinergic system, and supports the ps you hypothesis of the crucial role of dopaminergic–cholinergic imbalance in easy resume maker, the pathophysiology of PS. Job Application? 21,39 Lateral trunk deviation can also occur following pallidotomy. There are two reports of PS developing in patients after pallidotomy, at a time interval of resume, 4–9 years after surgery. 40,41. Postural control depends on vestibular, visual, and somatosensory information. For proper postural control, all these components should act in highly harmonized, synchronous, and orchestral manner.

Balance impairment in PD has recently been related to altered sensory–motor integration processing. 42 Proprioception provides highly accurate information that helps to maintain body verticality. Several studies confirmed abnormality in proprioceptive function in women dissertation fellowships, PD patients. Resume? Vaugoyeau and Azulay 43 showed that PD patients, unlike healthy subjects, were unable to maintain the and mail essay guidelines vertical trunk orientation without visual compensation and were following the maker oscillations of the a resume supporting platform, whereas the easy maker control subjects kept their body upright when deprived of visual cues and vestibular information. Perception of verticality is essential for postural control. Pereira et al 44 showed that perception of verticality is affected in PD patients. This abnormal vertical perception together with disturbed processing of on spring, graviceptive pathways is associated with postural instability. Based on resume these results, Scocco et al 45 investigated subjective visual verticality in globe guidelines, PD patients with and without PS, and compared them with healthy controls. Easy Maker? They found that the writing phd dissertation latex subjective visual verticality was altered in PD patients with and easy resume without PS when compared to healthy controls. The authors concluded that altered subjective visual verticality cannot be explained by intrinsic lateral deviation in and mail, PS patients, yet it must be secondary to either primary perceptual dysfunction or alterations of internal models of verticality.

Until recently, it was thought that vestibular dysfunction is resume maker not involved in the pathogenesis of postural deformities affecting PD patients. 46 However, recent investigation by Vitale et al 47 refuted this hypothesis. They evaluated vestibular function in eleven PD patients with lateral trunk flexion and in eleven age-, sex-, and disease duration-matched patients without lateral trunk flexion. A peripheral, unilateral vestibular hypofunction was identified in all patients with lateral trunk flexion. The vestibular hypofunction was ipsilateral to the leaning side and contralateral to the most affected parkinsonian side in all the patients. In the control group, seven subjects had no vestibular signs and ps you need four subjects had unilateral vestibular hypofunction without clinically evident lateral trunk flexion. Interestingly, two of the latter patients subsequently developed lateral trunk flexion ipsilateral to the vestibular deficit and resume maker contralateral to the side most affected by PD. A complex relationship exists between postural control and cognition. Postural control requires a complex motor-cognitive interaction where multiple sensorimotor processes occur in order to maintain balance and orientation in response to external stimuli.

48 Up to now, only one study investigated the possible contribution of essay on spring festival, cognitive dysfunction to easy maker occurrence of PS in PD patients. 49 Among 40 PD patients enrolled, 20 had PS. Dissertation? All patients underwent comprehensive neuropsychological battery to assess behavioral disturbances, memory, attention, frontal/executive, and visuospatial functions. Results revealed a significant association of easy, PS with altered attention and visuoperceptual functions, suggesting that the job application occurrence of PS may be associated with alteration of easy, both frontal–striatal systems and posterior cortical areas. Several electrophysiological studies using electromyography have been performed in PD patients with PS. The aim was to 1) investigate activation pattern of the phd thesis axial paraspinal muscle and 2) find signs of resume maker, possible denervation or myopathy. Tinazzi et al 50 detected two different patterns of muscular activation: a hyperactivity of lumbar paraspinals ipsilateral to trunk bending side and hyperactivity of endnote, paraspinals contralateral to trunk bending side.

These observations suggest that a dystonic activity could play a role in determining the bending ipsilaterally to PS and that the easy contralateral excessive muscle activation represents a compensatory mechanism. Tassorelli et al 51 found an dissertation fellowships abnormal tonic hyperactivity on the side of the trunk’s deviation in abdominal oblique muscles. The largest study conducted so far enrolled 60 PD patients with PS and showed asymmetric ability to generate maximal voluntary force of the external oblique muscles supporting a central desynchronization of axial muscles as a significant contributor for the bending of the spine in erect position. 52 These results could have important implication to easy physiotherapy and the use of botulinum toxin (BTX) in the treatment of PS. So far conducted investigations failed to detect denervation and myopathy, underlining the and mail essay importance of central dysfunction. However, the impact of degenerative spinal disease on soft tissue and muscle changes should not be disregarded. Some authors speculate that abnormal posture cannot be entirely explained by active dystonia and instead may reflect either intrinsic muscle and soft tissue changes resulting from a dystonia present earlier in easy resume, the course of the disease or another more complex impairment of proprioceptive motor control in writing, PD. 53 Pathophysiology of resume maker, PS in PD patients is very probably multifactorial, but the bulk of the data supports central, rather than peripheral hypotheses.

32. Diagnosis and teacher job application essay clinical presentation. There is no consensus on easy the diagnostic criteria for PS. Initially, Bonanni et al 29 proposed the following definition for lateral axial dystonia: more than 15° lateral flexion of the and mail guidelines trunk, increasing during walking, not present when supine, and in maker, the absence of any mechanical restriction to trunk movement (ie, degenerative spinal disease), with continuous electromyographic activity in the lumbar paraspinal muscles ipsilateral to the bending side. Doherty et al 27 deviated from definition by Bonanni et al 29 and ps you proposed that a diagnosis of easy, PS requires at least 10° lateral flexion, which can be completely alleviated by passive mobilization or lying in a supine position. A reason for this deviation was that the pathophysiological mechanism of PS in writing latex, PD patients may not be completely dystonic and should not require electrophysiological studies to define it. PS can develop in easy maker, acute (rapid deterioration within few days or weeks), subacute (followed by rapid deterioration over months), and chronic fashion (insidious at first with gradual worsening). Ps You? 15,54,55 Early recognition of PS represents mainstay of the treatment because chronic forms are often resistant to therapy. Most of the PD patients with PS are not aware of lateral trunk deviation in the early stage.

35 At the beginning, only a slight tendency to lean on side can be observed while patient is sitting, with worsening during walking. A special phenomenon is “veering gait”, which denotes progressive deviation toward one side when patient is walking forward and backward with eyes closed. Easy Resume Maker? In advance stage, patients often experience debilitating pain, dyspnea, or unsteadiness leading to falls. Diagnosis of globe essay guidelines, PS is based on clinical examination, but for easy resume maker the correct measurement of essay festival in pakistan, lateral deviation, use of goniometer is required. It is easy important to differentiate PS from phd thesis scoliosis, which is easy resume maker defined as the lateral curvature of the spine with a Cobb angle of american, 10° or more in the coronal plane. Maker? For this purpose, X-rays in on spring festival, standing and easy supine positions are necessary. Besides scoliosis, differential diagnosis of postural deformities in PD patients includes specific muscle disorders such as myasthenia gravis, focal myositis, and facioscapulohumeral dystrophy. 56–58. The lack of knowledge about principal pathophysiological mechanisms responsible for phd thesis the development of postural deformities in patients with PD represents a major obstacle in therapeutic approach. Resume? Still, several useful tips could be of help in everyday clinical practice.

In patients with acute or subacute development of lateral trunk deviation, it is mandatory to collect data about recent changes in medication. Early recognition and either withdrawal of offending agent or reintroduction of dopaminergic therapy can prevent veering toward the subchronic and chronic irreversible variant. 15,54,59 In some PD patients, PS can appear as a motor complication during the “off” period. 7 In such cases, increasing the dose of levodopa may provide amelioration of abnormal posture. Other oral medications used to teacher essay treat PS include anticholinergics and novel antipsychotics without interference with dopaminergic receptors, such as clozapine and quetiapine. 14,54,60 However, clinicians should be very precautious when prescribing atypical antipsychotics because they can induce and easy resume aggravate PS.

61,62. Based on the assumption that PS is not a motor complication of PD, rather due to dystonia of paraspinal muscles, application of BTX has been tried but with inconsistent results. In the dissertation fellowships blinded crossover study by Bonanni et al, 29 nine PD patients with lateral axial dystonia who failed to improve from oral medications were randomly assigned into two groups; four patients received BTX and five placebo as a first treatment, and were switched to BTX or placebo in maker, the following treatment session. Abobotulinum toxin A was injected under electromyographic control at four sites into the paraspinal muscles 2–2.5 cm lateral to on spring festival in pakistan spinous processes at resume level L2–L5 on the side of the trunk flexion, for a total dose of 500 U. None of the patients receiving the dissertation fellowships placebo experienced benefit. On the other hand, six patients treated with BTX showed an improvement between 50#37; and 87.5#37;. In one patient, only subjective benefit was reported, while two patients did not report any benefit. Up to now, there are no consensus guidelines on muscle selection for BTX application.

Some authors suggest that injection in paraspinal muscles should be avoided, and easy resume priority should be given to infiltrating external oblique muscle. 52 The most frequently injected muscles in the study conducted by Tassorelli et al 63 were the iliopsoas and the rectus abdominis. Dupeyron et al 64 reported new target muscle for BTX application. They described a complete and 1 year lasting resolution of PS after BTX injection in the quadratus lumborum muscle. Although no guidelines exist, all authors highlight the importance and necessity of ps you need, electromyography in detecting hyperactive (rigid/dystonic) muscles before the administration of easy resume maker, BTX. Tassorelli et al 63 investigated whether the addition of BTX type A injection into hyperactive trunk muscles may improve the effectiveness of the writing latex rehabilitation program in PD patients with PS. Twenty-six PD patients were enrolled in the randomized, placebo-controlled trial. Group A was treated with BTX type A followed by a 4-week intensive program of conventional rehabilitation, while Group B received saline before 4-week rehabilitation. At the end of the resume rehabilitation period, both groups improved significantly in terms of static postural alignment and range of motion. Ps You Need A Resume? Group A showed a significantly more marked reduction in pain score as compared with Group B, and resume a more prolonged efficacy on several clinical and kinematic variables.

The authors suggested that BTX may be considered as an important addition to the rehabilitation program for on spring in pakistan PD subjects with PS for easy maker improving axial posture and trunk mobility, as well as for a better control of pain. Even without addition of BTX, sole 4-week trunk-specific rehabilitation treatment is shown to significantly improve lateral trunk flexion in PD. 65 Furthermore, Frazzitta et al 52 strongly support early rehabilitation before development of postural deformities, with special emphasis on stretching exercises for the external oblique and writing latex paraspinal muscles. Besides oral medications, BTX application, and conventional rehabilitation, treatment with DBS of PPN has also been tried. Shih et al 39 described the beneficial effect of DBS of the PPN contralateral to the most affected side and contralateral to the trunk leaning in a PD patient with PS. In another case, stimulators were implanted in the PPN ipsilateral to the side of the easy maker trunk leaning. 66 Unfortunately, the initial improvement was not retained over time, probably reflecting the complex pathophysiology of PS. Globe Essay? The reason for PS improvement with either ipsilateral or contralateral DBS is probably related to easy resume the diffuse bilateral projections of PPN.

Further studies investigating the impact of PPN DBS on and mail essay PS are needed for maker obtaining final conclusion. Treatment options for PS in PD are summarized in Figure 2. Figure 2 Treatment algorithm for Pisa syndrome in Parkinson’s disease. Abbreviations: PS, Pisa syndrome; PD, Parkinson’s disease; DBS, deep brain stimulation. PS is common, but not inevitable in PD patients. Having significant impact on daily functioning and quality of women dissertation fellowships, life, PS deserves special attention and should not be overlooked. Exact pathophysiological mechanism is still poorly understood, but it seems unlikely that a single pathological process is resume responsible for the occurrence of latex, PS. Easy Maker? More complex interplay between central basal ganglia dysfunction, together with proprioceptive disintegration and altered cognitive processing, is and mail essay guidelines usually required for easy resume the development of PS, thus highlighting central rather than peripheral hypotheses of PS origin. Still, peripheral mechanisms should not be ignored and future investigations should determine their role in the pathophysiology of PS. For further studies with intention to gather epidemiological data and to delineate pathophysiological mechanisms, consensus on ps you need a resume diagnostic criteria is mandatory.

Treatment options for PS include oral medication such as anticholinergics, or dopaminergic drugs if PS denotes motor complication of PD. Rehabilitation with emphasis on easy resume maker stretching exercises is recommended from the and mail essay guidelines moment of the diagnosis of PD. Association of PS with specific cognitive dysfunctions supports the easy idea of essay, cognitive rehabilitation programs aiming to improve cognitive capacity and, in turn, ameliorate postural abnormality. Development of standardized protocols for easy cognitive and physical rehabilitation is writing phd dissertation necessary for adequate treatment, and future studies should address this issue. Application of BTX provided promising results, especially when combined with conventional rehabilitation procedures. However, further studies are required to clarify which muscles are the best targets. Although favorable effects of DBS on PS have been reported in previous case reports, the surgical outcomes of DBS are not predictable and require further investigations. Probably, the most important thing when dealing with PS in maker, PD patients is early recognition of this rare and incapacitating symptom, because appropriate management in acute or subacute phase can prevent chronic irreversible state. The author reports no conflicts of interest in this work. Ekbom K, Lindholm H, Ljungberg L. New dystonic syndrome associated with butyrophenone therapy. Latex? Z Neurol . Maker? 1972;202(2):94–103.

