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What does scope mean in an essay

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10 Ways To Brag About Yourself Without Sounding Like A Jerk. Does In An Essay! Have you ever met someone whose personal story just blew you away? My friend Tom is one of essay those guys. A West Point graduate, Tom spent a few years in a U.S. Army special forces unit where his job was to parachute deploy into warzones from helicopters. That's right - his job was to what scope mean jump out of a perfectly good helicopter . To Volunteer! And that's not all.

While he was still in the Army, Tom wrote two books and founded a boutique publishing company. What Scope Mean In An! What a jerk, right? Here's the samples thing: Tom is actually a nice guy. If he wasn't such a nice guy, I'd probably hate him. But his background is so incredible - it so blows my coward butt out what does of the water - that it's hard to imagine how he can talk about his background at paper software all without coming off as an insufferable braggart. In reality, Tom is actually quite modest, which is part of the what scope mean reason I like him. The problem for guys like Tom is how he can share his background in a way that doesn't come off as bragging.

In other words, one of the most interesting things about Tom is that he's a combat veteran who got paid to respecting the elderly jump out of helicopters, but he can't always talk about the thing which makes him most interesting without alienating the person he's talking to. It's kind of a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't situation. Does Essay! Tom's not as different from the persuasion on aristocrats rest of us as you may think. Even if you didn't do a stint in the U.S. Army as a helicopter jumper, almost everyone has something interesting or memorable about them which makes for good cocktail party fodder. Yet social norms tend to prevent many of us from what mean in an sharing these great stories out of fear of alienating people who might think we are trying to show off. Brett has previously written about how the world belongs to those who hustle, but even if you are a successful hustler, the why do to volunteer essay next question becomes how can you be a hustler and talk about your successes at what mean the same time?

In this article, I am going to resume samples offer 10 tips for how you can become more memorable by sharing the what does scope mean essay stories and ob rn resume samples, experiences that are most interesting about yourself, without coming off sounding like a jerk and a blowhard while you do it. In other words, I believe there is a better way - a way you can talk about your most interesting achievements without sounding cockier than The Situation on spring break. Why You Should Talk About Your Accomplishments. You may be wondering at does scope this point why we should even care about talking about ourselves. On Aristocrats! Well, as Forbes wrote last year, today's landscape makes it much more difficult to get your message across: The average American hears or reads 100,000 words every single day. Studies dating back decades have shown that 80% of what we learn is gone within 24 hours. That makes it much less likely that your message is the one that sticks. What Essay! By talking openly about our accomplishments, we have a greater chance of here being remembered and does scope essay, not forgotten. Communication consultant Peggy Klaus says the fear of coming off sounding like Gordon Gecko denies professionals the opportunity to the elderly explain to clients the what does scope in an value they provide. The author of software Brag: How to Toot Your Own Horn Without Blowing It , Klaus says that the what essay entire notion of respecting essay self-promotion is excruciatingly difficult for does mean in an essay, many professionals to embrace, even if they know it is critical for respecting essay, their own survival.

So ingrained are the myths about self-promotion, so repelled are we by obnoxious braggers, many people simply avoid talking about themselves, writes Klaus. Here are a few additional reasons why you should talk about your accomplishments: Great stories make life interesting . Tom's background is too interesting to keep locked up in essay, a box. It would be a shame and respecting the elderly essay, a lost opportunity if he didn't mention his backstory at does scope mean all because of social norms against bragging. These types of stories make life more enjoyable. Being too humble can cost you . Not talking about your accomplishments can hit you in the basic essay, the pocketbook. It's those who visibly take credit for accomplishments who are rewarded with promotions and mean in an, gem assignments, writes Klaus. As our economy has resulted in less job stability, self-promotion has become more important. Even if you aren't an entrepreneur, says Klaus, you need to think like one and start talking up your most valuable product: you. Your stories reveal the true you . When we share stories about our accomplishments, we reveal our true selves. It is only through revealing our true selves that we break through superficial small talk and make real connections with people, form genuine friendships, and deepen our relationships.

10 Ways to software Share Your Accomplishments Without Bragging. What Does Mean! Here are 10 ways you can share your most interesting experiences and paper, stories, without sounding like you are bragging: If you are sharing a part of your background or personal/professional story that may inspire awe in another person, it's best to acknowledge and mean in an essay, share that sense of awe. I have another friend who, like Tom, also served in on aristocrats, uniform. This friend served in a U.S. Coast Guard attack squad, where he was deployed into what essay highly dangerous semi-warzones and why do you want here essay, tasked with scrambling onto pirated freighter ships in the black of does mean in an night as machine gun fire whizzed through the air. Essay! When I asked this friend if he was scared during his service, he said, Sh*t yeah, I was scared. What Does Scope In An Essay! But we just moved as quickly as we could and basic structure of a, thankfully I'm here to talk about scope mean essay, it.

I loved that he didn't play off his background like it was normal and mundane, which I would have found strange and inauthentic. Persuasion Essay! Instead, because he shared my own sense of awe in the sheer terror of his story, I found him even more relatable. What Does Mean In An Essay! I met a guy at a networking event recently who said he was an of a research paper artist - but not just any kind of artist. Steven Backman is a toothpick sculpture artist. He only creates one kind of art - sculptures out of toothpicks. He has been featured on what mean just about every major media outlet you can think of, from CNN to The Today Show . He showed me a few photos of his creations on his iPhone, including a scale replica of the Golden Gate Bridge made out of 30,000 toothpicks, a replica of the essay Empire State Building, and a remote-controlled toothpick boat. He wasn't shy about his achievements - he was proud of them. And when I expressed my awe at the amount of what does mean recognition he had received, he flashed me a grin, as if to say, I can't believe it either.

By any measure, he had been quite successful as an artist. But I think what made him so memorable without seeming like he was boasting was that he was sincerely grateful for his own success. Tom Morkes, the helicopter jumper, is the basic essay, self-deprecating when describing his Army experience. Scope Mean! If someone asks him about what it was like to go to war, he says, deadpan: Well, it wasn't a vacation. I lived in a metal container for a year, did a lot of persuasion missions, and does scope in an essay, most of the time it was really boring waiting for research paper, bad things to happen to does scope mean in an you. Like Tom, I have an unusual background as well. I was fortunate enough to land a job in my early 20s working in the Clinton White House.

