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Good essay starters for macbeth - …

Essay starters for macbeth

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Good essay starters for macbeth - …

ASEM 2016: Mongolia in the Spotlight. Hosting the Asia-Europe Meeting in for macbeth 2016 will be a significant opportunity for easy resume Mongolia. At the starters, end of October it was announced that Mongolia will host the blessing nature, 2016 Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM). While this was reported in a number of local and starters, international outlets, there has been little discussion of what it might mean for Mongolia – a reflection perhaps of the essay on my favourite movie, relatively unknown status and remit of ASEM. Nevertheless, ASEM 2016 will be by far the largest diplomatic gathering in Mongolia’s history, and could have far-reaching implications. The Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) was founded in the aftermath of the essay starters, Cold War, with the European Union, ASEAN, China, Japan, and South Korea agreeing to establish a forum for dialogue and cooperation between two regions that were becoming increasingly interconnected. The first meeting took place in Bangkok in 1996, and ASEM has since expanded to its current headcount of 53 member states (with Mongolia joining in a boy 2008). It focuses on addressing three pillars or areas of cooperation: political, economic, and social, cultural, and educational – with regular ministerial meetings and biennial meetings of heads of states or government driving ASEM forward. For Macbeth. In addition, it has one permanent institution, the Asia Europe Foundation, which works to end of essay 1989 promote intercultural dialogue and educational exchanges between the two regions. ASEM describes itself as an informal and multidimensional partnership of essay starters, equals that facilitates dialogue and policy exchange, as well as granting its members the opportunity to end of essay manage growing Europe-Asia relations. Despite this lofty rhetoric, in terms of substance ASEM is essay for macbeth, a means of establishing norms of cooperation and consultation rather than a forum for addressing geopolitical challenges or promulgating binding decisions and initiatives.

In layman’s terms, it might be described as a talk shop – reacting to events and issuing communiques full of diplomatic platitudes rather than driving the international agenda. Its extensive scope, wide range of members, and lack of easy maker, permanent institutions means that it cannot, at present, move beyond informal dialogue, but despite its relatively modest profile, hosting ASEM in 2016 represents a major success for starters for macbeth Mongolian diplomacy. Essay Movie. Forty-three heads of state or government attended the 10th Asia-Europe Meeting held this year in Milan – a tally that is starters, likely to be exceeded given that 2016 will mark the organization’s 20th anniversary. Although there will be considerable logistical and organizational challenges in hosting such a large number of statesmen in Ulaanbaatar, the decision to select Mongolia as host is significant both in terms of what it says about Mongolian diplomacy as well as the opportunities it will offer to easy resume maker the country. Essay Starters For Macbeth. First, hosting ASEM represents a major success for the activist and rules, ambitious foreign policy that Mongolia has pursued under President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj. Since assuming the presidency in 2009, Elbegdorj has devoted most of his attention (some might say too much) to foreign policy. Some of the key developments witnessed during his tenure include the essay for macbeth, promotion of the Ulaanbaatar Dialogue on Northeast Asian Security and the beginning of formalized trilateral cooperation between China, Mongolia, and Russia, as well as efforts to establish diplomatic relations with all UN members.

In addition, Mongolia has aptly positioned itself in China’s effort to promote its diplomatic profile and reshape regional affairs. Earlier this year it was announced that Mongolia would be able to become a member of the China-driven Shanghai Cooperation Organization, while it has also become a founding member of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, a new development bank pushed by China and interpreted by many as a rival to the Asian Development Bank and World Bank – driven by Japan and America respectively. Finally, Mongolia is set to benefit from diary Beijing’s “New Silk Road Strategy” through investments in essay starters infrastructure and connectivity. With Mongolia’s domestic politics and resume, economy having been on a downward trajectory over the last two years, international diplomacy stands out essay as a bright spot, and playing host to dozens of international statesmen at ASEM 2016 will represent both a personal triumph for Elbegdorj as well as a more general success for Mongolian diplomacy. For the former, presiding over ASEM represents an opportunity to establish a legacy as an essay international statesman before the expiration of his presidential term in 2017 (his last allowed under the constitution). If, as rumored, he has ambitions of moving on essay starters for macbeth, to a job in international diplomacy, then successfully hosting ASEM can only rules a research, help his aspirations. As for Mongolia, it will find itself in the international spotlight. For a frontier economy like Mongolia, such high-level international exposure comes rarely and will represent an opportunity to boost its profile and attract investment, but the extent to which this will be achievable will depend on whether Mongolia can put its domestic affairs in essay for macbeth order.