Vanacore N, Suzzareddu G, Maggini M, Casula A, Capelli P, Raschetti R. Pisa syndrome in a cohort of Alzheimer’s disease patients. Acta Neurol Scand . Need A Resume? 2005;111(3):199–201. Shinfuku M, Nakajima S, Uchida H, Watanabe K, Kocha H, Kashima H. Pisa syndrome caused by resume maker an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor in a patient with dementia with Lewy bodies. Psychiatry Clin Neurosci . Ps You Need A Resume? 2011;65(3):299. Cannas A, Solla P, Floris G, Borghero G, Tacconi P, Spissu A. Reversible Pisa syndrome in Parkinson’s disease during treatment with Pergolide: a case report. Clin Neuropharm . 2005;28(5):252–253. Gambarin M, Antonini A, Moretto G, et al. Pisa syndrome without neuroleptic exposure in a patient with Parkinson’s disease: case report. Mov Disord . Resume? 2006;21(2):270–273.

Harada K. Pisa syndrome without neuroleptic exposure in a patient with Parkinson’s disease: a case report. Mov Disord . 2006;21(12):2264–2265. Kim JS, Park JW, Chung SW, Kim YI, Kim HT, Lee KS. Pisa syndrome as a motor complication of Parkinson’s disease. Parkinsonism Relat Disord . 2007;13(2):126–128. Colosimo C. Pisa syndrome in a patient with multiple system atrophy.

Mov Disord . 1998;13(3):607–609. Solla P, Cannas A, Costantino E, Orofino G, Lavra L, Marrosu F. Pisa syndrome in a patient with progressive supranuclear palsy. J Clin Neurosci . Essay On Spring Festival In Pakistan? 2012;19(6):922–923. Salazar Z, Tschopp L, Calandra C, Micheli F. Resume Maker? Pisa syndrome and essay parkinsonism secondary to valproic acid in Huntington’s disease. Maker? Mov Disord . Phd Dissertation Latex? 2008;23(16):2430–2431.

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In Praise of a Liberal Arts Education. Easy Resume! Click image for full commencement remarks. I am still basking in women dissertation fellowships, the afterglow of resume, another reunion weekend with the Franklin Marshall College Class of 1986. What a great group of people—each reunion I am reminded how much I enjoy reconnecting with my classmates—learning how we have grown into ourselves, reminiscing on our shared experiences. Women Dissertation Fellowships! These are ALL smart and accomplished people who have found ways to live lives of meaning and substance. As I approached the weekend, I contemplated the value of my educational experience.

We've seen some backlash over the sky-rocketing cost of higher education, and the kind I received—at a small, elite liberal arts college—is expensive, no doubt, but I still find so much value in not just the classes I took, but in the nature of the easy resume, institution and, in particular, the type of learning—a liberal arts degree. I'm thrilled that my oldest daughter is attending such an institution and that we are once again making the tours of similar schools for my youngest. So much ink has been spent in recent years on the way colleges prepare students for careers, it seems to miss the point that what we really need to prepare them for is life. Jobs come and go—I can attest to that personally, but you only women, have to look at national statistics to discover that the maker, job you have today may not exist in five years. With the rate of technological change and globalization, the job you DO have in five years may not even exist today. Essay On Spring Festival! So how do you prepare a student for that? In this recent article in The Atlantic , Yoni Applebaum writes, Students are clamoring for degrees that will help them secure jobs in a shifting economy, but to succeed in the long term, they’ll require an education that allows them to resume, grow, adapt, and contribute as citizens—and to build successful careers.

And it’s why many schools are shaking up their curricula to ensure that undergraduate business majors receive something they may not even know they need—a rigorous liberal-arts education. This is the kind of well-rounded education that I had—instruction in the classics, language, religion, science, literature, mathematics, history—a broad ranging curriculum that emphasizes close reading and writing and engenders critical thinking. Essay On Spring Festival In Pakistan! critical thinking—the objective analysis and resume, evaluation of an globe and mail essay, issue in order to form a judgment. As an English and American Studies major, my professors helped me hone my critical thinking and communication skills—especially my writing. They encouraged discussion and careful thought, and, along with my classmates, improved my vocabulary. Because when you are careful about the words you choose, you raise the level of discourse, because a thoughtful approach leads to deeper conversations. We seem to be faced with a backlash against this kind of intellectual discourse, a tendency to dismiss it as elitist. Yet we should admire individuals who read great works of easy resume, literature or study ancient philosophies and american dissertation, history, who strive for excellence in easy maker, scientific experiments and the arts, attempting to apply the vast accumulated knowledge in the world to solving problems and to understanding the teacher job application essay, complex nature of human experience. Easy Resume! Our national discourse is ps you need, missing much of this context—we can be and are better than the sound bites we see on TV. We no longer seem to require that our political leaders be able to clearly articulate their policies. In some ways we have fallen victim to celebrating mediocrity as Mr.

Incredible says to Elasta Girl. Easy Resume Maker! Catering to the lowest common denominator, rather than challenging ourselves to latex, be better. The courses I took in college were varied—most were good, one or two were terrible, and several were truly remarkable learning experiences. But taken as an entirety, they merely scratched the surface, the bedrock for the continued learning to come. Yet they prepared me for a broad-ranging career. Maker! In college, I found the beginnings of my voice. I learned to articulate a position by finding or creating the globe, data to support it; I learned to easy resume, read closely and to write; as one of the first classes to have Macs on phd thesis campus, I learned to embrace technology to enhance my learning experience; I learned how to research a subject using primary and secondary sources; I learned how to take that research and develop a compelling thesis; and, as a four-year athlete, I learned the easy resume maker, value of teamwork. I celebrate my college experience for its depth and breadth. Writing Phd Dissertation! For giving me a foundation that I continue to build upon in easy maker, fits and starts. For giving me confidence when faced with professional and personal challenge.

For bringing me into contact with truly remarkable teachers, a few whose advice I continue to seek out to phd dissertation, this day. And for easy introducing me to the class of 1986. We are smart and accomplished, committed and caring. Fun-loving, wickedly funny, more and ps you need, more daring as we get older. I learned not just from my professors, but from my classmates. And that is the maker, very essence of a liberal arts education. My best friends were college classmates—that's the other value I put on my college experience. I rounded out my education by gaining the love and friendship of smart people who I admire and who have challenged me to essay on spring, continue to easy resume maker, strive to latex, be worthy of their friendship. Midlife has its difficulties, most particularly the realization that some doors have closed, if not certainly, then realistically.

David will never be a fighter pilot, I'll never wear a bikini again. But it has also become a time, for me and many of my friends, of incredible self-awareness and actualization. A time of easy resume maker, becoming who we were meant to be and teacher job application, being comfortable with and nurturing that person. Resume Maker! My friends in midlife care less about what other people think and more about how they live. Worry less about their own achievements and more about their childrens'. Need A Resume! Spend more time with parents and friends, less doing things that don't nurture themselves. We have become both more and less tolerant. More accepting and maker, forgiving of the faults of good friends and family, reluctant to waste time on activities and individuals that are no longer positive.

We choose to phd thesis endnote, outgrow things and to grow into experiences. Maker! When we try new things, we know ourselves well enough to say yes or no or maybe. We are less rudderless, partly because we are moored more securely to our places. And we have become more appreciative and accepting of ourselves—we are finding our path the best way we know how. I recently spoke with a friend about the importance of putting ourselves first— be sure to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others. It's often hard to do—we have many demands on our time and there's always another crisis around the ps you, corner, but there is the easy, benefit of the growing wisdom that we seem to a resume, know when enough is enough. The things we do for easy resume ourselves are some of the best things we do for the people in our lives because they allow us to step up when it's needed.

To be heroic . I look around me and I see people whose everyday lives are simple and ordinary, but happy. People whose momentary actions raise the spirits of friends and family. Essay! I've been fortunate in the last year to be the recipient of those actions—meals and care from my mother, support and love from my father, phone calls and texts from my siblings, kindness and thoughtfulness from friends and strangers—a new colleague at work, Ally's school counselor, a college classmate reaching out. These people were heroes to us, offering us something, some little thing , that made a difference at a difficult moment. The power of those deeds was immeasurable, yet most of them did it by course, by rote, by habit.

The thoughtfulness came naturally. As I look back on maker those gifts, I continue to be overwhelmed with gratitude. In an age where so many of the individuals we might look up to and mail guidelines, have feet of clay, I've been fortunate to discover that the real heroes in easy, my life are the one who show up and offer kindness and comfort in a crisis, or who offer words and actions of support, or who believed in me, even when my own self-confidence wavered. They are my heroes. They have inspired me to reciprocate and pay it forward—we are all struggling with something, so being kind to yourself and then others is another act of tenacity against the everyday forces that conspire to diminish our spirits. Phd Thesis! They have inspired me to work harder to be the hero of my own story, no matter how ordinary it may seem. It is extraordinary because it is mine.

February 14, 2016. When I considered writing this post, I imagined a piece testifying gratitude to all of the people this past year who traveled the path towards my new job, a year-long journey that lead to a position at resume maker an organization whose work and foundation inspires and festival in pakistan, impresses me. I started a new job on easy resume Monday, February 1. I thought I would be writing about the joy of being back at work, contributing and, of course, that gratitude. How our lives can change in a week. February started off with my exceptional good fortune in starting a new job at ACTS Retirement-Life Communities. After nine months of deliberation and exploration, I entered January with the full intent to build to my own consulting business. A timely call from a hiring manager and I was happily employed full time again. Monday was great--new colleagues, new computer, new office–it had that feel of the first day of school–lots of papers, meeting new people, learning the lay of the land. Tuesday was a bit more of the on spring, same. Except I got a call from Ally who was home from school, sick.

Daddy wanted me to easy maker, call and let you know he doesn't feel great. He's talking to job application essay, Pop right now. I wasn't too alarmed. On January 2, David fell down a full flight of easy maker, stairs with the teacher essay, dog in his arms. The dog was fine, but David sustained a cracked rib and the indignity of being taken out of the house on a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance. It could have been far worse. But the broken rib made it impossible to sleep on either side, so he had been sleeping on his back all month.

He complained that it had led to easy resume maker, a resurgence of his reflux. So on the second day of my job my mom drove him to the doctor for an EKG, which was normal. Then his doctor decided to send him to get blood work done to measure his enzymes. Globe And Mail Guidelines! A slight elevation in easy maker, his troponin had our family doctor calling the ER and american, insisting that David head over there. He waited for me to come home and we went right in, still thinking this might be related to his past GERD.

Turns out he was having angina. not indigestion. After several hours he was admitted to the hospital to await a cardiac catheterization to determine if he had any blockages. David is a healthy guy. Active in that he is constantly in motion, never sits, not even on the beach! He loves digging in easy, the garden, raking leaves, shoveling snow. But his dad had heart disease.

So on Wednesday afternoon he headed in for the procedure. I got word about essay 40 minutes later that they had found some blockages. I was greeted by the doctor who informed me of maker, three blockages, one that was 99%. They put a stent in for that one and planned on going in the next day for the other two. We were understandably emotional–David's close call and a sense that fate had cast a beneficent wind to blow in our direction–instead of phd thesis, a massive heart attack with damage to his heart, he had a stent and great heart function. I have been through enough of easy maker, these medical scenarios to know that there comes a time when the crisis is past, hospital care becomes a little routine again and it's OK to need, let go of your vigilance–the procedure is over, we know what we're dealing with, the patient is settled down and needs rest and you need to take a shower. I anticipated this would be the case that evening after the easy maker, catheterization. though we didn't get great news, the medical professionals had a plan and a method that would help. But David didn't seem settled.

A bout of nausea dogged him almost immediately after the procedure and phd dissertation latex, wouldn't let up, even with anti-nausea medication. Easy! He grew more agitated and disoriented. I spoke with a nurse about globe and mail guidelines it, she felt it could be the medication making him sleepy. But he didn't seem sleepy to me and shortly after that he tried to get out of easy resume maker, bed. I went to help, was disconcerted by endnote, his response, Hold on, Ally! I'm not ready. Then, Ally, I need you to help, in a exasperated tone. Again, I spoke to the nurse, this time she impatiently told me that I needed to wait until the resume maker, medication kicked in–I drafted a frustrated text to my friend Bonnie, I knew something was wrong. When the nurse finally came in, she saw that, too, and said, Is he always like this? I said, No!

That's exactly what I've been saying! She started a neurological test. I watched as he struggled to name the pictures, to find words, to speak coherently. From that moment the pace and tenor of the care we received accelerated dramatically. Vaguely I heard, Rapid Response, room 610. I watched as the room filled with medical personnel, a sea of dark blue and white, machines rolled in, electrodes and needles, quiet discussion, sharp orders. As I stood in the corner I heard the word stroke and sank down in my seat. David's eyes met mine. I saw my own fear reflected in them and his own bewilderment.

I stood up and went to the end of the writing latex, bed, speaking softly while looking him in the eye, It's ok, they're here to help. You're going to be alright. We'll take care of you. And then we were rushed into the CT scan, the doctor who admitted him the evening before arriving to easy, be alarmed at his state. I had called my parents on latex the way down and easy maker, told them, they think he might be having a stroke.

I can't do this by myself. My dad, whose daily routines include an early bedtime, told me he'd be right down. it was 10:30. When I approached the stretcher in the hallway I heard David murmuring, Megan, Ally, Beth; Megan, Ally, Beth. as if the names of the people he loved best were a totem, a blessing, a protective spell against whatever insidious creature had taken hold of his mind. The news from the CT scan was positive, no active bleeding, no stroke visible. But they didn't know what was causing Davids issues–which I now had a name for–verbal aphasia. As we got David settled in phd thesis endnote, ICU and easy, he drifted into sleep, I sent my dad home and found my way to the family sleep room. I woke throughout the night, checked on american women dissertation him periodically. held his hand, but he was exhausted and dozing. His nurses kept a diligent watch over him, waking him every hour to maker, check his responses. The uncertainty of the night dawned to the news that his condition had not worsened, but he was still confused and phd thesis endnote, actually referred to me as his mom in the early hours. The planned cardiac catheterization was still arranged and I was prepared to protest if they moved forward with the easy, procedure before we understood the implications of the neurological event.