For years, I have described it as being kind of like a second-string speechwriter, or I would say that my job was to write the stuff the speechwriters didn't want to write. I have found describing the respecting job in this way leads people to let their guard down. Most of the what does scope mean in an essay time, it helps make people more comfortable speaking with me so that they can ask me question they really want to respecting the elderly know, which often is, So, did you know Monica Lewinsky? The humble brag happens when someone shares a tidbit of what does scope mean in an news about themselves that is camouflaged using a complaint or a self-deprecating joke. Persuasion On Aristocrats! They are trying to does mean in an essay appear humble on the surface, but their real intention is to boast. A humble brag may sound something like this: I can't believe how many people have said my wife looks like Rita Hayworth. Too bad they think I'm her bodyguard, not her husband. Sigh. I thought I was finally heading home after this gig in San Francisco, but I just got invited to resume samples do a last minute speaking engagement in Switzerland. Scope In An Essay! #Livingoutofasuitcase I really need to practice my golf swing so I'm ready to the basic essay play next weekend in Molly Ringwald's charity golf tournament. Humble brags have become more and more popular through social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

It's okay to share your accomplishments, but be honest and upfront about it when you do. Be careful not to use the cover of what does mean in an essay a complaint in basic structure, order to brag; you may worry about coming off as smug, but it's actually better to come off as smug, than to appear as someone who's smug but trying to hide it. People are more annoyed by duplicity than pride. In the book Reinventing You , author Dorie Clark suggests bringing a friend along to events where you may need to talk about your accomplishments. Does Scope Mean! Make an arrangement with the friend that you both will talk up the other.

In other words, instead of bragging about your own experience and the basic essay, background, you boast about the other person's. And they brag about yours. People you are speaking with are much more likely to be receptive to a third party bragging about you than if the information was coming from you personally (even if you're standing right there, giving your best aw shucks grin). What Does Scope Mean Essay! If you do have a significant accomplishment in your background, whatever you do, do not go to extra lengths to avoid talking about it. For example, graduating from an impressive university like Harvard or Stanford is memorable. But in my experience, some Ivy League grads will go to extra lengths to avoid mentioning the name of their alma mater out of fear it will be perceived as bragging. I met a woman the other day and respecting the elderly, we were casually discussing where we had lived in our early 20s. The conversation went like this: Woman : I lived in Massachusetts for a few years back in scope mean, the late 1990s. Me : Oh, really?

How did you end up there? Woman : Well, I went to college in eastern Massachusetts. Me : Oh yeah? My Mom's from Massachusetts. Where did you go to college? Woman : Oh, just outside of Boston. Me : Oh yeah? I lived in Wellesley for awhile when I was growing up. The Basic Essay! Where outside of Boston?

Woman : Uh, just, um… a little town near Boston. By this point, I was 99.9% certain she went to Harvard. Mean Essay! But going to essay paper extremes to avoid mentioning the name of what scope mean in an essay your college based on a perception that mentioning its name would be perceived as bragging just creates a more awkward situation. Humor is a great way to share what is most memorable about ob rn resume samples, you without being perceived as bragging. Steven Backman, the toothpick artist, had a sense of humor about the work he did. When I asked him why he worked only in what does essay, toothpicks, he said, I don't know. I started playing with them when I was in 3rd grade and I never stopped.

A few months ago, I met a guy named Maneesh Sethi. Persuasion! When I asked for his business card, he said he had just ran out, but that his card just said, Maneesh Sethi, Ramit's brother, and included his email address. Maneesh's brother, Ramit Sethi, is a bestselling author who has been recognized as one of 20 Wealth Wizards by Forbes magazine. The fact that Maneesh's brother Ramit is more famous than him, and does scope mean in an essay, that he acknowledged it on his business card, made his card far more memorable than your usual boring business card. So using an unexpected fact in the elderly essay, a novel way is a creative means of pinpointing what is does scope mean in an essay, memorable about you. You Want Here! Peggy Klaus suggests using what she calls brag bites - which you keep conveniently in your brag bag (not to what scope mean in an be confused with a product produced by The Brag Company called the ob rn resume Bra Bag which is, and I'm not making this up, a bag you can carry your bras in). Brag bites are short little sound bites and does in an essay, brief marketing monologues about yourself that you can use in a moment's notice in basic structure, any situation without coming off as pushy or disingenuous. Mean Essay! They're kind of like mini elevator pitches about yourself. A brag bite may look like this: I am fortunate to lead a team of 50 incredibly talented sales men and women across a dozen states, and I really couldn't do it without such a great team effort. Last year, we opened four new restaurants in samples, three different cities - and does mean in an essay, we have plans to open four more.

But really we're just happy people seem to like our drive-through fondue theme. If you haven't already, create a few of these short sound bites. Asking a friend who has a way with words for suggestions is another way to get a fresh perspective on these short statements. The most memorable thing about you may not be a professional achievement; it might be something from your personal life. Even if you are a Yale Ph.D. Respecting Essay! who has 17 kids and holds the world record for the World's Largest Smurf Collection, the most memorable thing about you will be relative, depending on the person you are talking to. What Scope In An! If the person you are talking to happens to be from a small town in Georgia and you are originally from another small town in Georgia 20 minutes away, then that is probably the most memorable and interesting fact about your background. In that case, you do not even need to bring up your impressive educational credentials.

You are already more memorable to your fellow Georgian than you would be if you discussed your impressive academic accomplishments. Of A Research Paper! And since you've already made a personal connection, if your accomplishments do come up later, it will be more natural and even less likely to does essay be perceived as bragging. 10. Don't Share All of Your Achievements. Now, you may be thinking, Whaaaat ? I thought you were showing me how to share my most interesting and memorable achievements? That's right. But you can't share all of them. You Want To Volunteer Here! You need to let some things unfold over time. Sure, this means something that is interesting and memorable about you may not get shared, but that's okay. You want to give the person you are talking to does in an just enough so that you are memorable and interesting, but not so much that they are overwhelmed. The last thing you want to do is try to cram in some accomplishment where it's not relevant.

Work in your accomplishments where they naturally fit rather than forcing them into conversations just to respecting essay brag. Although that's not always true; I mention my six-pack abs all the time and no one seems to mind. Read the original article on Art of does scope essay Manliness. Copyright 2014. Structure Of A Paper! Follow Art of what mean essay Manliness on Twitter.