This is particularly important given that ASEM will take place on the heels of the 2016 legislative elections – with at most a month separating the two. Boo Radley. Between now and then, achieving both policy and political stability must be the essay for macbeth, priorities for end of history essay Mongolia, as this represents the best method to reverse the downward spiral into which the country has fallen. The measures that need to be implemented – for example putting an end to political infighting, resolving outstanding investment disputes, and guaranteeing fiscal prudence and stability – are well known and have been elaborated both domestically and abroad. Starters For Macbeth. At present, however, it is far from assured that the requisite factors for stability will be in place. Fortunately, there is ample time for Mongolia to turn things around between now and for publishing a research, when the coterie of international statesmen descends on Ulaanbaatar.

Were Mongolia to act as host following a successful election and during a renewed boom, the country would be seen as an example of a successful democracy and a dynamic economy, and this news would no doubt spread wide and far. The risk though is of a bitter election campaign in which populist promises endanger macroeconomic stability and scare off investors, with subsequent negative press engendering enduring negative consequences for the country’s reputation. Ultimately, Mongolia can only benefit from the attention of ASEM if that is avoided.

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Living at Home vs Living on Campus. Depending on where you live commuting to school may also be a issue if living at home. However living on starters for macbeth, campus you are guaranteed a close commute to school which also saves you time. Having to commute can be tiring and hard especially if you have an 8 am class. Living in residence allows you to simply walk to your classes and boo radley essays not have to worry much about for macbeth, schedule buses or parking. Living at home is a huge money saver. For many money is the history 1989 reason they can not attend college and for others money is the essay starters for macbeth reason students can not live in residence. Living on residence is up to essay favourite movie, ten thousand dollars more on top of your tuition fee. Living at home saves you that amount and can be put towards other things that maybe needed for college or university. Although living on campus allows you to have more independence and a easier commute to school, living at home saves students and parents the money which plays a big factor to essay starters for macbeth, this.

. Rules! After university students managed to essay for macbeth, enrol in what he or she considers being the essay on my favourite movie right course and proper educational institution of his or her choice, it is essay starters, time for essay them to be independent (Wyatt, 2008). They will have to come out with an important decision which undergoes a significant stage by choosing where to stay or live during their entire university life. They can either choose to stay in hostel or live at home. Starters For Macbeth! Hostel living is a place which provides university students a temporary space after they had left their comfort home. Home living provides them a caring and loving environment which they will never get from the societies. University students should be matured enough to blessing nature essay, measure the pros and cons of either staying in hostel or living at home. Most of them prefer to have their own path as they assume that they no longer under parents’ supervision. In order to be independent, to enjoy social life and to essay for macbeth, gain freedom, hostel living is better compared to home living for university students. A Research Paper! Hostel living enables university students to be independent compared to essay starters for macbeth, home living.

University students learn to handle his or her finances because one has to pay hostel mess bills. Diary! They have to consider the usage of electricity and water because they are sharing the bills with their housemates or roommates. When they exceed the limit of usage, they will probably be complained by starters their housemates or roommates. On the other hand, university students do not have to. Words: 1532 - Pages: 7. . 375.00 per month for 9 months. According to one of the students we interviewed living on campus was cheaper. Housing Option Price Per month (9 month contract) Traditional Double 536.00 Traditional Single 600.00 Traditional Double LA/DV 555.00 Traditional Single LA/DV 616.00 Apartments (RVA/SRC) 687.00 B. Benefits There are many different benefits to living on Campus some specific to UNM and others that can be found on most college campuses. According to the UNM housing website all their housing areas have or have access to: • Free laundry facilities • Basic Cable • 24 hour computer pod with printer • Utilities are included • Campus shuttles • 24 hour security • 24 hour help desk In addition to the specific benefits UNM offers there are also; • Close to classes • Everything is paid for with 1 easy payment at the beginning of the a research paper semesters • Social (dances, intramural sports, movies and essay celebrations) • It slowly introduces the student to life strategies • Facilities to about, return to in-between classes • Network of teachers, professors and support staff in starters for macbeth, walking distance. • Furniture is included C. Academic Impact There have been numerous studies of the impact living situations on grades. According to a study done by the University of California there wasn’t a significant impact on GPA, however, there was a significant impact on retention of the students.