Fortunately, we were given a reprieve. The neurologist and essay on spring festival in pakistan, the cardiologist agreed. By 10 am David was rebounding, expressing himself well, even cracking jokes with the resume maker, medical staff. Teacher Job Application! By the time Ally came with my parents to visit, he was mostly back to himself, though the easy maker, dark cloud of the globe, night before was a blooming bruise on easy resume maker his psyche. American! We each will carry that flashbulb memory of the dread on each other's face in those daunting first minutes. As we spoke of it several days later, he told me he couldn't think in easy resume, those early moments.

He knew something was wrong, was trying to form his words, but couldn't make his brain work. Writing Phd Dissertation Latex! As the room became crowded with nurses and doctors, he looked around anxiously and identified my face as the one he knew. He didn't know who I was, but he recognized me. In the resume maker, moment our eyes locked, I knew his dismay. It is that moment we won't easily forget. We learned the next day that David had a mini stroke. the neurologist showed us the tiny pinprick on the MRI that represented the dead synapses in teacher job application, David's brain.

He has no apparent deficits from the stroke, but both the cardiologist and the neurologist understand that it was a result of the procedure on his heart–an errant blood clot or piece of easy maker, plaque dislodged by essay, the catheter and sent into his brain. So what to do for the other two blockages? Life turns on a dime. weeks like this past remind us that this moment is maker, all we own, tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us, so we'd best get on with the things we always meant to do. I wrote about this experience in and mail essay guidelines, this post earlier. Again, we are in limbo, awaiting results of a planned stress test in a week.

It will tell us how we proceed. But we know it will not ever be life as usual again, you can't re-cork the bottle. In then meantime, we are surrounded by the love of friends and family whose care and concern sustain us. Our gratitude to the medical professionals who had a hand in his care is immeasurable–they were kind and gentle, immensely sympathetic and incredibly professional, answering our numerous questions with patience as we struggled to understand this event in our lives. We are still stunned and processing this, but we keep coming back to this sense of gratitude.

And a sense that when we chose each other, we chose wisely. We are reminded again of the easy resume maker, value of a loving and supportive partner–how a crisis reminds us that what is really important is american women, that we have each other. The day after David returned home from the hospital, I found this quote by Elizabeth Gilbert. It exactly captures our awe at the generosity of so many people who have been supportive. Resume! It turns out this post is about gratitude. December 30, 2015. And to make and end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from. #148; T.S. Elliot. Late December always brings a tendency toward reflection. The year is on spring festival in pakistan, nearly past, magazines and news shows are offering retrospectives, even social media gets into the game with year-end round ups.

Some years are full of landmark moments–births and weddings, new jobs and renovations. Other years just glance off your memory like shopping lists. For the maker, Careys 2015 was a year of endings and writing phd dissertation latex, beginnings, it was a yin and easy resume maker, yang of events. On Spring! Happy milestones and challenging adversity. A balance of what was and what will be. December 22, 2015.

On the drive to school today, Ally commented, “I wish I could go back to believing in Santa Claus, Christmas was so much fun then.” She still loves the easy maker, holiday, but nothing compares to that sense of anticipation. I told her it all comes back and is even better when you’re a parent. A Resume! Which is easy resume, true… Parenting provides some strange challenges. David and I were the teacher job application, worst tooth fairy ever. We routinely forgot (often several nights in a row). And Megan still talks about the morning she came in resume, complaining that the tooth fairy didn’t come—again—and David went in essay, and pretended to search in easy, the pillows and dropped a coin. Essay On Spring In Pakistan! That’s when she figured it out.

I can say with certainty that one thing David and I got right was Santa–we took Santa to a whole new level… Not only did Santa always eat the resume, cookies and essay, drink the resume maker, milk and the reindeer also ate the carrots and the oats, but they ALWAYS left a huge mess. Writing Latex! Carrots and oats on resume maker the roof, muddy boot prints on the hearth, logs in the fireplace displaced, cookies left half-eaten with crumbs all over the coffee table. David staged Christmas morning like he was a realtor trying to teacher, flip a property. So the girls believed and easy resume maker, that was the teacher essay, magic—their faces on Christmas morning were precious and I still smile in memory of their reactions to their bounty. Both of them believed through elementary school, despite their friends’ loss of innocence. All I can say is thank god there were no elves on the shelves for them or we might have gone nuts.

One night of these shenanigans is easy, enough. On Spring Festival In Pakistan! So, in a spirit of sharing, here are David and Beth’s thoughts for maker keeping the american women fellowships, heart of Santa alive. It worked for us. Good luck with your own capers. 1. Santa has different wrapping paper for each child and different from the wrapping for all the other gifts.

That way you avoid having to write a name in your own handwriting on a gift tag that would totally give you away. Of course, you then need to resume, make sure that Santa’s paper is safely hidden from the kids (and your husband when he’s looking to writing phd dissertation latex, wrap his gifts on resume Christmas morning…) And either use it all year after year or stash it away so that the kids don’t find it in July…good luck. 2. The gas fireplace needs to be turned off well before bedtime and don't even think about having a real fire on globe and mail essay Christmas Eve. Santa may be magical, but he’s not fireproof. 3. Bedtime is strictly enforced on Christmas Eve (this was a fairly easy to accomplish—the sooner they got to bed the sooner the big man could come and make his deliveries). 4. Be sure you have your extension ladder available…you’ll understand why.

5. Have a boot and some water handy. 6. Food for Santa is left on the table and easy resume, must be eaten or returned to the cookie jar. For this reason Santa should not get “special” cookies unless you plan on eating them—kids are smart enough to recognize the cookie that they carefully decorated for SC when you’re eating it Christmas day for desert. “Hey, that looks like the cookie I set out for need Santa…” 7. The reindeer get oats and easy maker, carrots. That’s it. None of that sparkle stuff that kids bring home from the school party. Sparkles are not good for ps you need reindeer (or the resume, rug).

Carrots need to be chewed a little but oats can be returned to the can after you’ve scattered a few for effect on the ROOF. Yes this is where the ladder comes in—at 2 AM you need to climb onto phd dissertation latex your roof (preferably in your slippers) to resume, scatter oats and carrots. Because the reindeer don't come inside, but they really need their snack… 8. Presents must be artfully arranged and stockings carefully stuffed. The dog should be in bed with the phd thesis, kids because he REALLY likes wrapping paper. Maker! 9. Create some mud with the water and dirt from your garden. Put the boot in it a leave a muddy print on festival in pakistan the hearth.

It doesn’t matter that it hasn't rained in weeks and that the ground is frozen solid. 10. While one of you is resume, gallivanting on the roof, the other should be carefully drafting a letter from Santa that highlights the kids’ accomplishments and lets them know they were good…then you need to copy it in red or green pen in indistinguishable handwriting (this is often where the spirit of joy wears thin, because Santa’s handwriting starts to look like Daddy’s…and it’s nearly 2 AM) 11. Be sure that you have cameras ready, Christmas music in phd dissertation latex, the CD player, and easy, coffee set up before you head up to bed. 12. And Mail! David’s family had a tradition of having Santa put a ribbon across the stairs so that no one goes down before mom and dad are up (after three hours’ sleep). This is the easy resume, last thing to do before you crawl into bed, because if the kids wake up and on spring, there’s a ribbon across the stairs then they know Santa was here already. DO NOT GET CAUGHT AT THIS POINT or all will be for nothing. 13. Go to easy resume maker, bed.

Wake up 15 minutes later on Christmas morning. Enjoy the delight of your children. 14. Before any child can go downstairs, an adult HAS go down and push the button to get the coffee brewing—don’t miss this step. We still put the ribbon up, we are still up late, but now we don’t live in fear of ruining the girls’ childhood fantasies. It’s still a joy to come down on Christmas morning, to bake coffee cake and drink coffee, to give and receive gifts with special meaning, and to know that each Christmas creates its own gift of ps you need a resume, memory. Belief is at the heart of all of these things. whether you put your faith in easy resume, a higher power or nature or the good will of those around you, this is a time of year when many people reveal their better selves through gifts of time and energy, thought and deed. It is at essay on spring in pakistan the heart of what this season represents, faith in things unseen, belief that better times will come. December 1, 2015.

Sometimes the season’s change feels imperceptible, until you realize that it is suddenly here. It is that moment when you look out the window and see green buds on the trees where there were only bare branches or a carpet of fallen leaves where there once was grass. It happens for easy me each year as we move from autumn into winter and I see the goldfinches in the backyard displaced by juncos. Essay Guidelines! I love the late summer antics of the goldfinches—their erratic flight through the garden, perching on the spent remains of our coneflower and black-eyed susans, their sudden burst of flight as I enter the resume, back gate, a flash of on spring in pakistan, bright yellow against the dark greens and russets of our September garden. Then, at some point in late October I recognize a change in the music of the garden, look out the window and see not yellow, but grey–the juncos have taken over easy resume the yard.

These little birds are the tenacious harbingers of winter. Their rugged nature keeps them in my yard all winter, roosting in the rhododendron, puffed up against the cold. They seem to ps you need, survive through an act of will and instinct and brighten our winter days with their jaunty faces. There are other winter birds—the flashy cardinal, the noisy chickadee, solitary nuthatches—but like the goldfinches in the summer, the juncos are my favorite winter bird. Goldfinches are summer’s bright exclamation marks, juncos are winter’s grey period. I admire them for their hardy resilience, their pleasant appearance, their steadfastness. I guess that vitality and perseverance are innate to these birds and that’s what I admire in them. I’ve written much this year about hardship, overcoming it, facing it. It has been a tough year, no doubt about easy maker it.

Especially for Ally, who has been directly burdened with much of phd thesis, our misfortune—pneumonia in February, hair loss in April (from the stress of the pneumonia), concussion from the accident in easy, July and the subsequent loss of her field hockey season to that injury, and the sudden, heartbreaking death of a classmate and friend from her nursery-school days in job application essay, November. Easy Resume! What a year… And yet she remains optimistic, well-balanced, good-humored. Job Application Essay! Her resilience in the face of all of this reminds me of my favorite juncos. As we move through fall and into easy resume maker, winter, she is in high anticipation of her favorite holiday. If we allowed it, Ally would play Christmas music year-round. She knows all of the tunes—modern renditions, traditional carols, and on spring festival, vintage standards—she loves them, sings them, infects all of us with her spirit and enjoyment. Resume! Her enthusiasm is indicative of her nature, her charm. Though she is globe and mail, concerned with issues of justice and integrity, she is wickedly funny and droll—poking fun at herself as much as the rest of us.

Though she is often anxious, she is the first to remark on our considerable good fortune, often admonishing us, “choose your attitude.” A good friend, sister, cousin, daughter who doesn’t shy away from telling the truth, but always offers support and loyalty—a trusted confidant, thoughtful and caring. She smiled and joked through hospitalization and easy maker, hair loss and concussion, graciously thanking the many people along the way who made her troubles a little easier. Just as the juncos, I think it is her nature to be cheerful and resilient. How lucky for her and for us? As for job application the coming holiday, Ally enjoys the anticipation as much as anything, so my wish for easy maker her is a long countdown filled with all of her favorite songs.

October 29, 2015. The best part about on spring in pakistan my walk is getting out into the world and witnessing all this beauty. I am even more fortunate in having a walking partner who values the easy resume maker, scenery and phd thesis endnote, waits patiently while I take out my iPhone for these photos. This always serves as a reminder that sometimes it really is all about the view along the resume maker, way and job application, not the destination. Walking this same route through the seasons reminds me that there are small gifts waiting every day—the dew-filled grass, a frost covered flower, a hawk flying overhead, a patchwork of leaves at my feet.

Today was no exception—there is beauty all around us, pause and easy resume maker, take in the view. September 29, 2015. September is Suicide Prevention Month. I know this because I've seen it posted on several friends' Facebook pages. Dissertation! It's likely your family has been touched by easy maker, this insidious killer–it's the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S.–I know mine has.

Stigma keeps many people from talking about it, but it is essay, past time we stopped avoiding uncomfortable conversations which could offer support and solace to easy maker, families and to their loved ones dealing with depression, anxiety, and other forms of mental illness. Nearly 15 years ago we lost my sister-in-law, Christine. A caring and generous soul, Chris made her living as a geriatric nurse, working with patients with Alzheimer's and dementia. She was kind, thoughtful, empathetic soul and loved her family, especially David, with great fervor. She traveled the world, often on her own, observing places with her own unique eye. She returned from those trips to Portugal or Belize or New Orleans with memories and photos and artwork, filling her home with the souvenirs from these trips.

She was smart, confident, and ps you need a resume, strong. Until she wasn't. We'll never know for sure what happened, but three years before she took her life, something changed dramatically and resume, Chris became paranoid and frightened, developing irrational and impossible fears. David spent a great deal of in pakistan, time with her, convincing her that these fears were not real, coaching her, restoring her to her former self-assurance, only to find to she had regressed the next week or day. We sought medical help, support from family and friends, read articles and books, but nothing provided the relief she sought. She was hospitalized several times, provided therapy and pharmaceuticals, but her fears, anxiety, and paranoia lead to a deep and intractable depression. Still she had moments–she loved our girls and enjoyed time with them, allowing Megan to dump the easy maker, contents of her purse and and mail, explore them, holding baby Ally in her arms, joining us for easy quiet dinners and family celebrations. And opening her home to american women, us, inviting the girls into her quiet back yard to explore and play. It was clear that she knew she was loved and resume, that she truly loved us.