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It is the basic essay, a small town in England. Here lives a young man who makes a living by singing around on the street every day to entertain his town people. What Does Scope Mean In An Essay? And here there is the elderly essay, also a Chinese woman who stays far away from essay her family and works her way along in this remote country. Since the two have often dined in the same small restaurant, gradually they become well acquainted with each other. One day our fellow country woman said considerately to the basic essay, the young man, “Stop singing around in what mean in an essay the street any more and samples go and find a more decent job. If you like, I can help to what scope in an, find a teaching job for ob rn resume samples you in what does mean China, where you can surely earn much more than you do now in here.” Hearing these words, the young man was at structure paper first dumbfounded, and does scope in an essay then countered with questions: “Do you think what I am doing now is why do here, not decent? What is wrong with my present job which I like very much because it has brought happiness not only to me but also to my town people?

Why should I leave my family and hometown and go so far as to cross the seas and does mean do things that I don’t like?” All the ob rn samples English people, old and young, at the neighboring tables were also puzzled by their dialogue. Does Scope In An Essay? They simply couldn’t understand why she should admire such a person who, in respecting order to earn some more bucks, would choose to leave his family and hometown and lead a life which is far from what does scope mean essay being happy. In their eyes, the happiest thing is to stay together with their families, safe and sound. It has nothing to do with their possessions of wealth or their high social positions. After that day, the people in this small town began to feel sympathetic with that fellow country woman of ours. ??????????????????,???????????.???,???????????????,???????????????,????????????.??????“?????????????,?????????????,?????????”?????“???????,???,????????????????”, “????????,????,????,???????????”, “?????,??????????,????,????,??????????”,“??????,????,????,???????”,??. ????????????????????????,?????????????????? ????? ??,????????????????,??????????????????,??????????,??????????? ??????????????????????????????,??????????????????????????????????????????????????????,??????????,???????——? ????? ? ????=???+???+???,?????????????????????????,?????,????????????????????????????????:???????????????????????????,???,???,????????????,???????????????????????,????????????,??????????????????,???,???????,?????????????????,?????????????????“??”??????????????,?????,??????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????:?????????????:“??????????,??????????,?????????,?!????????,???????,??????”??????:“??,????????……???????????????????????????????????,???????!????????????”?????????????????????????????????????????????????,???????,????,?????????????????,?????????????,?????????,????????????,????????????????,???????????????,????,?????????????????????????????,?????????????????????,?????,?????????,??,???????????????????,??????????????????????,??????????????????,??????,?????,??????????????????????????????,???????,?????????“??”???? ????????????????????????????????——???????????????,????????????????????,????????????????,????????????????????????????,???????????????????????????????????????“????”,???????????????????????“??”??,????????,??????????????????????????,??????,??????????????????????,????????????????????,?????????????,?????????? ??,??????????,????????????,????????????????,???????????????,???????,??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????international(???)????,?????????????,???????????????????,??????????????????????,?????????,?????? ????? ????????,??????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????,?????????????????????????,??????????????????,????????????????,???????????????????????????????????. ?????????????,????????integrated task??????????,???????“????”?????integrated task???????????????????????????,?????????????????????????,??????????????????????,???????????

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Analog Design Engineer Resume Samples. The best examples from thousands of real-world resumes. Handpicked by resume experts based on rigorous standards. Tailored for various backgrounds and experience levels. Does Mean. Analog Design Engineers play a vital role in today's economy and lifestyle, as they design the samples circuits found in a wide range of electronic devices. What Scope Essay. Typical duties included in an Analog Design Engineer resume include developing circuitry, testing circuits, solving technical problems, and overseeing manufacturing processes.

The most successful resume examples showcase the following qualifications: electronics expertise, microprocessor design knowledge, problem solving abilities, communication, and why do time management. What Does Scope Mean Essay. A Bachelor's Degree in software, electronics is mean in an essay, often required. Looking for job listings? Check out you want our Analog Design Engineer Jobs page. Initiated and what does scope mean essay led 28nm chip project, assigned roles and responsibilities, designed workflow, trained team members on different tools as a result saving 7months of design time for the succeeding project. Communicated with cross-functional teams to software share resources resulting in a cost saving of. $70k.

Convinced upper management to sponsor the training on design tools for the team that resulted in increased efficiency of more than 2 months in mean essay, the schedule. Designed a pipelined ADC architecture for 28nm technology that reduces the chip area by 5% with potential savings of $6mil over the next 5 years. Designed VGA circuit for 1Gig Ethernet chip that cut the chip cost by $200K by reducing chip area by 20mm^2. Persuasion On Aristocrats. Created workaround for powering up issue of a chip before sending samples to customers, winning the customer contract worth $600K as a result. Part of RD group to scope mean in an essay define and design a most advanced laser sensor implementing relativity theorem to measure rotational.

Debugged and redesigned part of emulator's circuit to test Gyroscopes. Created and the basic essay modified power supply schematics. Debugged and troubleshoot firmware of Emulator to simulate optical sensors. Designed and developed analog circuits to support optical applications such as: Rotation Sensors and Gyroscopes. Responsible for component quality analysis to meeting Military Requirements and what does mean Electronic Critical Design Review (ECDR). Samples. Experienced with the lasted Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FOG) technology. Analog Design Engineer - Synthesizer and essay Transmitter Groups. Design of RF and PLL circuits for polar modulation based RFICs for UMTS cell phones. Persuasion. Successfully designed and does scope mean in an validated a High dynamic range, single stage Variable Gain Amplifier for the basic essay a UMTS Tx. Does Scope Mean In An. Implemented an LC VCO Coarse tune calibration circuit in a .25u SiGe process Designed a low power 4GHz WCDMA prescaler for respecting the elderly essay a UMTS transmitter In a .25u SiGe process Set up and administered a Synchronicity DesignSync based version control system for the Cadence design database Helped develop a Mixed signal simulation flow using SpectreVerilog and AMS/Spectre/UltraSim for scope in an simulating PLL calibration circuits. Acquired $50,000 of IRD money to design and develop Dual Series Boost Regulator Power Management and paper software Distribution System for laboratory test configuration of scope in an essay a Solar Array system.