The students who lived on campus as freshman were more likely to continue and essay on my movie graduate. . Words: 1336 - Pages: 6. . annulment from marriage or living together. Some societies are reluctant to essay, recognize living together arrangements for fear that it would undermine the law of marriage. But today living together is an arrangement between two people that if agreed it is history essay, a personal choice and a quite popular one. The research done today has shown that there is a significant difference in couples that live together without being married compared with couples that are married. Many of the essay for macbeth benefits of marriage do not occur for living together couples (Liven, n.d). Among the relationship of couples living together about 40 percent end within five years and 55 percent wind up getting married. A study revealed by Yale researchers, that the divorce rate of women who cohabit is for publishing a research, 80 percent higher than those that do not. For Macbeth! “More couples are living together vs. getting married because divorce rates are sky rocketing,” says Griffin (2010). The increase of divorce is boo radley diary, not premarital sex, but living together does have the potential to increase the essay for macbeth divorce rate. Researchers are still trying to come up with a solution to why this is so; living together and married couples live together now what is the difference between the two? Marriage is being in about resume, a bonded, dedicated, and committed relationship with another person, on the other hand living together don’t.

When living together you might have different goals, not ready or afraid to essay for macbeth, make a commitment or not fully dedicated to the. Words: 997 - Pages: 4. . Introduction Living in boo radley essays, a rural location is a quieter area to reside in with fewer options compared to a more congested urban area. When an individual is choosing a location to live in for macbeth, there are many factors to consider. Some of these factors include population, amenities, school, employment, and crime rates. Desirable locations vary based on an individual’s age, ethnicity, and blessing essay career path.

Choosing a place to live is something that should not be taken lightly. Buying a home will lock one into a mortgage and starters for macbeth make it more difficult to get out, unlike a lease, when one rents a home there is more flexibility. Shopping Opportunities Typically in an urban location one will have more opportunities to essay, shop and starters for macbeth find needed items at any given moment at a more affordable price. In a rural setting, however, there is a smaller population and less of a demand for goods and a person would have a difficult time buying items that they need as well as paying a considerably higher price for the items. Essay Movie! Supply and demand play a big role on starters for macbeth, the price and availability of goods and merchandise. In an urban area there are more stores that carry items so they have to boo radley diary essays, be competitive and offer sales and lower prices so consumers will buy their products. Starters! Transportation An individual also needs to consider the travel expense associated with living in essay on my favourite, a rural area, as. Words: 943 - Pages: 4. . an essay for macbeth average of eight jobs in their twenty’s, that’s a lot of resume, job changes.

With it getting so hard to find a job and the risk of losing your job always running, many young adults feel more economically secure living with parents. When the essay starters for macbeth economy took a turn for the worse, more than one out every four for the age of 18-26 moved back with relatives. Easy! In such a weak job market, many young adults do not seem to be on essay starters, track to gaining financial independence any time soon. Young adults are not used to living without mom and resume dad. Essay For Macbeth! There are many reasons why one would find it easier living with our parents, most of us find that living at home is about a boy, where we feel most safe and secure. Men, on the other hand, like living with relatives better because they have no responsibilities.

Mom will cook, clean, and maintain the house for you. Essay! At home you’re not going to have to essays, do chores, or probably not as many as you would have to do if you were living on your own. Although parents should help their children through this rough transition from essay starters adolescence to adulthood, they should not give them the responsibility free life. Yes, it might be best for some young adults to live at home with parents until they are ready, but they also need to start taking the initiative and find ways to achieve their goals on their own. Some parents need to redefine what it really means to “help” your children. If you are just helping to make yourself better, you’re probably not doing what is best for your child. Words: 659 - Pages: 3. Pro and Contrast Living in on Campus or Off Campus.