But something was broken and she couldn't see a future where it was repaired. For months leading up to dissertation fellowships, her death we were visited by an ominous premonition that had us lying awake at night, concerned for her life. On a cold night in early November David drove the mile and a half to Chris' home to check on her–it was a Monday night and we hadn't heard from her all weekend. Resume Maker! I asked him to call if he was going to stay as he often spent hours with her bolstering her mood. Nothing prepared me for the raw, violent pain in his voice over the phone, She's dead, oh God, she's dead.

And then we were survivors. for David, again. His family has been scarred by suicide four times. Phd Thesis Endnote! aunt, cousin, mother, now sister. If there are miracles in this world, one is that this man has created a happy life out of the wreckage wrought by easy, others. Women Fellowships! Chris' death was no different. In its wake he lost the company and care of his remaining siblings–it's hard to easy resume maker, define why, but a family fraught with mental illness creates its own defenses and survivors find their own way through the darkness. There are always questions, there are rarely answers. A friend recently spoke about her own dark time with anxiety, telling me she no longer saw suicide as a selfish act, that in phd dissertation, the throes of a deep depression you could not see another way out. I don't know what momentary or menacing process lead Chris to maker, take her life, or what would have kept her from doing so–that is the biggest challenge to friends and family. what could we have done?

I do know that limiting health care benefits exacerbates an already challenging circumstance. In an age when we still know so very little about how our brains operate, it is confounding that insurance companies can still limit access to writing phd dissertation latex, good therapies that work, given time. And often, that is what ultimately offers solace and cure–time, patience, acceptance. So suicide prevention is maker, really about teacher essay better mental health care. But is is also speaking openly about the wreckage that comes in the wake of suicide–scars and questions, blame and abandonment. These are hard conversations to have, but an important part of prevention and critical to easy resume maker, healing for survivors. It is a long road to forgiveness, finding mercy and absolution for ourselves and Chris. The knowledge that we did what we could and were there for her, listening and supporting, helps. As is our certainty in her love for our family. Though I do believe rationally that suicide is globe and mail, preventable, I worry about the message we send to families of victims when we make that statement. We still question, could we have done more?

If we had called on Friday or Saturday, would she still be with us? Suicide attempts, while not purely an impulse, are transient. One out of every twenty-five attempts are successful, so it can be an resume maker, issue of need, timing. We will never know. And we remain immutably transformed by resume, her loss. and I remember another day. not quite a year earlier. It is how I track time. Need A Resume! A day the world took notice, and the day 10 months earlier when our private universe collapsed.

They are linked for me, a way of marking anniversaries, how long has it been? 15 years nearly. years filled with unattended birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, a hundred missed celebrations. more marking of time. Resume! I see you, head bent over phd dissertation a baby, a child (not your own, but so adored) I catch glimpses, there you are in the supermarket or walking on the street or sitting on maker that bench. moments glance off my memory, your voice, a slight smile, my ears strain to job application, hear your laugh. Resume Maker! anxious for that sweet melody, crowded out by pain, uncertainty. I cannot hear it, though I know it, imagine it, your voice is silent. You are not here.

Too soon to phd dissertation, see that baby grown tall and resume, elegant, to ps you need a resume, see that child strike off on her own. Your choice and yet somehow not. Resume! Forgiveness is absolution, pain has a short reach but a long memory. Regret and and mail essay, gratitude walk hand in hand. Easy Maker! Though you are not here, you are present.

Your spirit in the home you made for us. Globe And Mail Essay! It is not enough. Easy Maker! #148; I have been considering the nature of luck lately. Phd Dissertation Latex! By many measures, the Carey family has hit a run of easy, bad luck in 2015—Ally was hospitalized with pneumonia and complications twice, our elderly cars are feeling their mortality, I lost my job in on spring in pakistan, February, and last week the Subaru was dealt a fatal blow when it was rear-ended, sending Ally to resume maker, the doctor with a concussion. We've faced numerous setbacks and teacher essay, difficulties, but the easy, first six months of 2015 have presented unusual challenges. So, I've been thinking about good fortune, the caprice of the american women fellowships, universe, serendipity. I wouldn't say that I'm particularly superstitious, but I do have a few quirks. One of them is lucky pennies. I can't resist picking up a copper on the sidewalk or street—shiny or dull, heads up or down. I love the feeling that somehow fate is easy resume maker, smiling down on endnote me—that singular moment of easy resume, gratification when I discover a coin and pocket it.

It lightens my mood and my outlook for the day, regardless of whether the notion of ps you need a resume, luck holds true, it is still found money, though tiny increments. Those increments add up over time—we have a container full of found coins (mostly pennies) from the last 5 years—it is nearly full, heavy with promise and resume maker, fortune. A lucky find amortized over the years. A small offering in the vast expanse of the universe. Much of writing, nature tends toward balance and symmetry—from butterflies to snowflakes, spiderwebs to easy maker, galaxies, the universe seems to favor order over chaos.

Those who believe in karma would speculate over our past actions, karma being a law of moral causation, what might we have done to be faced with our state? I choose to believe that our current run of globe and mail essay guidelines, luck is nature’s method of easy resume maker, ensuring our growth and guidelines, development, a nudge in the direction of our future prosperity and happiness. This natural alignment leads me back to our string of bad luck—and wondering if luck is really just how you perceive your current circumstances—an exercise in practicing affirmation for what we have, measuring our situation with a hopeful attitude. It’s not always easy, but I daily remind myself of our good fortune in supportive and generous family and easy resume, friends who have offered us encouragement and globe essay, endorsement, assurance and blessing. So I attempt to view this in a positive light. I lost a job that had no long-term future, that, after nearly 10 years offered little by way of personal and professional growth. Easy Maker! Not having a job over the past few months has offered opportunities that I wouldn’t otherwise enjoy—rare days with my family, attending all of the events that were the last hurrah of Megan’s senior year, time spent on long walks with friends without concern for being elsewhere.

One forgets the boon of free time in the chaos of work obligations. Losing my job allowed me to spend a full two weeks with my parents, siblings, and teacher, our children in easy, Avalon, NJ—a yearly gathering that I have squeezed into weekends for the past ten years—I cannot place a value on the time spent under one roof again enjoying the company of the people I love the best. Change comes daily—slowly or suddenly—all we can do is respond to it with our best efforts, understanding that, as John Lennon wrote, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.” And yes, though the writing phd dissertation latex, world loves symmetry, it devolves into chaos pretty regularly—the regular intervals of ocean waves break on the shore to the circulating grains of sand, the Fibonacci sphere of a dandelion casts its seeds to the wind, the dramatic circulation of easy resume, a tornado leads to devastation. Chance, luck, fortune—whatever you wish to call it—comes in waves, less regularly than the ocean and without its constance. It’s a good exercise to acknowledge both our impotence in controlling events and our attitude in how they shape us. When Louis Pasteur wrote, “Chance favors the prepared mind,” he was speaking of scientific observation, but I have always felt that he believed that luck is partly attitude. If fate is a whimsy of the globe essay, cosmos, good luck lies mostly in our perspective and openness to change. I choose to view this year’s luck as a reminder that fate has mostly cast its favor on easy the Carey family and to essay, try practice gratitude for easy our blessings.

I am not always successful, but I shall keep trying. And I’ll keep picking up those pennies. I am privileged to on spring festival, share my life with two exceptional fathers—one who raised me and one who is helping me raise our children. They are very different parents, but their parenting is founded in resume maker, unconditional love. Latex! David chose to stay home with our girls—it is one of the most consequential decisions we've ever made. It defined the quality of our daughters' childhood, and continues to shape them in ways that are beyond our comprehension. For David, fatherhood is a full contact experience—he took it on easy resume maker with his typical energetic enthusiasm. I love being a mother, but David thrives on fatherhood—it is his defining achievement and his most proud accomplishment. 18 years ago, stay at home dads were not nearly as prevalent as they are today and he faced confusion and misjudgment on occasion, often having to explain himself. No, he wasn't taking the day off to be with his kids; no, he wasn't unemployed, this was his job; etc.

And he routinely reported a level of prejudice as he took the girls out—a disconcerting wariness amongst the (mostly) women he encountered at playgrounds and parks. He took this all in stride and american women, created a magical (albeit unusual) childhood experience for our girls. A typical week would take them to the zoo or museums or one the many local playgrounds. Or to more unusual spots. A favorite outing included watching the planes land at the Philadelphia airport, enjoying the thrill as 747s bore down on them, just above the treetops, the compressed air from the engines swirling the leaves of the trees.

It's a breathtaking experience to stand under a plane as it powers overhead—one that the girls still love. David loves a good game and his joy in resume, play was evident to the girls—he was Megan’s first playmate, Ally’s favorite buddy—a constant source of fun and laughter as they were little, a cause of smiles and eye-rolling as they got older, but always delighted to participate. He is a pied piper in a room full of kids—they seem to know that he is the guidelines, source of the fun. His made-up games were simple in maker, execution, complex in imagination, and provided hours of amusement. He was always creating opportunities for them, from essay on spring, digging holes at easy the beach to creating snow mountains in on spring festival in pakistan, our yard for them to sled down to building bonfires on the rocky coast. And he was far more lenient with them than I would have been— allowing the girls to play in puddles and mud, to throw the folded laundry around and jump on resume the sofa, to create strange concoctions out of flour and endnote, cereal and dried pasta and water, to paint on the kitchen floor. And he acquiesced to them bringing home all kinds of creatures—from tadpoles to parakeets—we have had more pets than I would ever have allowed: 3 hamsters, 3 parakeets, 5 hermit crabs, 7 guppies (one who lived nearly 6 years), a bunny and, of course, our beloved Schoodic the maker, Dog. This doesn't include the fish and tadpoles in the garden pond. Essay! From those pets they learned about life and loss, a little bit of responsibility, the easy resume maker, virtue of taking care of something helpless, the joy and sweetness of essay on spring in pakistan, unconditional love.

From their dad they learned the easy maker, power of showing up and participating, the joy of endnote, a simple walk in the woods, to savor play and fun. Resume! They learned to essay on spring, create art and music. They both understand the value of hard work and a good deal. He taught them to listen to resume, soundtracks—both the natural soundtrack around us and the ones in the movies. He cultivated in them an appreciation of photography, both as artwork and as an expression of love—their favorite childhood moments are captured on film, for even as he was engaged with them, he was recording every minute, both in american women, stills and on video, creating enduring gifts to his family. A treasure of sharing and absolute love. I don’t know how these things will continue to shape the girls. As they’ve gotten older, they tend to turn to me more—a natural progression, I think. Easy Maker! I know David sometimes feels irrelevant, maybe that feeling’s natural, too. Latex! But I know it’s not true. Resume Maker! I see daily his influence on them and festival, I know how his guidance has shaped them into strong, smart, savvy, talented, caring young women who love music and photographs, the rocky Maine coast, and the way the light plays across the water.

I know they are passionately sentimental and will bear those memories into whatever future they make for themselves. And, though they love and appreciate him now, I know that only when they become parents will they fully realize how very lucky they are. I remember a trip I took with my dad. It was our last summer in Vermont and easy maker, my mom was retiring from directing the Merestead Field Hockey and Lacrosse Camp. I was a junior in festival, high school and my dad and maker, I spent the day in rare accord. Motivated to make the most of our last day off, he was inspired to essay, revisit our previous camp locations—Camp Songadeewin in Barton, VT and Camp Dunmore in resume maker, Salisbury, VT—all in need a resume, one day. I went along for the ride. We departed at easy the crack of dawn, heading up to job application essay, Lake Willoughby and memories of Fox Hall, granite outcroppings, cold crystal-clear lake water, rides with Uncle Lenny in the trash truck, the red barn, Mt. Piscah—all of my favorite childhood memories in one spot. I remember this place viscerally, with every cell in my being. I can recall the smell of pine in the woods, the scent of the hot granite after a summer shower, the cool, cool feel of the easy resume maker, lake, the shape of the downhill curve in the road that took us to and mail guidelines, the beach and easy maker, the wide open vista framed by the two mountains there.

I can feel the teacher, draw of gravity down that hill to the beach, the easy, slapping of my sneaker-clad feet against the asphalt, have the view tattooed into job application, my consciousness, and would recognize the shape of maker, those mountains anywhere. Dad and I wandered around the camp, boarded up and vacant, but still pulsing with the heartbeat of writing, so many memories, vivid in our minds. Resume! We didn’t talk much, but explored separately, each of us reveling in our own remembrances. We took a few pictures, spoke with the camp’s owner, stopped at job application the foot of the hill to take in that awsome view, recalled the easy, story of my friend Heather’s falling out and mail essay guidelines of the car at the turn in the road, along with her blistering anger at being tossed—she was fine, even her orange Fanta survived the maker, fall… We drove along back roads across the state to ps you need a resume, Camp Dunmore where I explored memories of camp pranks, thunderstorms that swept across the resume, lake, dropping an unbaited hook off the dock and phd thesis endnote, catching and releasing what seemed like hundreds of sunfish (my mom questioned whether maybe it was just the same one with a very sore lip), visits to the fish hatchery, to AW and Calvi’s for ice cream in Middlebury. This is where I discovered of my own athleticism; learned the skills of cradling and resume, dribbling, catching, throwing, and hitting; started to appreciate the ps you, value of resume, teamwork and coaching. It is where I lay on phd thesis endnote a cot listening to the radio with other teenagers—tunes that still recall that time to me and often draw me back to that place. As we drove back to easy resume maker, Castleton, we stopped in a country store and in teacher essay, a generous gesture, Dad bought me a small painted wooden box that I admired. I still have that box. Easy Resume Maker! I value it as a simple token, but also as a powerful reminder of a day with my dad—a unique and harmonious day in our tumultuous relationship.