Procured hardware, created assembly instructions, assembled prototype and why do essay tested IRD Dual Series Boost Regulator Power System. Performed worst case and root cause analysis on the control system to the component level. Responsible for procurement, assembly and creation of Engineering Product Development documents for the Orion Portable Equipment Panel (PEP). Utilized space hardened avionic hardware to create engineering product parts list. Utilized Flyback Current-Fed Push-Pull topology with a Weinberg inductor and Voltage Mode Control circuitry. Designed, acquired hardware, created product development instructions and assembled complex product prototype of the J-2X Engine Controller (EC) Backplane including testing and creation of Printed Wiring Board Design Instructions. The EC Backplane routes the 1553 Data Transmitter bus, Valve Actuator Control, Thermocouples, Pressure and Accelerometer data. Supported the J-2X Engine Controller through production and test.

Performed worst case circuit analysis and scope in an created Engineering Product Development documents for the J-2X Spark Exciter. The Spark Exciter is part of the J-2X rocket engine ignition system that utilized an inductor and capacitor system to ignite the rocket engine fuel. The Basic Essay. Performed worst case circuit analysis and created Engineering Product Development documents for the Speed Sensor Signal Conditioner. The Speed Sensor Signal Conditioner provides speed and what mean flow turbo pump data during rocket engine run time. Basic Structure Research Paper. Responsible for does scope design and development of the Multiple Kill Vehicle (MKV) Test System Software GUI. The MKV Test Systems GUI interfaced with Reflective memory and respecting the elderly an Ethernet bus while utilizing User Datagram Protocol, Multithreading, Inheritance and Polymorphisms. Utilized MS Visual C++ for design and integration. Responsible for the maintenance and delivery of Kinetic Weapon Control Systems to customers in Maryland's Johns Hopkins University ( Applied Physics Lab), White Sands Missile Range (New Mexico), Boeing (Anaheim, California) and does scope essay Raytheon (Tucson, Arizona). The Control Console utilized RS232 Bus, RS422 Bus and VXI Control Systems with a proprietary power control system. Design engineer responsible for the design and procurement of the RS84 Data Acquisition System which included the Resistive Temperature detector Conditioner circuitry, the Pressure Signal Conditioner circuitry, and the Variable Reluctance Sensor Interface.

The data acquisition system utilized the Compact PCI bus (cPCI). Responsible for ob rn resume samples assembly instructions, hardware procurement, operational analysis, environmental performance and acceptance testing of the Direct Current to Direct Current Converter (DDCU). The converter is an Orbital Replacement Unit for the [company name] that supplied 6 kilowatts of direct power. Performed thermal and vacuum testing of Orbital Replacement Units (ORUs) developed to power the [company name]. Thermal and vacuum testing consisted of utilizing environmental chambers and does scope mean essay test consoles developed to respecting the elderly perform Low Earth Orbit (LEO) simulations. Responsibilities centered on redesign and debugging of electronic modules inside Datron's Tactical Radio products. In An. Redesigned and debugged synthesizer for VHF tactical radio. Designed of RF power amplifier for future VHF tactical product. Basic Research. Debugging of HF antenna tuner. This included programming an Intel 8051 micro controller in Assembly language.

Designed analog-integrated circuits for automotive applications, including band-gap circuitry, oscillator, voltage monitor, power supply unit, driver and fail-monitoring circuitry. Worked with team on multimillion-dollar projects and delivered on time. Interacted with customers to address needs and what in an define design specifications. Determined design approaches and circuit topology. Basic Structure Of A Research. Verified design approach through simulation. Scope In An Essay. Reviewed IC layout and evaluation-board design. Defined test procedure for Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), analyzed ATE test results, and resolved issues in test program. Evaluated fabricated parts to verify if design target was met. Enhanced voltage-monitoring circuit accuracy from 6% to 3% Increased reference circuit performance by the basic essay introducing temperature coefficient trim and does essay using optimized reference topology. Designed board-level analog circuits for aviation headsets using operational amplifiers, transistors, and ob rn samples voltage. Does Scope Mean In An Essay. regulator circuits using electronic SPICE tools. Designed active noise reduction circuits using operational amplifiers, transistors, filters, voltage Troubleshot and fixed headsets for oscillation issues and crosstalk problems without production Used pad layout tools to verify board layouts for headsets and microphone amplifiers.

Modeled and resume simulated active noise reduction circuits for does scope mean in an aviation headsets using workbench SPICE. First of three engineers hired to structure of a research paper start up a new company division in the United States. Previously, all engineering, marketing, and support was provided overseas at the company's home office. An existing two subscriber line product was having problems with lightning surge damage and needed a cost reduction to stay competitive in the market. First test assignment was a cost reduction of the existing two subscriber line product. The product had already been through two previous cost reductions by the home office overseas. Reduced the cost of the product by 6%, which increased the corporate annual net profit by approximately $450,000 (1996).

Redesigned and what does scope in an improved the lightning surge protection on the cost reduced model. One very large customer was having problems with lightning damaged units and the basic essay was looking for a reason to drop ECI Telecom as a preferred provider. As a test and without prior notification, they required all approved vendor models to pass a 20,000 V, 1000 Amp lightning surge test. The new units survived without damage and ECI Telecom remained a preferred vendor, saving the company over does scope essay $1,000,000 in annual sales. Design team developed an eight analog telephone subscriber line provision for the customer access loop using a single telephone line twisted copper pair carrying DC power and essay on aristocrats HDSL digital subscriber line technology. Analog design included 5 REN ring generator, analog subscriber line and mean in an exchange line interface circuits (FXO and FXS), Built-in-Test (BIT) functionality, and the basic essay on-board custom PWM power supply design, as well as low noise PWB layout for exceptional bit-error-rate (BER) performance.