. people and establish more friendships than if you live off-campus. Living in a dorm means that there will always be someone around to about a boy resume, hang out with. You will also usually be aware of any campus activities and how to be involved in for macbeth, them. Besides, if you live on-campus, you don't have to worry about diary, monthly rent payments, utility bills, and grocery shopping while often, off-campus, housing is for macbeth, more expensive than on-campus housing. Utilities and cable can be an added monthly expense, and you may have to easy resume, pay for your own Internet access. However, at the same time, off- campus also have its own advantages which can more than likely have your own bedroom so you can have a place to sneak off and have time alone away from your roommates. Essay! The extra space also means that you can probably find a quiet place to study in the convenience of your own home instead if living on-campus, , it can be very hard to essay on my favourite, find privacy. You have to share bedrooms and bathrooms.

The close living quarters mean that you may never have quiet time in your dorm because there will always be something going on. Essay Starters! Next, if you live off-campus you will not have to follow as many rules if you live off-campus. Residence halls have several rules that students must abide by when living on-campus. Living off-campus will give you freedom from those rules and allow you to set your own while on-campus Living on campus, there are rules and regulations that I would need to abide by end of essay such as curfew and limitations on. Words: 611 - Pages: 3. Care Home South Rehabilitation and essay starters for macbeth Assisted Living. . Care Home South Rehabilitation and Assisted Living Daphanie Caldwell American InterContinental Abstract As people age, more are faced with the outlook of moving either ourselves or an older family member into an assisted living environment, nursing or convalescent home. It may be from a decision that happens suddenly following hospitalization, or progressively as needs of one become more difficult to meet, and boo radley may require other types of housing. When making a decision to move in to a new place it can be stressful and essay have effects on everyone involved. People have different views when it comes to these various environments this can be due to misconceptions about these facilities. To make a decision that’s right for you and easy your loved ones, it’s important to learn all you can about the different facilities.

Care Home South Rehabilitation and Assisted living offers the best to all involved. The care of the resident’s, clients and the staff that the company has to offer is unbeatable by essay starters any other company. The residents who stay in the assisted living quarters get the best living around. The clients that we serve in the rehabilitation get the best care and service around. Paper! The holistic approach of being able to touch everyone needs in all aspects is part of unique culture and care at essay starters Care Home South Rehabilitation and Assisted living.

Care Home South Rehabilitation and Assisted living Care Home South Rehabilitation and Assisted living helps. Words: 1177 - Pages: 5. . blackmail where possible. These characters are divided into two main groups within which their relevance is cultivated on. The first and a research foremost group involves the Manipulated Living, which comprises of people that Donnie connects with in tangent universe. The second group involves the essay Manipulated Dead, whose relevance is to ensure that they direct Donnie correctly as they have an idea on what his purpose in tangent universe is and what stakes are involved. Essay! The Manipulated Dead do not exist in essay starters, this form but are rather, a result of dying in the tangent universe.

For example, Frank is one major entity who dies in tangent universe and history essay therefore, becomes a Manipulated Dead. Essay Starters! His death is purposeful as he develops the ability to travel through time with an understanding of boo radley essays, what is required to happen or what will happen if executions of tasks laid upon Donnie are not undertaken. Donnie is the Living Receiver, whose presence in the tangent universe is in for macbeth, the form of the tangent universe copy and not the original primary universe entity. Blessing Nature Essay! Through the Philosophy of Time Travel, an for macbeth entity has two copies existing in both the tangent universe and primary universe at maker the same time. However, each copy has to remain in its respective universe before is creates a portal for disruption on the other side.

The relevance of the Manipulated Living, Frank, is to essay starters for macbeth, firstly travel through time then die before he could rescue Donnie. In his state, he rescues Donnie and on my favourite movie helps him. Words: 1815 - Pages: 8. . City vs. Country Living Tired of waking up to gunshots or sirens at 3 A.M? Does the essay starters thought of nature essay, crickets being the essay starters loudest noise around sound appealing? Big city living and country living both offer a place to lay down roots and make a house a home.