We spent 7 hours in the car that day, drove over 300 miles, on one tank in endnote, his diesel VW Rabbit, spoke sparingly—caught in our separate memories of a state we both love. 35 years later, we both remember the easy resume, day for its audacity and for its peace—a long drive and a short detente during my provoking teenaged years. I loved this day for the rare shared experience, but I love it more in retrospect for the powerful memory that it holds, for the affinity I still feel with my dad because of it; for the tenacity and yearning of that memory, wrapped in the sight and smell and taste of places we loved, shared with a person I love. If high school was a concerto, I imagine senior year would be scored allegro vivo or even allegro agitato . Picking up on a powerful melody developed during junior year it is a fast-paced whirlwind—a modern composition full of phd thesis endnote, discord and flourishes in a minor key that ultimately resolves into a beautiful and melancholic largo . Such has been our year. The stresses of academic performance, participation in numerous activities, testing, researching, applying—finally—the disappointments and successes, the resume maker, anxiety of waiting, and the triumph of a decision, leading to a final resolution and a little sense of calm (before the storm of globe and mail essay, heading off to college.) It’s never easy to witness your child under stress, nor is it easy to be the parent who pushes.

In this blog entry on the college application process, Pete Van Buskirk writes: “…it isn’t easy to easy, give up control and expect an 18-year-old, with little-to-no experience, to make the right decisions in managing a process of this complexity when the stakes are so high…As a parent, you have done your job in that you have brought her to the point where she can begin speaking for herself. Now, it’s her turn.” Powerful in theory, sometimes not as smooth in practice as it’s incredibly hard to not manage or even micro-manage this process. In retrospect, I would have relaxed a little more during the application process…hindsight always offers clarity. In any case, we are facing the phd dissertation latex, final few weeks with the knowledge that she is going to a school that she chose for all of the reasons she thought were important. And we hope…. We hope that she takes this phenomenal opportunity and her unique talents and reaps a fabulous harvest from the resume, seeds that we’ve sown together over the years. That she meets people whose companionship and friendship will take her through the endnote, experience and beyond and that, in 30 years’ time, she still turns to those people in times of joy and sadness. That she grows into herself, continuing to easy, mature as the confident, smart, talented, happy child she was into the remarkable young woman we see emerging.

That she risks new experiences. Endnote! That she grows in worldliness and sophistication, but never loses her appreciation for simple things like a walk on the beach, a quiet rainy morning, the easy, companionship of a good friend. That she discovers something which she is passionate about, moving her to cultivate and nurture that passion. That she is fulfilled. And happy.

And safe. This has been a year of endings—a final soccer game, a last concert, prom, awards banquets—all leading to phd thesis endnote, graduation. But it is a launching also, an easy maker, opportunity to review and appreciate what was accomplished and to discard the trivial and cherish the best and move on to a future that promises wonderment and vitality, growth and adventure. And as we listen to the score for this year, our hearts swell and our eyes fill, bereft at the thought of ps you, her absence, proud in her accomplishments, overjoyed in her possibilities. Easy Resume! The music slows to that largo and we revel in our gratitude. *Italian music terms: allegro vivo—fast, lively. allegro agitato—fast, agitated; restless. largo—rather slow; stately. I recently read this piece online extolling the virtues of long walks and chronicling the variety of smart people who use walking as a means to channel their creativity—it cites the likes of Steve Jobs, Beethoven, Goethe, and Charles Dickens. And, of course, Thoreau took walking to a whole new realm. As exercise, I can attest what walking lacks in sweat equity, it makes up for in cerebral agility.

Most of my creative writing germinates during my solo walks, an teacher job application essay, opportunity to turn things over in my mind. There is easy resume, also the therapeutic effect of walking with a friend. I find such an enormous benefit as I go though my own angst-ridden days, in sharing some of job application essay, that burden with another person, especially someone who isn’t intimately involved with the main characters. A walking conversation has the same benefit that talking to my kids in the car does—you know, those intimate conversations that don’t take place face to face at the dinner table because everyone’s watching you. My walking talks with friends range from easy, raising our young adults and teens to finding fulfilling work to caring for aging parents and spouses to discussing and diagnosing our weird ailments (which all fall into the category of menopause) to worrying about relationships with our kids, our husbands, our siblings, our parents to griping about our jobs and bosses, our thickening waistlines, the increasing difficulty in a resume, finding really good fitting bras/shoes/jeans. It’s eclectic and mundane and maker, ever so helpful in maintaining a balance. There is a powerful comfort in knowing that I’m not alone in this journey, that I have friends who are travelling the same path.

These discussions provide moments of communion. They are revealing and expressive, honest and forthright—a sharing of experience and empathy. Teacher Job Application Essay! I’m lucky to have friends far and near with whom the easy maker, camaraderie of a shared walk is integral to endnote, our relationship. I enjoy walking with these women for easy resume the perspective on life they can bring to our talks. Our walks provide an exceptional time for undistracted conversation. I have traveled with friends through our shared experiences with job searches, family illness, depression, anxiety, and hope. For there is always the promise of dissertation, tomorrow’s walk to get us out of bed the next morning. And yet it is easy maker, my solo walks that offer me equilibrium, that give me the time and space to contemplate.

No fancy equipment required—all I need is a pair of sneakers and stretch of road and women fellowships, I’m on my way. Easy Resume! My friend Bonnie once told me that women at a certain age experience a compelling desire to be grounded and that walking is the ideal exercise for that, feet striking the pavement, one foot in front of the other—a no-nonsense undertaking. For me, it is both ballast and sail. A time for problem-solving and fancy-flight alike…an unfettered stream of consciousness birthing poetry and stories and shopping lists. It brings clarity to job application, my often-tangled thoughts, providing an hour’s worth of easy maker, straightforward movement in my chronically chaotic life. “An early morning walk is phd dissertation, a blessing for the whole day.” — Henry David Thoreau. Friends know I like to tell that story of my mom's forgetting to pick me up after choir practice at easy resume the church when I was a kid.

It wasn't a random forgetful moment, but a regular occurrence that eventually turned into a ritual of my getting rides home with the choir director, arriving just as dinner was being placed on the table and my mom's Oh, Beth, when did you get home? To which I disdainfully replied, It's Thursday. you forgot me at choir. again. I recalled this experience to writing phd dissertation, a dear friend and colleague, Dottie, who knew my mom professionally, to which she replied, I'm sure that never happened, your mom is so organized! Which is true. at the time we were speaking, she was teaching a time management course to the undergraduate students at Bryn Mawr College. I smiled at my friend as we waited for mom to easy, pick me up after work (we both worked at Bryn Mawr and car-pooled.) After about and mail essay 15 minutes, I turned to Dottie and said, I bet she forgot me. She replied, She'd never forget you.

She just got held up. Resume! Several minutes later Mom arrived and need a resume, Dottie related my comment. Maker! Mom's reply? I got almost to Rosemont before I remembered her! It's a story of being a third child.

By the essay festival, time my parents had me they were parenting alumni, what I brought in challenges, they seemed to overcome with experience and a typically 1970s laissez faire parenting style that would dismay my own children. For example, by easy maker, the time I was in high school the rule was you miss the bus, you get yourself to school—walk, ride a bike, take the train—they'd write a note, but wouldn't provide transportation. I learned my senior year how quickly damp hair freezes in cold weather when you run for the bus. My girls would be appalled. And yet, in these cases, I never felt neglected, unloved, or dismissed. Nor did I truly ever appreciate my mother, having only recently come to a point in my life where I am in utter amazement at all that she did. At a time when many of my friends' moms were homemakers, Mom worked part-time as a physical educator at Immaculata College, co-owned and directed several field hockey and globe, lacrosse camps, served as chair of the township Park and Rec Board, sang in the church choir, had an maker, active social life playing tennis and phd thesis, skiing with friends, AND had a home cooked meal on the table every night. Easy! E-V-E-R-Y night. Then she cleaned up after dinner, typed my last minute papers for school, and relaxed in front of the TV, setting her hair to Johnny Carson. The dinner on the table every night has me in awe as the Carey family routinely has dinner on your own or make do meals, sometimes out of necessity of timing, many times out of sheer fatigue.

And that big mahogany dinner table literally expanded as needed. Besides the five Shillingfords, we were joined daily by my grandmother and Uncle Willie, who both lived with us. And myriad others dropped in—neighborhood kids and friends who happened to be there at phd thesis serving time, an occasional colleague or student of Mom's. But there in the center of resume, it all was Mom—svelte and poised, always ready to make an eloquent speech or to offer advice, be a friend or a mother, whatever was needed in the moment. She's still there, now chief champion and teacher job application essay, defender of the clan, with my dad, attending every concert, award ceremony, performance, meet, or game for her grandchildren and still mothering the three of us through our various struggles and resume maker, cheering on our triumphs. Parenting doesn't shape children in need, the way any parent expects it to—children are shaped incrementally by breaths and moments crystallized in easy, time and tattooed on their psyche.

I don't know if my mother forgot me at choir because I was an independent child, whom she could confidently assume would find her way home or if I became an independent woman because my mother allowed me to find my own way. It doesn't matter. I am ever grateful for endnote the lesson. And my knowledge of her belief in me. Life has so many seasonal rituals, times when you know where you should be and what you should be doing­­–buying school supplies at resume the end of August, carving pumpkins in October–they become ingrained in your psyche. There are other, more personal rituals. I never enter autumn without missing the heft and weight of latex, a field hockey stick in my hands and maker, the smell of globe and mail essay guidelines, linseed oil in my nose. Late June for me means camp. I was a camp counselor during my summers in college and in that brief time I was stamped with a love of musty cabins, pine scented woods, sweet tasting lake water, and the most stunningly blue sky you can imagine. I have never gotten over it, I pine for it mid-June when I should be driving north to Vermont to maker, partake in the ritual of pre-camp–a week of daily physical labor and evening gatherings. I still cannot imagine a better job, even though I earned a total of teacher essay, $400 dollars that summer for 9 weeks of work.

I loved being in familiar surroundings, in a state that I loved, on a lake at the base of a mountain in easy, the summer. I know that there were things about it that I disliked–the food was marginal and the shower house was a strange, mildewy place infested with all kinds of creepy crawlies. Phd Dissertation! But still, add to the stunning scenery and maker, pure physical beauty of the place the sweet decadence of summer love and there is nothing to compare. It wasn't work–it was. camp. I was never a camper–was not one of those children who spent 4 or 8 weeks of the essay guidelines, summer away from home, only to easy resume, come back 3 inches taller and independent with friends and phd thesis endnote, experiences beyond the confines of my hometown. Yet I knew during my freshman year in college that I wanted to be a camp counselor. Easy Resume! I inquired of a family friend who owned a camp whether she knew how I might get a job as a counselor and she hired me right then on the phone.

Job accepted I headed north for writing phd dissertation what I will always consider one of the most transformational summers of my life. Camp is the reason I still make the trip north every summer–to lakes and rocky Maine beaches. It is the reason I feel compelled to resume maker, give my girls the sensual experience of sliding into a summer lake, of dangling their feet off of a dock while the fish nibble at their toes, of sitting by a campfire while the night sky offers up a concert of meteors, of climbing to the top of a mountain on a clear day to view the patchwork of phd dissertation latex, scenery below. Resume Maker! It is the reason I look for more miracles in nature than in church and the reason I relish in those simple beauties. You see it latched onto me, camp did. It was achingly beautiful on essay a summer morning to come out of my bunk and see the mist rising off the lake, the resume maker, dew still on the grass, girls holding my hand on phd thesis the way to breakfast.

Children being tucked in at night and telling me they loved me–the adoring worship a 12-year-old girl has for her 18-year-old counselor. Camp for me that summer was love–the love of easy maker, kids, the teacher essay, delicious love of a handsome boy, and an overwhelming love of a place I had known since childhood. It was like coming home, finding the place that fit and never wanting to leave. Resume Maker! I did leave and returned only one more summer, but I have never stopped searching for a substitute–how do you make a real living as a camp counselor? How do you capture the essence of camp–that carefree, transient joy of pure play and fun? Or the silliness of camp pranks? Or the globe essay guidelines, unfettered freedom of being on your own?

Or the sublime anticipation of meeting a boy and lying under the resume, stars? Or the sweet melancholy of a dying campfire? Or the awesome beauty of the Milky Way laid out above you on a resume a crystal clear night? I often find myself trying to easy resume maker, capture the essence of that summer. Need! I sign up to resume, join the endnote, three-day elementary school trip to camp or volunteer as a girl-scout leader. There are moments of joy, but there is a difference. Nothing comes close to resume, being 18, in love­–with a place, and a boy, and american women dissertation, an experience–it has a life of its own, an existence all to itself and it lives on in brief sparks of remembrance. It lives on in the smell of the pine woods, the taste of a spring-fed lake, the lingering warmth of a dock after the sun has set, or the smoky tang of a campfire. And I am transported back in time. On August 5, I was diagnosed with a small aneurysm in my left carotid artery, which my primary care physician dismissed initially, but sent me to a neurologist, which lead to a neurosurgeon, which lead to discussions of the location of the aneurysm (inside or outside the brain), required me to detail a long family history of aneurysm, and lead me to trying not to freak out over the remote possibility of brain surgery. ultimately leading to an angiogram last week that revealed that the resume, aneurysm was nothing more than a misshapen artery. A happy ending after weeks of anxiety.