Telecom ISDN and digital subscriber line (DSL, HDSL, ADSL) modems and transmission over twisted copper pair; telecom digital loop carrier (DLC) per what scope mean, Bellcore TR-NWT-000057 specifications; extensive knowledge of access loop telecom circuits, subscriber line and you want essay exchange line interface circuits including transmission, signaling, and supervision. Included PWM Power supply design and on-premises ring generator circuit design. Design for EMC/EMI compliance for what lightning surge, AC power fault, radiated RF emissions, conducted emissions, radiated RF immunity, conducted immunity, electrostatic discharge (ESD), and electrical safety per Bellcore GR-1089-CORE (NEBS) / Telcordia 1089; FCC Part 15 radiated RF emissions; UL 1459 and UL 1950; and IEEE 801-1, 801-2, 801-3, 801-4. Experience includes design and essay paper debugging to the component and PCB layout level. Participated in what does mean essay, board-level debugging to essay successfully bring products into does mean essay compliance Designed a low cost, pulse-width modulated switching amplifier ringing generator amplifier capable of driving 15 ringer equivalent (REN) loads, with overload compression and protection. Circuit provided bi-directional power flow for greatest efficiency. Essay. Work as analog IC design engineer in Freescale Analog Mixed-signal Product design center. The team's projects include high-performance customized IC design using a BiCMOS process. In the following projects, I am responsible for block architecture research development, transistor-level circuit design, analog blocks and subsystems design from what does mean in an, specification, transistor-level simulation, layout verification to respecting the elderly essay final implementation into silicon production, and silicon chip testing. Automotive Gyroscope System (Freescale Miranda IP development project) High-Performance electronic control system for what does scope mean in an essay automotive ESP (Electronic Stability Program) and ABS (Anti-Lock Break System) systems.

High-Performance power management IC chip for software automotive power-train system. Developed Verilog model for CTLE Block: The frequency response of continuous time linear equilizer block, a part of SerDes, is modeled using System Verilog language for various modes and equalization settings. Designed a Serializer: The Serializer block is designed to scope serialize 8 bit data at 500MHz clock speed. It implements a simple tree structure. The design is highly area and power optimized. Verified a CTLE Block: This block has been verified through Spectre simulations for various modes and equalization settings for the correct functionality as prescribed by the designer of the block Designed a high speed Divider Block: The high speed divider sits in the feedback path of a PLL whose VCO works in the range of 3-6GHz supporting up to structure of a paper 7GHz speed and division ratios between 28 and 64.

Uses TSMC 28nm technology. It involves high speed design techniques - delay minimization, meeting timing requirements, critical paths. Designed a RTC (Real Time Clock): Designed an ultra-low power 32.768 KHz Real Time Clock Oscillator (RTC) IP. What Scope Mean In An Essay. It contains a gain stage and crystal oscillator in a loop. Samples. Designed and Laid out a Band Gap Circuit: Designed and laid out current mode band gap circuit in TSMC 45nm CMOS technology.

Developed a Verilog Model of a high speed SERDES: Worked on developing a Verilog/System Verilog model for a high speed SerDes transceiver in scope in an essay, 28nm technology. It involved developing models for Tx, Rx, bias, PLLs, Tx_equilizer, Rx_equilizer, clock and data recovery, VCOs, filters, phase detectors, high speed feedback divider blocks. This work required me to gain the entire macro level understanding of basic structure of a research paper SerDes to be able to does scope mean essay communicate with the digital designers and at the same time transistor level understanding of all the blocks of SerDes to be able to the basic essay model them. Implementing complex analog circuit behavior - equalization in frequency domain, integration functionality, filters, VCOs, etc, in does in an essay, System Verilog language is extremely challenging. Free Professional Resume Critique. We have partnered with TopResume to bring you a FREE resume critique service.

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cat cradle essay Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle. There are two parts to this assignment. Both parts are to essay be passed in on time as LATE PAPERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Part 1: Do ONE of the following essay questions. (50%)

1. Cat's Cradle is resume a book that questions our sense of truth, beginning with the statement, All of the true things I am about to tell you are shameless lies (A Tentative Tangling of Tendrils). Nothing in this book is true, writes Vonnegut in the disclaimer before the start of the does scope mean, book, a joke on the standard disclaimer. He adds Live by the foma [harmless untruths] that make you brave and kind and healthy and happy. Before the book is even begun, the resume, reader's sense of what mean in an essay, purpose and expectancy are shaken. We are left wondering what we are meant to believe, as well as a little amused. Examine Cat's Cradle for incidence in which our relationship with truth is shaken. Why do you think Vonnegut would want to make his readers question in this way? Is there any lesson to be gleaned from this questioning of what is true? 2. In Cat's Cradle , Vonnegut describes religion as a useful lie. Of A Research Paper! Anyone unable to understand how a useful religion can be founded on lies will not understand this book either (A Tentative Tangling of Tendrils).

Explore Vonnegut's portrayal of religion in the novel. Pay particular attention to the portrayals of Christianity and Bokononism. 3. Vonnegut depicts a universe in Cat's Cradle that is completely amoral -- that is, it has no concern for good or bad, terms which, it seems, have been cooked up by human beings. Discuss Vonnegut's portrayal of the scope essay, amorality of the universe in Cat's Cradle , and how this might affect the way that we live if we take it seriously. Does Vonnegut encourage us to take him seriously?

Why or why not? 4. Basic Structure Research Paper! In Cat's Cradle , Frank's character is frequently compared to God (ex. Scope! Bug Fights, Hobby Shop). Examine the manner in which Vonnegut relates experimentation, God, and amorality in basic structure research the person of Frank. What sorts of conclusions is Vonnegut encouraging us to draw from his novel? What sorts of questions is he bidding us to does scope mean ask? 5. Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb, is famed to have said, If something is sweet, you have to go ahead with it.

At the time of the essay paper, bomb's development and first test, there was no certainty that, once a nuclear chain reaction began, it could ever be stopped. Many scientists speculated that a nuclear explosion would burn up the entire Earth's atmosphere; but Oppenheimer, not knowing whether his weapon would destroy the entire earth, went ahead with it anyway. Cat's Cradle is very much a novel concerned with nuclearism and what essay thoughts of apocalyptic destruction. Felix Hoenikker is respecting the elderly very much like Robert Oppenheimer in that he, too, develops terrible weapons without any concern for their consequences. Write an essay that delves into the relationship between knowledge and moral responsibility. What happens when knowledge is pursued as an end in itself, or as though it has no relation to good or evil? Must true knowledge always concern goodness? How might we evaluate the modern technological drive to master the universe through knowledge, putting everything to the uses that we prescribe? Chapter 19 may be especially helpful in what scope mean in an essay your analysis.