It has always been a controversial decision when determining whether country living or city living is rules for publishing paper, best, it is essay, all based on what people’s perception of living is. But, both would require a particular type of person due to the dramatic differences each has. The difference between the city and country are; surroundings, entertainment, transportation, employment, and essays education. The city offers a variety of buildings of all different shapes, and sizes. The bright lights at night can be real pleasing to the eyes such as the Space Needle in for macbeth, Seattle, Washington or the Empire State Building in New York City, New York. People travel from easy resume maker all over essay for macbeth, the world to see these kinds of structures. Which leads us to the wonderful 5 mile an hour bumper-to-bumper traffic, and beautiful brownish/yellow tinted skies. There are houses as far as the diary eyes can see; they are so close that best friends can basically jump from rooftop to rooftop.

Where as in the country, there might not be another house or car for miles. Trees or large open fields usually surround the houses; this may be the main reason for starters the fresh, crisp clean air. People can lie out at night and count the boo radley diary essays stars, since there are no distractions from buildings or bright lights. Words: 949 - Pages: 4. . simply sharing a towel with someone who has the infection. This fungal infection can spread to other parts of the starters body from contact with towels or your own hands. Other common areas that Athlete’s Foot is found is under nails due to scratching, hands, and sometimes is mistaken for jock itch. When nails get infected they usually become discolored or begin to a boy resume, crack. Starters For Macbeth! Athlete’s foot does respond well to at home care and over the counter medications usually work. Anti-fungal ointments and creams, or even powders are sold at almost all drug stores or supermarkets and will help out.

These products usually will eventually get rid of the fungal infection but more than likely it will occur again. A way to prevent it from coming back is to use the cream, or whatever over paper, the counter medicine being used, well after it’s gone. This just helps any reminisces of the fungus to be disinfected, almost how antibiotics are supposed to be taken to finish an entire prescription, even if symptoms are gone. If signs of infection keep coming about then your doctor should be notified. Most of the time Athlete’s foot can be diagnosed just by looking at the skin. Starters! Obviously a doctor can tell better than an ordinary person but it’s usually pretty clear what it is. Boo Radley Essays! If it becomes uncertain what is causing the for macbeth infection or the doctor wants to make sure his/her diagnosis is essay favourite movie, correct, a skin culture can be performed. This is just a laboratory test that looks for and finds germs that are causing. Words: 988 - Pages: 4. Living at Home vs Living on Your Own.

. Living at Home Vs Living on Your Own Many students are faced with tough choices to make at a very young age. Even before you graduate you have to essay for macbeth, pick everything from what you're going to wear today to what school you are going to spend the next four or more years at. Many young adults choose to attend college near their home and have to blessing nature, decide whether you are going to live at your parents or move into an apartment or dorm. Several pro's and con's partake in coming to a decision on where you will lay your head every night. Living at home is the more practical of the two solutions; you don't have to pay rent, home cooked meals and less responsibility are the great perks. However, living on your own leads to freedom from parental control, lack of privacy, and an opportunity to mature. First of essay starters for macbeth, all, choosing to essay on my movie, stay at your parent’s house while in school can save you a lot of money in the long run.

When you are living in an apartment; rent, water, electricity, cable and internet bills can stack up quickly and put a ton of financial strain on you. In most cases, having the luxury of essay starters for macbeth, staying to live at home, those bills are nonexistent or very limited. Without the mountain of bills, which weigh you down, you will have more money to spend on the things you want to do. In contrast, if you were to take on the financial responsibility of boo radley diary essays, living on essay starters for macbeth, your own, you will create the opportunity to have more freedom. Being in your parents may save you money; however, living on a research paper, your. Words: 722 - Pages: 3. Living at Home vs Living on Campus. . When choosing to attend college or university every student has the essay starters option of whether living at home or living on campus. Each decision comes with benefits worthy of consideration. Easy Resume Maker! The choice to live at home or on campus is not a easy one, and depending on which one you chose it can make a huge impact on essay starters for macbeth, your college or university experience.

I believe that the although living on residence gives you more independence and a easier commute to school the cost of it is what out weights both of those options. Living on your own comes with responsibility and lots of independence. When living on campus you are required to clean and cook for yourself where if living at home theirs always someone to help you clean or cook or perhaps do it all for you. Rules A Research! However with independence comes freedom, many chose to live on residence to receive the experience that comes with it which includes meeting new people and many parties. Depending on starters, where you live commuting to school may also be a issue if living at home. However living on easy resume, campus you are guaranteed a close commute to school which also saves you time. Having to commute can be tiring and for macbeth hard especially if you have an 8 am class.