I have been spending a good deal of ps you, time and effort lately trying to live in the moment. an exercise in trying not to worry about the future before I have all the information needed to make decisions. It is amazingly hard to easy maker, do, especially when parenting teenagers—even though they live remarkably well in the present—their very existence is forward-directed. And Mail Essay! there is nothing but time ahead of them and as a parent, I am constantly thinking about maker who they are, who they will become, how can I help them get there? So this exercise in existential living has given me a glimpse back to a time when I was able to globe essay guidelines, lay my head on resume the pillow at night with the comfort of a home and family, food that I didn't have to cook, the anticipation of time spent with friends, thinking barely further than the next day's events. I lost the ability to live in women, the moment as I became a responsible adult. it's a somewhat necessary loss—jobs, bills, managing family and work, providing the future for my children that will allow them to easy, fulfill their dreams—all requires planning, thinking about goals, money, schools, classes, homework. And helping them develop their interests through sports or music or art contributes to essay, the complexity of planning. So, it's no wonder that it gets harder to be in the moment—even if I can manage it briefly, life comes back at me with more--just more. More obligations, events, details to take care of, doctor appointments and resume, tests to schedule, teachers to meet, deadlines to make, and writing latex, those ever-present money details—forward thinking in themselves—saving for college, retirement, next year's vacation. Easy Resume! And yet, I have come to believe that the most valuable currency we have is time, it comes to phd dissertation latex, us in a limited quantity and we can never make gains on it, we can only spend it. So the challenge is how to spend it well.

So what is time well-spent? Standing on the sidelines watching my child excel in easy, a sport she loves so much she laughs and need, smiles while playing—feeling proud and happy and successful that she has found such joy in sport; listening to my daughter sing while she does her homework, chores, showers, pretty much anything—thrilled to know that no matter what life throws at her, she has developed a coping mechanism that will assist her in dealing its those struggles; sitting next to my husband in a hospital knowing there is no one I would rather have with me at that moment—whether I get good news or bad; hearing the maker, concern and love in a friend's voice—acknowledging that there are people in ps you need, the world who want the best for me. Being tuned in to the world—able to recognize the beauty in moments—geese flying overhead, v-ing across the sky, the easy resume maker, russets and globe essay, oranges of easy, fall leaves crunching while I walk, the warmth of a dog's head on globe guidelines my feet as I work, an amazement of stars overhead, an abundance of resume maker, blooms in my garden. This attempt at living in the moment, while difficult at times, has proven to be a good reminder of writing, all the instances that I typically pass through on a given day without remark. a welcome demonstration of all the resume maker, wonders that are the sum of my own happiness, if only I take the endnote, moment to heed them. A friend I spoke with yesterday told me how great it was that my girls got to see me as someone other than a mother, wife, daughter on our recent trip with my friend Bonnie. It made me start thinking about the value of long friendships—the ones that start before you are fully formed—for many of us college relationships--and how valuable they become in mid-life. I have double-edged benefit of living in the same town I grew up in—it is great for so many reasons—my family is right down the road and not 1500 miles away as they are for maker so many of my friends, my girls go to american women dissertation, the same schools I went to, have had some of the same teachers, walk to town on the same streets, have friends whose parents went to elementary school with me. The downside is that in so many ways my few years away from resume, here allowed me to develop a self that felt comfortable and right to me, but as long as I am in my hometown, there is always a me that people assume they know—but she is not the only me. Latex! There is another self that developed while I was away at college—an evolving person. Easy Resume Maker! I liked that not quite fully-formed girl I was in essay festival, college.

She was a little wild, introspective, fun, competitive, sensual, sassy, funny, conflicted, smart, and far less certain of the world than she let on. She is still in my heart. She is, in fact, the person my husband fell in love with. Being with the maker, people that knew me then is like putting on a well-worn shirt or comfortable pair of shoes—not only do they fit, but they feel good and my world becomes balanced. Essay! As the complexities of life catch up to me, it is sometimes hard to maintain a sense of individuality—experiences are mostly based upon my relationships with the people around me. In my everyday world I am mother, wife, daughter, sister, co-worker, coach, and Mrs. Carey to those around me. Often parenthood, especially, feels like a slow erosion of self—a gradual wearing down of self. Not just the drip of responsibility but the ticking away of easy, time.

This feels especially true since the girls hit adolescence. Look at a given week during the school year and you will see soccer games, flute lessons, homework projects, school meetings, and a hundred other small things that focus on the girls, life really has become mostly about them and I am sometimes so pressed for time that I give up the few things that I do for myself—a long walk, writing, gardening—just to essay, get things done for them. Easy Resume Maker! And yet there is nothing in this world I would rather be than Megan and Ally’s mom. It is the best thing David and american women, I have done in life—raising these two curious, smart, talented, funny, happy girls. And I will continue to sacrifice my time to easy maker, see that they succeed.

I remember very distinctly the globe and mail essay, point when their successes became more important than my own achievements—it is a turning point in parenthood, that juncture when your ambition for easy resume yourself becomes secondary to women dissertation, your desire for your children’s happiness and success. For me it was the moment in second grade when Megan’s teacher said “I can’t wait to easy maker, see what she becomes…” I know that my heart has opened to new experiences because of motherhood—it makes many of my friendships that much richer and more profound. That is why being with a friend who knows this me and remembers the not quite formed me and all the others in between is such a joy—it is a relief to writing phd dissertation, not have to explain myself, to feel the history that flows between us in a thousand remembered experiences, to have the language that friends share—all the private jokes and small secrets—to be with someone who knows all the easy resume maker, people in my past and most of a resume, those in my present, and who encourages me to easy resume, be the person I like to be—that is a gift that only phd dissertation, friendship can give. And it means that I can be that unrestrained smart-ass that I like and she celebrates that person. She also recognizes that I am still not so sure about the world and helps me work through my own sense of uncertainty.

I am so grateful for resume maker that. And for endnote the girl she allows me to be… My daughters got to easy resume, see that girl, too. Enjoyed seeing their mom totally relaxed and laughing, poking fun at them and the world, having a blast. I will remember that girl when the long lazy days of summer give way to the whirlwind of globe and mail essay guidelines, autumn and life becomes busy once more. And I will celebrate her. A few weeks ago when I picked up my walking regime (winter snows and my own complacency had all but eliminated it), I realized after a few long walks that my iPod selections needed a complete makeover….what was fine for the melancholy days of autumn was downright depressing in late February. I found myself being dragged down by the soulful renditions of easy, Nora Jones, Sarah McLachlan, Carly Simon—all personal favorites, but my song choices were of the seriously introspective type. About a week ago, Megan was on on spring festival in pakistan iTunes loading her iPod in preparation for resume a slumber party when I asked her to update my shuffle selections.

I gave her free-reign in her choices, with the globe and mail essay, one caveat that I wanted the songs to enliven my walks. Inviting a 14-year-old to resume maker, share her music has potential dangers, especially when the music they listen to on american women the radio includes the likes of Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga. I have been walking to Megan’s music selections for the past week and easy resume, am enjoying a unique view into my daughter’s psyche. I know these are songs that she chose for me, knowing I wanted to be inspired while exercising, but they are, at essence, her choices. There are many proud moments in essay, parenthood—your child is singled out by a teacher for fine work, friends and family comment on a sweet nature or nice manners, children score goals or make saves in easy, sports, they perform on stage alone or in a group—these moments are the highlights of parenthood. Endnote! David likes to call them dividends on our investment. But as your child becomes a teenager and easy resume, exerts her will on essay guidelines you and the world, these moments become tempered by the flashes of parental frustration, bewilderment, and, yes, anger.

You start to feel as if you are losing a long war of attrition, giving over a little influence with each confrontation. Spending time with friends starts to outweigh spending time with family. And the maker, whole time you KNOW, this is teacher, normal and you tell yourself that you are lucky because this child really is, at essence, a good soul. But there are times when you love them, you just don’t LIKE them. My glimpse at Megan through the easy maker, lens of her music selections has given me faith that we’ll come through adolescence somehow understanding each other—I like her music choices for me. They are instilled with the essential existential nature of teendom—celebratory, momentary, happy. On Spring In Pakistan! As I am navigating my own anxiety-ridden stage of life, it helps to be reminded that all we own is the moment and these songs do just that through driving beats, buoyant lyrics, and tuneful melodies. This music has allowed me to feel hopeful about the adult Megan will become—they show an appreciation for language and melody, they are high-spirited but fortified with deep emotion, and, if they are representative of how she views the world, David and easy resume, I can rest easy. In this moment…. I am happy to latex, report that there is easy, no Katy Perry or Lady Gaga on the list and globe and mail essay, only one Justin Bieber…maybe when this list runs its course I will invite Ally to easy, load my iPod with her selections to see where they take me. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life), Green Day.

Ordinary Miracle, Sarah McLachlan. Haven't Met You Yet, Michael Buble. Your Smiling Face, James Taylor. Dark Blue, Jack's Mannequin. Make You Feel My Love, Adele. Life Less Ordinary, Carbon Leaf. Bad Day, Daniel Powter. The Country Life, Peter Cincotti. Come On Get Higher, Matt Nathanson.

Bubbly, Colbie Caillat. Job Application Essay! 1,2,3,4, Plain White T's. Get It Right, Glee Cast. Resume! King of Anything, Sara Bareilles. Up On The Roof, James Taylor. Raise Your Glass, P!nk. Up On The Roof, Carole King James Taylor. Phd Dissertation! Yaicha, Pousette-Dart Band. The Best Day, Taylor Swift. Viva La Vida, Coldplay.

Fix You, Straight No Chaser. Unwritten, Natasha Bedingfield. I'm Yours/Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Straight No Chaser.

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Kat?l?mc? genc ve dinamik ogrenci arkadaslarla gecirdigim son derece eglenceli ve ogretici zaman diliminin organizasyonu ad?na tesekkurler. Easy Maker. Gokhan EREN - Ford Otosan Montaj Alan Muduru. Sevgili Career Plus Ailesi, Yeni yetenekleri sirketlerle, sirketleri de umut dolu, dinamik genclerle bulusturdugunuz icin cok tesekkurler. Basar?lar?n?z?n devam?n? dileriz… Didem SOLEY - Borusan Is Analizi ve Pazarlama Departman?. Sevgili Career Plus Ekibi, Genc yeteneklere bu f?rsat? sunarak muhtesem bir is american women dissertation basarm?ss?n?z. Easy. Hep birlikte basar?lar?m?z daim olsun Miray KOMECOGLU - Turk Telekom HR Ekibi. Merhaba Career Plus, Bize PG olarak arkadaslarla tan?sma f?rsat?n? sundugunuz, kendinizi tan?tma olas?l?g?n? verdiginiz icin gonulden tebrik ediyoruz. Need A Resume. Umar?z ileride de beraber cal?smaya devam ederiz.

PG Ad?na, Irem BALCI – Cemre AKDEMIR. Sevgili Career Plus Ekibi, Bu guzel f?rsat icin sizlere tesekkur ediyoruz. Resume Maker. Tekrar gorusmek dilegiyle… Renginiz hic solmas?n, keyfiniz bol olsun! Ozlem Kar - Nutricia ELN. Guzel kat?l?mc?lar, ilgili arkadaslar, deneyimi kalitesinden anlas?lan bir organizasyon… Iyi ki kat?lm?s?z! Iraz Soylemez - Eczac?bas? TUG IK. Sevgili 3IK Ekibi,Bu y?l da sizlerle ve denetim sektoru ile ilgilenen muthis bir ogrenci kitlesiyle bir araya geldik, cok mutluyuz!

Basar?lar?n?z?n artarak devam etmesi dilegiyle, Elif Y?ld?r?mbulut - KPMG IK Muduru. Sevgili Career Plus Ekibi, Her zamanki gibi basar?l? bir organizasyon, basar?l? bir cal?sma… Kat?ld?g?m?z her etkinlikten farkl? bir tat farkl? bir keyif alarak ayr?l?yoruz. Gelisiminizin ve basar?lar?n?z?n devam? dilegiyle… Duygu Kose - Finansbank IK. Career Plus Ekibine, Universite ogrencisi p?r?l p?r?l genclerle bizleri bir araya getirdigi, bize umut genc arkadaslar?m?za yeni ufuklar acma f?rsat? verdigi icin tesekkur ederim. Ps You Need A Resume. P?nar Cimen - Tofas IK. Kurulusunuzdan bu yana basar?lar?n?z? takip eden bir IK profesyoneli olarak, ogrencilerin gelisimine yapt?g?n?z bu degerli katk? ve biz isverenlere yaratt?g?n?z f?rsatlar icin cok tesekkurler.

Didem Oral - Borusan Otomotiv IK. Yak?n zamanda buyuk sirketlerde onemli roller alacak arkadaslarla zaman gecirmek, onlar?n kafalar?ndaki soru isaretlerini biraz da olsa gidermek paha bicilemez. Easy. Bu organizasyonu yapt?klar? icin Career Plus ekibine tesekkur ederim! Kaan AKIN - Yandex. 3IK her zamanki gibi harika bir etkinlige imza atm?s. Globe And Mail Guidelines. Career+’da genc ve dinamik bir ekiple bir arada olmaktan cok memnun olduk. Easy Maker. Her sene buyuyerek devam eden bir organizasyonun parcas? olmak harika!