6. In the chapter entitled, Letter from a Pre-med, Felix Hoenikker is made to say, Anything can make me stop and look and wonder, and sometimes learn. I am a very happy man; and, Why should I bother with made-up games when there are so many real ones going on? Examine the relationship between science, wonder, and play in the novel. 7. In the chapter entitled, Bug Fights, Newt recounts the story of his father at the Alamagordo nuclear test site. Essay On Aristocrats! After the explosion, a scientist turned to Felix and said, Science has now known sin. Felix replied, What is sin? Vonnegut would have us ask this question, too. What is sin? What meaning can sin have if the universe is amoral, or if good and evil are simply constructs (or lies?) invented by human beings to does mean give a sense of order to an otherwise chaotic, meaningless existence? Drawing on Vonnegut's text, respond to these questions. 8. In the chapter entitled, Protein, Vonnegut satirizes positivism, or the belief that the only real kind of knowledge is scientific knowledge (that is, knowledge derived from the to volunteer essay, application of the scope, scientific method).

Indeed, Dr. Basic Research Paper! Breed is quoted as saying, The trouble with the world was that people were still superstitious instead of scientific. He said if everybody would study science more, there wouldn't be all the does in an essay, trouble there was. Science is portrayed as the you want, means to what does mean essay discover the facts of persuasion on aristocrats, existence; the natural world is portrayed as amoral; consequently, considerations of what scope mean essay, good and evil have no real relation to knowledge at all. They are mere superstitions. The secret of life, as revealed in this chapter, has nothing to do with goodness or the Ground of all goodness; it is protein. Analyze Vonnegut's novel for the satiric way it portrays the software, positivistic understanding of things.

9. Does Scope! Examine how Vonnegut personifies the forces of nature in the character of Felix Hoenikker (see, for instance, Vice President in Charge of Volcanoes). What among Felix's personal characteristics might Vonnegut wish to impart to nature in Cat's Cradle , and why? 10. Why would Vonnegut include the Chapter 13 concerning the murderer who wasn't sorry about anything in the novel? What relation does this chapter have to respecting the rest of Cat's Cradle ? 11. We sometimes suppose that there would be a lot less pain and suffering and misery in the world if only people would just think more carefully.

Vonnegut's novel would have us question that assumption, or at what in an least qualify its meaning. In chapter 15, Dr. Breed says, I think you'll find that everybody does about the same amount of thinking. Scientists simply think about things in basic structure of a one way, and other people think about things in others. What is the difference between scientific thought (like the thoughts of Dr.

Breed or Dr. Hoenikker) on the one hand, and what essay the other people? 12. In Chapter 16 of Cat's Cradle , Dr. Breed calls science the antithesis of magic; science, in his view, de-mystifies the world. However, in Chapter 97, Papa Monzano's dying wish is that his people will be taught science, since Science is magic that works. What are we as readers to think of this contradiction? What is magic?

What is science? Does science mystify or de-mystify the world? Is it a good or a bad thing to be able to persuasion on aristocrats find the world mysterious? 13. The chapter entitled, The Most Valuable Commodity on Earth, celebrates ironically the importance of pure research, or knowledge for its own sake. However, the importance of essay, truth is scoffed at by Bokononists. Following the logic of Vonnegut's novel, explain his criticism of pure research and the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake. 14.

Vonnegut's writing often parallels the persuasion on aristocrats, works of the German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche -- particularly in its amoralism, and its portrayal of useful lies in contradistinction to what essay the truth. Read through the selected aphorisms of Nietzsche and draw some parallels between the on aristocrats, thoughts of the two writers. What Scope Essay! How might reading Nietzsche help us to understand Kurt Vonnegut's novel? 15. Ob Rn! In Chapter 25, Miss Faust admits, I just have trouble understanding how truth, all by itself, could be enough for a person. Explain how this comment exemplifies Bokononism, and how it embodies a major theme in Vonnegut's novel.

16. Chapter 26 discusses the notion of in an, absolute truth in terms of the question, What is ob rn God? Carefully analyze this short chapter, drawing on the rest of the novel where appropriate. Why would Vonnegut include this chapter in Cat's Cradle ? What is the significance of Felix's retort, What is love? Relate this question to the Felix's positivism (i.e., the idea that only things that can be discovered through the application of the scientific method are real).

17. Felix admits that, as a scientist, he is filled with wonder at mean essay the world around him (Ch. 5); science, for him, is a playful kind of thing that he engages in because of his wonder. And yet, his attitude towards the wondrous is to de-mystify it -- to explain it and to master it in scientific terms. Science, for Felix, is a kind of play that destroys itself, ridding him of wonder through investigation. Scour Vonnegut's book for instances of characters wondering, being awestruck, amazed, or confused. Why is wonder important in the novel? Why might wonder be important in real life?

What would life be like without wonder? Is science, as you understand it, the destruction of wonder, or is it the heightening of wonder? What might be the ramifications of science in either case? 18. Vonnegut makes frequent reference to imagery from respecting essay Homer's Odyssey and his Iliad in Cat's Cradle . What In An Essay! For instance, the city in which much of the action takes place in the novel is ob rn samples called Ilium -- a clear reference to the ancient city of Troy where Odysseus fought in the Trojan War, and what does in an from which Odysseus leaves and is lost at sea having offended Poseidon, god of the oceans. In Chapter 33 of persuasion essay, Cat's Cradle , it is said There wasn't a man in Ilium City who wasn't in love with her [Emily Hoenikker] -- a clear reference to scope in an essay Helen of respecting the elderly essay, Troy, who is reputed in scope mean essay Homer's Iliad to have caused the Trojan War. Samples! Chapter 47 makes reference to Calypso -- a double entendre that hearkens the reader both to steel, Caribbean drums, as well as to the Sorceress who falls in love with Odysseus.

Chapter 49, entitled, A Fish Pitched Up By an Angry Sea, compares Bokonon's subjection to the anger of the sea, his shipwreck, and his washing up on does scope mean essay shore with a similar scene in the Odyssey . Mona is compared with the Greek goddess Aphrodite in Chapter 64, and in Chapter 74, we learn that her father is named Nestor, after the archetypal wise old man in Homer's Iliad . Persuasion! Read through Homer's great works. Why would Vonnegut choose to make so many allusions to the Iliad and the Odyssey in Cat's Cradle ? 19. What Does Essay! Kurt Vonnegut makes frequent reference to ancient Greek mythology in Cat's Cradle . Chapter 28 compares the the basic essay, elevator man, Mr. Knowles, with the Ferryman over the River Styx. Research this ancient image of the Ferryman, and analyze how and why Vonnegut chooses to use it in his novel.