Living in residence allows you to simply walk to boo radley, your classes and not have to worry much about schedule buses or parking. Living at home is a huge money saver. For many money is the reason they can not attend college and for others money is the reason students can not live in. Words: 365 - Pages: 2. . For Macbeth! police cars, and ambulances, as they rush by, are also far and few in between. Less traffic means there is also less pollution in the country. Favourite! SUPPORTING EVIDENCE: Houses are surrounded by nature which has a calming effect on a person’s body and mind.

Exotic plants, butterflies, birds, and rabbits can be seen outside the window and in the yard. Wildlife, such as deer and coyotes, tend to roam freely in the country. If people choose to, they can fish and camp out right in their own backyard. PRO REASON 2: For those who enjoy solitude, there is lots of space and privacy in the country. SUPPORTING EVIDENCE: If people want to build a large home and include a barn or workshop, they have plenty of essay for macbeth, room to construct such buildings because land is diary essays, more spacious in essay for macbeth, the country. If they want to grow their own vegetables or own horses or cows, they have the space to on my movie, do so. There is lots of room for the kids to run and play when they live in the country. SUPPORTING EVIDENCE: People who like their privacy, and starters personal space, can work in their yard or sit on their porch and not have to essays, be bothered with seeing and speaking to other people. Houses in the country are far apart so the essay starters for macbeth neighbors are not living above each other, or under each other, or right next door to each other. STATING THE OPPOSING POSITION (My rebuttal..state what I believe but do not use I): Some people feel that being close to the hospital, stores, restaurants and public transportation, makes living in the.

Words: 971 - Pages: 4. . ‘The Brickfield Law School wishes to thank you for your application and is delighted to make you an unconditional offer of a place on Degree in Law course’ – this offer letter alone is enough to make you on cloud nine. University is on my favourite movie, a very special phase of life where one gets the incredible opportunity of growing up. Essay Starters! Entering university is blessing nature essay, everyone’s childhood dream where one is tantalized by the fairy tale of university life that seems to promise lively and enjoyable experiences. Having yourself to study in the tertiary education level is to be living away from homes. One will have to face with the for macbeth hardest decision of having to choose whether to movie, live on-campus or off-campus. Home and dorm kind of life has a very significant distinction. The views on this issue varies and differs accordingly on essay starters for macbeth, whether living on-campus or off-campus is more advantageous to a student. Eventually, one will have to choose living in dormitories or living in apartments following to their preferences. Both places have their own benefits. There are many reasons to be considered on about resume, for university students to either be living on-campus or off-campus and starters for macbeth among them are financial significant, conveniency and nature essay privacy.

First and foremost, the aspect that can be looked into is the essay for macbeth financial significant. Glancing at it on the first sight, living off-campus may seems like a good idea and less expensive but to further look into boo radley, details, it actually can costs you even more. Essay! One has to pay for the. Words: 624 - Pages: 3. . * Handled credit card disputes. * Handled Better Business Bureau and Attorney General complaints. Nature! * Processed orders. Customer Service Representative Culver City, CA * Managed government wireless accounts. * Advised customers to essay, purchase additional products for their wireless devices. Essay! * Answered 150 incoming calls daily. Customer Service/Sales Representative Telezone (9/07-3/09) Los Angeles, CA * Answered 40-50 inbound calls daily * Assisted customers with product and pricing inquiries. * Assisted customers with billing and for macbeth shipping questions. * De-escalated calls. * Sold company products. * Up-sold products to customers. * Assisted managers with daily goals. * Trained new hires.

Freight Team Associate The Home Depot (9/06-7/07) Inglewood, CA * Loaded/unloaded merchandise on trucks. * Broke down pallets of merchandise. * Verified incoming merchandise inventory. * Stocked inventory in appropriate areas. * Stocked pallets in overhead utilizing a forklift. * Organized merchandise. * Stocked merchandise in appropriate flooring departments. * Educated customers on how to use products. Education A.A Business Administration (Expected 06/16) West Los Angeles College Culver City, CA Skills Proficient in Microsoft Word (30wpm), Excel, Power Point, and CPR/First Aid certified.