Emegi gecen herkese tesekkurler… Elif TUTUM - British American Tobacco. Ilk defa boyle bir organizasyonda yer ald?m. Endnote. Cok keyifliydi. Easy Maker. Emekleriniz icin ellerinize sagl?k, cok basar?l?. Teacher Job Application Essay. Kariyer hedeflerinizi gerceklestirmenizi ve gercekten mutlu olacag?n?z isler yapman?z? can? gonulden diliyorum. Easy Resume. Sevgiler. Phd Thesis Endnote. Yasemin AKCALI – PepsiCO Turkiye. Yine 3IK yine ben, yine Career Plus ve yine ben. Easy Maker. Gencler hep dedigim gibi; size guvenim tam!! Y?llar gectikce daha da profesyonellesen bu ekibin yan?nda olmaktan gurur duyuyorum. Endnote. Birlikte daha iyiye… Gamze YESILBAYRAK – Anadolu Efes. Enerjisi yuksek, gozlerin p?r?l p?r?l parlad?g? bir organizasyon.

Zihinleri acan, heyecan uyand?ran genc insanlar ile birlikte olmak keyif verici. Easy Resume. Boylesine interaktif, yarat?c? ve besleyici bir kurguyu haz?rlayan Career Plus ekibine tesekkurler. Endnote. Sevgiler. Resume Maker. ZEYNEP ERKAN ALP - Anadolu Efes. Cal?sma s?ras?nda herkes taraf?ndan cok farkl?, cok yarat?c? sonuclar c?kt?g?n? gormek ve bunun bir parcas? olabilmek cok guzeldi. Ps You Need. Etkinlikte gorev alan tum Career Plus ekibine tesekkurler. Resume Maker. Sevgiler. Teacher. Burcin KIZILTEPE - Anadolu Efes. Sevgili Career Plus Ekibi; Bu guzel organizasyonu duzenlediginiz ve davet ettiginiz icin cok tesekkurler.

Boyle bir organizasyonun parcas? olmak bizim icin buyuk onur! Onur SONMEZ – Avon. Sevgili Career Plus Ekibi, Her zaman oldugu gibi bu organizasyonda da sizlerle olmak cok keyifliydi. Resume Maker. Ekip yine cok ilgili ve istekli. Job Application. Her y?l buraya buyuk bir enerjiyle geliyoruz ve kusursuz bir kariyer aktivitesine sahit oluyoruz. Resume Maker. Her sey icin tesekkurler ve basar?lar! Yonca KOC - Philip Morris Sabanc?. Sevgili Career Plus Ekibi, Mezun olmaya yaklasan ya da staj tecrubesi yasamak isteyen enerjisi yuksek ogrenci arkadaslarla bu havay? solumak oldukca keyifli. Festival. Bu onemli karar verme sureclerinde bir nebze de olsa onlara destek verebildiysek ne mutlu bize.

Unutulmamal?d?r ki is maker degil bir hayat seciyoruz. Dissertation. O Bu anlaml? organizasyona verdiginiz emek ve katk?lardan dolay? hepinize tesekkur ederim. Easy Maker. Emre OKTEN - Philip Morris Sabanc?. Sevgili Career Plus Ekibi, Ogrenci ve yeni mezunlara bu kadar guzel f?rsatlar sunan bir organizasyonda bulunmak cok keyifliydi. Fellowships. Tekrar gorusmek uzere! Sevgiler. Easy Resume. Nutricia ELN Ekibi. Sevgili Career Plus, Coca-Cola icecek 2020 hedeflerine ilerlerken genclerin enerji ve tutkusu bizim en temel dayanag?m?z.

Bizi bu genclerle bulusturan Career Plus’a tesekkur ediyoruz. Globe And Mail Guidelines. Bunun bir parcas? olmaktan heyecan duyuyoruz. Easy Resume. Coca Cola Icecek Yetenek Kazand?rma Ekibi’2014 Esra TEZCAN - Nihan UCAL - Merve GUVENEN. Sevgili Career Plus Ekibi, Sizlerle cok iyi dusunulmus ve ozenle haz?rlanm?s bu organizasyonda beraber olmak cok guzeldi. Job Application. Beraber yeni fikirler yaratmak ve yeni ufuklar?n gelisiminde katk?da bulunabilmek icin ay?rd?g?n?z degerli zaman icin cok tesekkur ederiz. Easy Resume. Bugra DEMIRAG - Unilever Turkiye. Sevgili 3IK ekibi ve Degerli Career + Kat?l?mc?lar?, Her sene oldugu gibi bu sene de bu organizasyona kat?lmak mutluluk verici.

Kusursuz bir organizasyon ve her biri birbirinden degerli ogrenci arkadaslarla birlikte olmak, onlar ile konusmak/tart?smak ve tecrubeleri paylasmak cok ozel ve guzel. Ps You. Bir sonraki organizasyonda gorusmek dilegiyle. Easy Resume. Sanl? GULER – Japan Tobacco International. Sevgili Career Plus Ailesi, Bu basar?l? etkinlik icin tesekkur eder, etkinliklerinizin devam?n? dileriz. Festival. Deloitte ailesi olarak keyifli bir gun gecirdik, bu f?rsat? bizlere verdiginiz icin de ayr?ca tesekkur ederiz. Easy. Sevgilerle. A Resume. Asl? KARA – Deloitte. Sevgili Career Plus Ekibi, Bu basar?l? etkinlige kat?lm?s olmaktan dolay? mutluluk duyuyoruz. Maker. Daha nice basar?l? organizasyonlara birlikte imza atmak dilegiyle. Phd Thesis Endnote. Basar?lar?n?z?n devam?n? dilerim. Easy. EY TALENT TEAM - Nur KILINCER, Bar?s EKER, Cilem AKAY, Damla GURSOY.

Degerli 3IK ve Career Plus Ekibi, Bizlere denetim meslegine ilgi duyan genc mufettis adaylar? ile bir arada olma ve onlara kendimizi ve meslegi anlatma imkan? verdiginiz icin cok tesekkur ederim. Phd Thesis Endnote. Organizasyona kat?lan tum arkadaslara basar?l? bir is easy hayat? diliyorum. American Women Dissertation. Gorusmek uzere. Resume. Sarp TUZUN - Finansbank. Sevgili Career Plus, Her sene severek eglenerek ve ozleyerek kat?l?m gerceklestiriyoruz. Essay. Misafirperverliginiz, bu alana olan ilginiz ve dostlugunuz icin cok tesekkur ederiz. Easy Resume Maker. Her sey cok keyifliydi. Phd Thesis. Sevgiler. Easy Maker. PwC IK Assurance Ekibi.

Sevgili Career Plus Ailesi, Eglenceli! Faydal?! Bizleri cok memnun eden bir birliktelik oldu. American. Duzenlediginiz etkinlik icin tesekkur ederim. Easy Maker. Serdar KARABACAK - Mercedes Benz Turkiye. Sevgili Career Plus Ailesi, Gelecek sizinle coook guzel gelecek. Writing Phd Dissertation. Iyi ki vars?n?z ey gencler. Maker. Tofas - Muge OZDEMIR, Berrin KARPUZOGLU, Bahar ARMUTCUOGLU, Gokhan AKSU, Gorkem PINARLI, Gozdem BALSAK.

Sevgili 3IK Ailesi, Career Plus’da genc yetenekler ile birlikte ‘’Vestel’de Zaman Yolculugu’’ yapt?g?m en keyifli yolculuk oldu. A Resume. Tesekkurler 3IK ekibi. Easy Resume. Vestel. Sevgili Career Plus Ogrencileri Bu etkinligin ogrenciler taraf?ndan organize edildigini duyunca genclerle bir kez daha gurur duydum ve sizler sayesinde gelecege guvenle bak?yorum. American Women Dissertation. Bugun sizlere bir deger yaratmaya cal?st?k ve fark?ndal?k elde etmeniz icin ugrast?k. Easy. Umar?z kendinizdeki gucu fark eder ve hayallerinize ulas?rs?n?z. Writing Phd Dissertation Latex. Bugun bu etkinlige gelerek binlerce genc aras?ndan s?yr?l?p o fark? yaratt?n?z. Maker. Sizler ile tan?st?g?m icin cok mutlu oldum. Essay On Spring. Keep in easy resume maker, touch with Career Plus… Sevgilerimle. American Fellowships. Nursen DAGLI - Bosch.

Degerli Career Plus Ekibi, Yapm?s oldugunuz etkinlige kat?lm?s oldugumuz icin cok mutluyuz. Resume Maker. DenizBank ailesi olarak basar?l? islerin yan?nda olmak bize ayr? bir gurur veriyor. Ps You Need. Basar?lar?n?z?n devam?n? dileriz. Resume Maker. Emel YUKSEL- DenizBank. 3IK Ekibine CAREERPLUS organizasyonundaki tum ozverili cal?smalar? icin tesekkur ediyoruz. Teacher. CAREERPLUS'?n onumuzdeki senelerde de kat?l?mc?s? olmay? arzu ediyoruz. Maker. Seneye yeniden gorusmek uzere.

Elif Tutum / Talent Executive. CAREERPLUS organizasyonu yapan 3IK olduktan sonra kat?lmamak elde degil !! Y?lard?r her organizasyonlar?na cok guvenerek kat?ld?m. Endnote. Her y?l kendilerini daha ileriye tas?yorlar. Easy Resume Maker. Emekleri, inanclar? ve hedef odakl? yaklas?mlar? icin kendilerini kutluyorum. Globe Essay Guidelines. Seneye gorusmek uzere . Easy Resume Maker. Gamze Yesilbayrak / Anadolu Efes. Cok verimli bir etkinlik oldugunu dusunuyorum. And Mail Essay. Kat?l?mc? profili -hem farkl? universitelerden gelmis olmalar? hem de ilgileri bak?m?ndan- etkinligin en basar?l? taraf?yd?. Easy. Organizasyonu yapan ekip olarak da ilginiz ve takibiniz cok basar?l?yd?. Phd Thesis. Pelin Izgi / Nestle.

CAREERPLUS etkinligine bu y?l ikinci kez kat?ld?k. Easy Resume. Orada olmak, o enerjiyi ve potansiyeli hissetmek ekibimiz icin cok etkileyiciydi. Globe Essay. Organizasyona kat?lan arkadaslar aras?ndan JOB (junior orientation in maker, business) projemiz kapsam?nda sirketimizde staj yapacaklar? da belirledik. Essay. 3IK ekibine bize gelecegin liderleriyle bulusma f?rsat? veren bu organizasyondaki emekleri icin tesekkurler. Resume Maker. Neslihan Sezer / Y?ld?z Holding.

Turkiye’nin en iyi okullar?ndan, en basar?l? ogrencilerini bir araya getiren boyle bir organizasyonun icerisinde olmak hem kisisel, hem de sirket olarak bizim icin cok degerli ve onemli. Essay In Pakistan. Keyifli, eglenceli ve hareketli gecen bu organizasyonda olmak beni eski gunlerime goturdu. Easy Maker. Volkan Onguc / L'oreal. 13 farkl? universiteden secilen denetim ve finans alan?nda kariyer hedefleyen basar?l? ogrencilerle birebir tan?sma imkan? sunan CAREERPLUS organizasyonu Ernst Young olarak bizler icin de cok guzel bir deneyimdi. Globe And Mail Essay. Her gununu dolu dolu gecirdigimiz bu organizasyon icin 3IK ekibine cok tesekkur ederiz. Maker. Beril AKTAN / Ernst Young.

CAREERPLUS gerek firma secimi gerekse sunum icerikleri ac?s?ndan hedef kitleye uygun, son derece kaliteli bir organizasyondu. Endnote. Is Bankas? olarak bu organizasyonda yer almak bizim icin cok keyifliydi. Easy Maker. Kat?l?mc? arkadaslar?n Bankam?za ve finans sektorune ilgisi bizi son derece memnun etti. Endnote. Emegi gecen herkese tesekkurlerimizi sunar, tum arkadaslara basar?lar dileriz. Resume Maker. Elif CAGLAYAN / Turkiye Is Bankas?. Sirketlerin en iyi yeteneklere ulasmas?nda ciddi rekabet ettigi son donemde bizlere insan kaynag?na ulasmada alternatif bir kanal olusturan, genc arkadaslar?m?zda bulusma ve tan?sma f?rsat? saglayan onemli bir etkinlik olarak goruyoruz. American Dissertation. Bu nedenle CAREERPLUS ile her zaman is resume maker ortakl?g?m?z? devam ettirmeyi arzulamaktay?z. American Women Fellowships. Secil VARAL KILICOGLU / Y?ld?z Holding (ULKER) Son derece titiz bir cal?sma gerceklestirerek, hedef kitlemiz olan universite ogrencilerini cesitli s?navlardan gecirerek belirlediniz ve bizlerle tan?st?rd?n?z. Easy Resume Maker. Ayr?ca, ogrencileri is teacher ortam? d?s?nda daha samimi ve rahat olabildikleri bir mekanda bizimle tan?st?rd?n?z ve kendimizi ogrencilere tan?tmak icin gereken her turlu kolayl?g? saglad?n?z.

KPMG olarak kat?ld?g?m?z universite etkinlikleri aras?nda en verimli olanlar?ndan biri olduguna inand?g?m CAREERPLUS etkinliginin gelecek y?llarda da devam etmesini diliyorum. Easy Resume Maker. Organizasyonda emegi gecen tum arkadaslara tesekkurler. Need A Resume. Elif Y?ld?r?m BULUT / KPMG. 3IK onemli projelere imza atan, kendini surekli gelistiren, etkili bir olusum, etkinliklerinde yer almaya memnuniyetle devam edecegiz. Easy Resume Maker. Elif GURTEKIN / HR Talent Capability Senior Specialist. 3IK universite ogrencileri icin cok basar?l? bir olusumdur. Job Application. Bu platformda gorev alan arkadaslar gelecekte sirketlerimiz icin bulunmaz yetenekler olacakt?r. Easy. Tum faaliyetlerini destekliyoruz. Writing Latex. Burcu ATASOY / Kariyer Enerjim. CAREERPLUS Icin Kat?l?mc?lar?n Gorusleri.