20. Emily Hoenikker is initially attracted to Felix because his mind was tuned to the biggest music there was, the music of the stars (Ch. 34). Here, Vonnegut is making reference to the ancient idea that the scope, entire universe was musical. The universe was understood as a cosmos, or a good order of things in which everyone had a place and, when they behaved with justice, participated in cosmic harmony. The Basic Essay! The music that we can hear with our ears was thought to be only an image of the cosmic music that one could only hear with one's heart or grasp with one's mind. This was the music of the spheres.

Music was thought to be everywhere at all times if we could but only hear it. Research the ancient idea of the music of the spheres in more depth. Then ask the questions, Why would Vonnegut evoke this image in a book concerned with positivistic science and the de-mystification of the world? How could Emily see in Felix someone who was attuned to this music? Was Felix able to hear this music? Why or why not?

21. In Chapter 34, John states, I had a Bokononist vision of the unity in every second of what does scope in an essay, all time and all wandering mankind, all wandering womankind, all wandering children. Explain what prompted this vision. Why is this vision particularly Bokononist? How can this vision be reconciled with the the basic essay, Bokononist insight concerning the importance of lies versus truth? 22. What Does In An! Why would it be significant that the main character in basic of a research paper the story, John, wishes to be called Jonah? Read the what scope mean, story of ob rn resume samples, Jonah in the Hebrew Bible.

In your essay, provide an account of what happens in the book of Jonah , then offer your ideas on why Vonnegut would choose to begin his book, Cat's Cradle , with reference to Jonah . What similarities are there in the two stories? 23. Chapter 36 discusses John's rejection of what mean essay, nihilism. What is nihilism? Why does he reject it?

How does Bokononism differ from nihilism? 24. Chapter 47 discusses the philosophy of Bokononism in terms of the of a, old comic book advertisements that sold Charles Atlas' fitness plan. What Does In An! Typically, there's a little cartoon depiction of a puny guy on a beach with his girl, and why do to volunteer here essay a big guy comes along and kicks sand in his face. What Does Scope In An! Body-builder extraordinaire Charles Atlas is shown in basic of a research the corner of the ad standing in a leopard skin bathing suit; after trying the Charles Atlas work-out method, the puny guy gets all bulked up and goes back and beats the bully figure.

As John notes in Cat's Cradle , It was the belief of Charles Atlas that muscles could be built without bar bells or spring exercisers, and that they could be built by simply pitting one set of muscles against another. Philosophically, Bokononism shares an mean in an affinity with Charles Atlas, inasmuch as Bokonon treasured the sense of a priceless equilibrium between good and persuasion essay on aristocrats evil. Moreover, it was the belief of Bokonon that good societies could be built only by pitting good against evil, and by keeping the tension between the two high at all times. What Does Mean! Explain what is meant by the maintenance of a tension between good and evil. Why ought one not, according to Bokonon, seek to eradicate evil entirely in the name of goodness?

What do you think of this Bokononist viewpoint? 25. Compare the here essay, Bokononist sense of a priceless equilibrium between good and evil (Dynamic Tension, Ch. 47) with the German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche's ideas concerning dynamic tension in essay the soul. How might we understand Bokonon in terms of Nietzsche? How might we understand Nietzsche in terms of Bokonon? Do you think there is any insight in software either Bokonon's or Nietzsche's account of the importance of tension in the soul? Why or why not? 26. What Does In An Essay! Having lived through a tide of continuous misfortunes (Chapters 48 ff), Bokonon developed a conviction that something was trying to get him somewhere for some reason. How does this idea develop into paper, Bokononism?

How do we reconcile the notions that truth is what does scope mean in an essay of less use than lies, that the universe is amoral, and essay on aristocrats that everything is does scope mean arbitrary and random, with the notion that there is a purpose to things, that there is a pattern or a kind of fated nature to things (Also see Ch. 73)? Is it possible to reconcile the paper software, notion that religion is merely a useful lie with John's belief that God was running my life and that He had work for scope, me to do (Ch. 90)? Why or why not? 27.

Analyze Vonnegut's portrayal of San Lorenzo as a utopia described in Chapters 58 through 60 ( Tyranny With a Difference to respecting An Underprivileged Nation). What does Vonnegut see as the primary problem(s) with utopian social engineering? Give your own appraisal of utopias. 28. Chapter 74, entitled, Cat's Cradle, appears near the middle of Vonnegut's novel, and it is what does central to our understanding of the essay software, book. Essay! Analyze the on aristocrats, significance of the image of the cat's cradle throughout the scope essay, book, in this particular chapter, as well as in the book's title as it is described by the basic essay, Newt: For maybe a hundred thousand years or more, grown-ups have been waving tangles of does scope in an, string in their children's faces. No wonder kids grow up crazy. A cat's cradle is nothing but a bunch of X's between somebody's hands, and little kids look and look and look at all those X's.

No damn cat, and no damn cradle. 29. Chapter 75 offers us a glimpse into the character of Julian Castle, who is described contradictorily as a saint with a criminal sneer. Do a character study of Julian Castle that examines his inner contradictions. How does this exemplify his Bokononism? 30.

Julian Castle, a Bokononist, is said, nonetheless, to be a follower of Albert Schweitzer (Research: Who is Albert Schweitzer?). Moreover, Castle says that Jesus is why do essay his hero. Examine Castle's various religious and humanitarian affiliations and how they affect the way that he lives. What! How do you assess Julian Castle and why? 31. In Chapter 76, Julian Castle agrees with Newt that everything is meaningless.

Human beings are vile garbage -- like everything else. How do we assess this statement in light of Castle's Bokononism? What are the tenants of Bokononism, and how can a Bokononist proclaim that human beings are garbage while, at the same time, adhering to the central Bokononist view that human beings are sacred (Ch. 94)? 32. There is an important discussion of the use of the elderly, lies for happiness in what does scope in an essay Chapters 78-79. Julian Castle explains, Religion became the one real instrument of hope. Truth was the enemy of the people, because the persuasion essay on aristocrats, truth was so terrible, so Bokonon made it his business to provide the people with better and better lies. Because of Bokonon's lies, people didn't have to does in an pay as much attention to the awful truth. the happiness of the why do you want to volunteer essay, people grew.

Through the use of lies, life became a work of art. Explore the relation between lies, art, and mean in an essay happiness in Cat's Cradle . What do you think? Is art beautiful and good because it tells us the truth about the goodness of existence? Or is art beautiful and good because it lies to us, and hides the awful truth of existence, making life bearable? 33. Examine the aestheticism (ideas on beauty and art) in Cat's Cradle in light of a few selected aphorisms by the German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, concerning the respecting essay, artful use of lies. How does Vonnegut's novel shed light on Nietzsche's writings? How does Nietzsche help us to understand Vonnegut? 34. Examine the relation between Angela's musical transports (Ch.

81) and her father's attunement to the celestial spheres (Ch. 34). How might Angela's shamanistic-musical trance shed so light on aspects of reality that are left out of the scientific-positivistic account of the world that motivates men like Dr. Breed? How might the Bokononist explain Angela's musical experiences? 35. The word monster comes from the Latin monstrare , meaning to warn. Effectively, monsters appear from time to time in literature and, metaphorically, in real life, as warnings to the rest of us about something that we have done that has transgressed an what does in an essay important boundary, or crossed a line that human beings ought not to cross.

Describe the family members in some detail (i.e., Emily, Felix, Frank, Angela, and structure of a research paper Newt). How might Felix Hoenikker's children be understood as warnings to Vonnegut's readers? What might be the what does scope, substance of this warning? 36. In Cat's Cradle , dramatic tension is maintained between the opposed ideas of free will and determinism. Vonnegut stretches his reader's mind between contradictory notions of fate, destiny, or the idea of purpose on the one hand, and the idea that all is meaninglessness on the other (cf.

Chapters 82, 85, 91, for a few examples). What do you think? Is there such a thing as fate or destiny? Is it, contrary to what Mona says, possible to ob rn samples make a mistake, or is there no such thing as free will? If there is free will, can there still be such a thing as destiny?

How do Bokononists resolve this tension? How might you make sense of it? 37. Does Mean In An! In Chapter 99, Vonnegut offers us a religious image of the Oneness of all things. Why Do Here Essay! Detail and explain the significance of this image.

How do we understand this image? Is it a true image, or is it just another lie? Can a lie tell a deeper truth, or does a lie simply fool us into feeling happy about scope mean essay, our lot in life, and conceal the awful truth from essay us? 38. Analyze Vonnegut's use of black humour in Cat's Cradle . Briefly, black humour is what scope used by authors to expose the absurdity of the state of things; the the elderly essay, use of in an, black humour often entails ironic detachment; it often opposes antithetical moral understandings in a state of tension; black humour can be used to demonstrate humanity's lack of a sense of essay, purpose in an unpredictable environment, or it can be used to emphasize realisations concerning the complexity of moral and aesthetic experience that affect the individual's ability to choose a course of action. Black humour most often plays with the reader's ideas of scope in an essay, reality. In Vonnegut's own words, Black humorists' holy wanderers find nothing but junk and lies and idiocy wherever they go. A chewing gum wrapper or a used condom is often the essay paper, best they can do for a Holy Grail.

Find incidents of what does scope in an, black humour in Cat's Cradle and explain how they are used to convey a deeper meaning in on aristocrats the novel. 39. In Cat's Cradle , Vonnegut attacks the idea that truth is innately desirable and good - an idea that is all pervasive in our culture, particularly within the two major competing explanative philosophies of religion and what does scope in an science. Provide and explain examples from the novel of respecting the elderly essay, Vonnegut's attack on this idea. What Scope! What is your own opinion about the importance of truth? Do you agree with Vonnegut? Why or why not? 40. Not only does Cat's Cradle cast doubt on basic of a research paper the usefulness or wisdom of searching for truths, and our traditional ways of doing so, but the idea of what does mean, self-determination and the ability of a person to control their destiny is questioned. The idea of being able determine our own destiny does, after all, hinge on the assumption that we live in a sensible, predictable, meaningful universe. But do we?

Or are we living in absurdity and constantly creating our own meanings? Provide and explain examples from the novel that demonstrate Vonnegut's questioning of self-determination, and then offer your own thoughts on this question. To what extent do we have control over our own destiny? Are we creatures with free will, or are our actions completely determined? Is there some middle ground between these two positions that holds the structure, truth? Part 2: Do ONE of the following projects. Does In An! (50%) 1. Create a Decalogue poster, or table of the basic essay, Ten Commandments for scope essay, Bokononists, given your own understanding of Bokononism as it is described in Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle . 2. Design a book jacket for Cat's Cradle. The Elderly Essay! It should include the what does mean essay, author's name and title, along with some art relevant to respecting the story on the front cover. On the front inside flap, include a brief synopsis of the what scope mean essay, book (details about the story that also serve to sell the book to prospective readers. On the back inside flap, include information about the author and his other books.

On the back cover, include excerpts from glowing book reviews. 3. Respecting The Elderly! Do a movie review of Leonardo DiCapprio's recent interpretation of Cat's Cradle (Screenplay by essay, Jake Hart, Richard Kelly, Appian Way Productions, 2007). Respecting The Elderly! Be sure to what does scope mean in an essay detail what you thought was good about the movie, as well as what you thought was bad about it. Was the persuasion essay on aristocrats, movie true to the book? Did it leave too much out? Did it add things that took away from the book's message? On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate this movie? 4. Do a poster that details your own karass ( a group of people who, unknown to what does scope them, are working together to do God's will. The people can be thought of as fingers in essay a cat's cradle).

Indicate what might be the does scope mean essay, two wampeters (waxing and waning central points) of your own karass. as well as at least one granfalloon (a false karass , i.e. a group of people who imagine they have a connection that does not really exist) of which you may, at times, feel you are a member. 5. Create a poster or a piece of art that compares and ob rn samples contrasts Ice Nine with the does scope mean in an essay, atomic bomb. The art should embody some of essay software, Vonnegut's questions and criticisms concerning the development of scope mean, both doomsday weapons. 6. Structure Research Paper! Artistically reproduce the travel brochure for does mean essay, San Lorenzo that is described in Cat's Cradle (Ch. 37). 7. Assume the role of Bokonon.

Write a calypso that instructs your followers in the basic essay the practice of Bokononism. 8. Create a poster or some form of what does mean, visual representation that examines modern day scientific and technological breakthroughs in light of Ice Nine, remarking on any similarities and differences. Are there any other current-day real crises that resemble the conundrums and menaces depicted in Cat's Cradle? Illustrate them visually/artistically.