Sevgili Career Plus Ekibi, Bu kadar keyifli gecebilecegini dusunmedigim 3 gun diye ozetleyebilirim. Easy Resume. Son s?n?f oldugum icin her sirket hakk?nda bilgi almam? saglay?p ayr?ca yeni insanlarla tan?st?g?m cok keyifli bir uc gun gecirdim. Phd Thesis. Hatta suan kamp?n son gunu ve ben seneye kat?lamayacag?m icin cok uzgunum. Career Plus’ta emegi gecen herkese cok tesekkur ederiz. Easy Maker. Tugce SAVAS - Bogazici Universitesi. Bu kadar sirketi bir arada lisans egitimim boyunca gormedim.

Case odullerini bir bir toplamak da cabas?. Teacher Essay. Harika tak?m?ma ve sizlere bin tesekkurler !! Muge KUTUK - Bogazici Universitesi. Sevgili Career Plus Ekibi, Oncelikle her birinize tek tek tesekkurler. Maker. Bu kadar kaliteli bir etkinlik olusturmak sizin gibi bir motivasyona, guler yuze sahip olmakla beraber mumkun olur herhalde. Writing Phd Dissertation. Bizler cok eglendik, cok ogrendik ve cok odul kazand?k ? Bu keyfin bir parcas? olmam? saglayan eglenceli tak?m arkadaslar?ma ve guler yuzlu ekip arkadaslar?n?za cok tesekkur ediyorum. Seneye gorusmek uzere… Resul Oguzhan DUMANOGLU - YTU.

Oncelikle emegi gecen herkese cok tesekkurler! Kariyerimizde cizecegimiz yolu belirlerken cok zorlu donemlerden geciyoruz. Resume Maker. CareerPlus bircok degerli sirketi bizler icin bir araya getiren nadir etkinliklerden birisi. On Spring In Pakistan. Ortam?n s?cakl?g? ve eglencesi de kaymag? oluyor. Resume Maker. Birbirinden basar?l? ve zengin ogrencilerle networking kurmak da cok guzel.

Umar?m seneler sonra da bir araya geldigimizde hos bir an? olacakt?r hepimize. Dissertation Fellowships. 3ik ekibinin basar?lar?n?n devam?n? diliyorum! Sevgiler ? Is?nsu SAVAS - Bogazici Universitesi. Sevgili CareerPlus Ekibi, Ekip super, organizasyon cok iyi, bu f?rsat? boyle bir organizasyonla bize ulast?rd?g?n?z icin cok tesekkurler. Resume. HARIKASINIZ! Kutay OZKAN - Bogazici Universitesi. Sevgili Career Plus Ekibi, Dolu dolu ve eglenceli 3 gun gecirmemizi saglad?g?n?z icin cok tesekkurler. Writing Latex. FMCG sektorunde onder firmalarla caseler cozup eglenceli oyunlar oynad?k.

Bundan sonraki aktivitelerinizde basar?lar dilerim! Gizem K?z?ltas – Bogazici Universitesi. Sevgili Career Plus Ekibi, Oncelikle harika bir 3 gun gecirmemizi saglad?g?n?z icin cok tesekkur ederiz. Easy Maker. Pek cok firmay? daha yak?ndan tan?mam?z?, yeni insanlarla tan?smam?z? ve en onemlisi kendimizi gelistirmemizi saglad?n?z. Teacher Job Application Essay. K?sacas? mukemmel bir etkinlikti ve bize bu f?rsat? saglad?g?n?z icin cok tesekkur ederiz. Easy Resume. Cengiz Dogan – Istanbul Teknik Universitesi. Sevgili Career Plus Ekibi ve kat?l?mc?lar?, Sizi tan?d?g?ma cok mutluyum. American Women Dissertation. Iyi ki gelmisim diyorum. Emeginize sagl?k! Melis Yamaner – Koc Universitesi. Her sey bekledigimden cok daha guzeldi.

Bana bu guzel insanlarla tan?sma, kariyerim icin cok onemli olan bu ad?m? atma sans? verdiginiz icin tesekkur ederim. Easy Resume Maker. Sena Akcan – Istanbul Universitesi. Degerli Career Plus Ekibine, Donemin gereklerine en uygun, her ayr?nt?s? ince ince dusunulmus organizasyonunuzu ve yorulmak bilmeyen enerjinizi tebrik ediyorum. Globe Essay. Kat?lmak ve aran?zda olmak bir zevkti, bu sat?rlar? okuyan herkese Career Plus deneyimini yasamay? tavsiye ediyorum. Easy Maker. Naz KORKMAZ – Bilkent Universitesi. Sevgili Career Plus Ekibi, Etkinlige kabul al?nca Ankara’dan kalk?p gelme konusunda tereddutlerim vard?. On Spring. Ama organizasyonun tamam?ndan cok buyuk keyif ald?m. Resume Maker. Iyi ki de gelmisim. Essay Festival In Pakistan. Her sey icin kocaman tesekkurler O Ceren UYGUN – Bilkent Universitesi. Oncelikle tum Career+ cal?sanlar?na gosterdikleri ilgiden dolay? cok tesekkur ediyorum.

Bu etkinlik bana gore Turkiye’nin en iyi, faydal? ve verimli gecen organizasyonu. Maker. Tum yeni nesile reklam?n? yapmaktan, kat?l?m?m? anlatmaktan gururla bahsedecegim. Phd Thesis Endnote. Tum cal?san arkadaslar?n emeklerine sukranlar?m? sunuyorum. Easy Maker. Mehmet SENGUN – Ege Universitesi. Sevgili Career Plus Ekibi, Cok eglenceli gecen 3 gunun sonunda, bu sat?rlar? yazarken, hem kariyerime yard?mc? olacak deneyimleri yasad?g?m icin, hem ust duzey sirketlerin yoneticileriyle tan?st?g?m icin hem keyifli hem de ogretici case-studyler yapt?g?n?z icin ve hem de diger universitelerden gelen cok degerli insanlarla tan?s?p onlarla arkadas oldugum icin inan?lmaz mutluyum. On Spring. Bu organizasyonu anlat?rken gururla anlatacag?m anlat?rken gururla hat?rlayacag?m. Maker. Her sey icin cok tesekkurler O Deniz SURENKOK - Sabanc? Universitesi. Iyi ki Vars?n Career Plus! ‘’3 gunluk bir FMCG kamp? varm?s’’ diye geldigim bu kampta unutulmaz bir deneyim yasayacag?m? bilemezdim. And Mail Essay Guidelines. Genclere tekrar gencliklerini ve henuz yolun bas?nda olduklar?n? hat?rlatt?g?n?z icin cok tesekkur ederim. Maker. Ne mutlu ki size, insanlar?n hayat?na deger kat?yorsunuz. On Spring Festival In Pakistan. Iyi ki vars?n?z! Kubra Nur GUNES – Sabanc? Universitesi.

Bir insan?n ufku uc gunde ancak bu kadar ac?labilirdi. Easy Maker. Kamp?n bahts?z bedevisi olsam da, cok guzel kazan?mlarla ayr?l?yorum buradan. Phd Thesis. Her sey icin tesekkurler! O Meryem OZDEMIR – Istanbul Teknik Universitesi. Sevgili Career Plus, Hay?r, hay?r boyle s?rad?s?, eglenceli ve c?lg?n bir organizasyon ekibine boyle klise bir hitapta bulunulmamal?! O Saka bir yana, 2 gunluk olmas? sebebiyle boylesi bir kaynasma ve iletisim beklemiyordum ama etkinlikteki c?ta her gecen dakika yukseldi. Resume. Kat?l?mc? firmalar?n dogru secimi ve etkinlikte saglanan tum hizmetler icin tesekkurler.

Her f?rsatta gorusebilmek dilegiyle. Endnote. Severim seni C+ Merve KUCUKBATIR - Bilkent Universitesi. CAREERPLUS bankac?l?k kamp? sayesinde ilk isime kavustum. Easy Resume. Bankac? olmak istiyordum ve ilk ad?m?m? boylece atm?s bulunuyorum. Need A Resume. Hayat?mdaki donus noktalar?na yeni bir tanesi daha eklendi. Easy Resume Maker. Polonezkoy’deki etkinlik ile bankac?l?g?n her bolumunu tan?ma f?rsat?m oldu. Festival. Sektorleri tan?mak isteyenlere nacizane tavsiyem CAREERPLUS kamplar?na kat?l?n, ve geleceginize yon verin Tutku Solenkol / Istanbul Teknik Universitesi. Is hayat?na ad?m atmadan once yapt?klar?n?z, kat?ld?g?n?z aktiviteler, kurdugunuz iliskiler sizin bu yolculuga ne kadar onde baslayacag?n?z? belirler.

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Ben mezun oluyorum, ancak cevremdeki insanlara kesinlikle boyle bir organizasyonun parcas? olmay? onerecegim :) Irem Dalga / Koc Universitesi. Benim 4 senedir dusundugum denetim sektorunu tan?ma ac?s?ndan cok verimli gecti. Easy Maker. Sektorde cal?san insanlar? yak?ndan tan?ma f?rsat? en onemli seydi benim icin. On Spring Festival In Pakistan. Ayr?ca konaklama ve bizlerle ilgilenme ac?s?ndan sizler de cok iyiydiniz. Resume Maker. Tesekkurler Erkan Tezyal / Marmara Universitesi.

Neden diger iki kampa da basvurmad?m dedirten bir etkinlik oldu. Women Fellowships. Cesitli tereddutlerimi ortadan kald?ran bu etkinlikte yer ald?g?m icin tum CAREERPLUS ekibine cok tesekkur ediyorum. Maker. Egitimden aksam eglencesine, farkl? universitelerden ogrencilerle sohbet etme f?rsat?na ve denetim firmalar?ndan bir cok kisiyle tan?sma f?rsat?na eristim. Essay. Ozellikle denetim alan?nda kariyer yapmak isteyen biri olarak benim icin cok faydal? olduguna inan?yorum. Easy Resume. CAREERPLUS ekibine gelecekteki etkinlikleri icin basar?lar diliyorum Hadise Gozde Erturk / Hacettepe Universitesi. Benim ad?ma oldukca verimli gecen bir program oldu.4 Buyuk denetim sirketinin en iyi 3unun olmas? ve bunun ardarda gelmesi bizim icin buyuk bir sans, an?nda kars?last?rma ve bu sektorde cal?smay? dusununler icin fazlaca yararl? oldu.Bir diger taraftan ekibiniz dinamik ve genc yap?s? ortaya samimi bir is a resume koydu hem eglendirdi hem bilgilendirdi. Easy. Oldukca verimli,eglenceli ve samimi bu ortam? bize sunan bu genc ekibe cok tesekkurler Ibrahim Ozer / Hacettepe Universitesi. Denetim konusunda bircok soru isareti olan bir insan olarak hepsinden kurtuldum diyebilirim. Phd Thesis Endnote. Gitmek uzere oldugumuz saatler de keske devam etse dedigim bir etkinlikti. Easy Resume Maker. Tum CAREERPLUS ekibinin canla basla cal?sm?s oldugu ve etkinlikte de ayn? cabay? gosterdikleri bir kampt?. Teacher Essay. Egitiminden eglencesine emegi gecen herkese tesekkurler. Easy Resume Maker. Umar?m daha nicelerinde belki is phd thesis hayat?nda kars?las?r bu guzel an?m?z? yad etme f?rsat? buluruz.

Her sey gonlumuzce olsun. Resume. Sevgiler. American Women Dissertation. Damla Gursoy / Hacettepe Universitesi. Bizlere bu imkani saglayan CAREERPLUS ekibine her sey icin sonsuz tesekkurlerimi sunuyorum. Resume Maker. Kat?l?mc?lardan firmalara ulas?ma kadar her turlu noktada tam bir profosyoneller. Globe And Mail Essay. Kesinlikle ozellikle denetim alan?nda kariyer yapmak isteyen arkadaslar icin harika bir ortamd?. Maker. Hic bitmesin dedigim organizasyonlardan biri oldu.

Denetim sektoru ancak bu kadar eglenceli hale gelirdi zaten. American Women Fellowships. Her sey icin tesekkurler Yasin Gunduz / Marmara Universitesi. Baslang?cta sunu soylemek istiyorum, universite hayat?m boyunca kat?ld?g?m en yararl? ve beklentilerimin uzerinde gecen tek etkinlikti. Easy Resume Maker. Ozellikle bize saglanan olanaklar, hosgoru ve amaca en iyi sekilde hizmet veren Denetim sektoru kat?lanlar?na ve buna imkan saglayan CAREERPLUS ekibine cok tesekkur ediyorum. Ps You Need A Resume. Burada saglanan arkadasl?klar? da ileride is resume hayat?m?zda gorecegime hic suphem yok. A Resume. Denetim sektoruyle ilgili kafam?zdaki butun sorulara cevap verecek daha iyi bir etkinlik kesinlikle olmazd?. Easy Maker. Bunu bize saglayan CAREERPLUS ekibine emekleri ve mukemmel arkadasl?klar? icin tesekkurler..” Erdem Erol / Istanbul Universitesi. Bankac?l?kDenetim 2012 FMCG 2012 Bankac?l?k 2013 Denetim 2013 FMCG 2013 Bankac?l?k 2014 Denetim 2014 FMCG 2014 Muhendislik 2014 DenetimDan?smanl?k 2015 FMCG 2015 Muhendislik 2015 Bankac?l?k 2016 DenetimDan?smanl?k 2016 FMCG 2016 Muhendislik 2016.