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33 Writing Contests for Teens (Publication #038; Cash) In a world where J.K. Starters? Rowling#8217;s manuscript of history essay 1989, #8220;Harry Potter#8221; was rejected 12 times and Kathryn Stockett#8217;s manuscript of #8220;The Help#8221; was rejected 60 times, it can be easy to become despondent about publishing your fiction, even more so for teenage writers aching to voice their thoughts to the world. However, there#8217;s an abundance of writing competitions year round for teens and writing contests for high school students #8212; you just need to know where to essay starters, look. Here, I compiled a list of 33 writing contests for teens. Genres include: fiction, poetry, nonfiction, screenplays, and plays. Some of these contests may sound like the competition is too stiff, especially if the organization receives thousands of submissions every year. Paper? But speaking from personal experience, you never know unless you try. Essay For Macbeth? Rejections will pile up for young authors, but so will acceptances accompanied by whoops and fist pumps. Additionally, the experiences offered by certain teen contests such as working with professionals, revisiting your work, and maker, perhaps even seeing it come to life either in a publication or on stage is indescribably rewarding and gratifying. So, young writers, submit on!

The theme is #8220;Making Meaning out of Ocean Pollution,#8221; and it challenges you to essay starters, research, explore, interpret, and say something meaningful about the connections between human activities and blessing essay, the health of for macbeth, our oceans. Prizes range from $100-$1,500. Grades: Middle school High school. This is an anthology to look back on the past and view your younger work with pride. The author of the poem must have been age 15 or younger when the poem was written, and 18 or younger when submitted.

Ages: 18 or younger. Number of submissions: #8220;Thousands#8221; are submitted, 50 are chosen. If you have a novel over 20,000 words, submit it to paper, this contest where a community of readers will read your story. The more they love it, the better chance you have of winning a publishing deal. Think of it as American Idol for essay starters your novel . Plus, all published authors with Inkitt receive these great perks: $6,000+ invested into your book launch 25% royalties on every copy sold Cover design and professional editing Publicity on Amazon (over 90% of their books become bestsellers right after launching) This is a fantastic contest that can get you a ton of exposure and even result in resume a book deal. Read the reviews on their website and submit today. It#8217;s free and easy to upload your manuscript and have readers start reading your work immediately. Any and all types of writing are welcome. Long short stories, short short stories, prose poetry, traditional poetry, blackout poetry, creative accounts of your life and experiences, essays about yourself, essays about what you love, plays, scripts, letters, lists, rants, lyrics, journal writing. The Princeton University Poetry Contest recognizes outstanding work by student writers in the 11th grade.

Prizes: First Prize – $500, Second Prize – $250, Third Prize – $100. Students in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades enter in one of the following categories: poetry (a group of three poems), fiction (a short story or one-act play), or nonfiction (a personal or academic essay). First-place winners in each category are awarded a prize of $500; second-place winners receive $250. Essay For Macbeth? If you need help turning that book idea into a real manuscript, there is no better book than #8220;Go Teen Writers.#8221; From secret revision techniques to character advice, this helpful book will help get you to the next level of writing. Teen literary magazine published quarterly.

Seeking writers ages 13-18 to submit fiction, novel excerpts, poetry, plays, nonfiction, new media, and cross-genre. Submit your best one-act play (one per easy resume, playwright!) to the New Voices competition and you can potentially win cash, software from fabulous sponsors Final Draft and Great Dialogue, and even publication! Ages: 19 or younger. Eligibility for this annual playwriting contest is limited to students in the eleventh grade. Prizes: First Prize – $500, Second Prize – $250, Third Prize – $100.

The jury consists of members of the Princeton University Program in Theater faculty. Through Lewis University, Jet Fuel Review is run entirely by students under the supervision of faculty advisers Dr. Simone Muench and Dr. Starters For Macbeth? Jackie White. Jet Fuel Review is looking for quality in writing, whether it be in poetry, prose, non-fiction, or artwork. About? Submission periods: August to October; January to March. Since 1923, the essay starters for macbeth Scholastic Art Writing Awards have recognized the rules for publishing vision, ingenuity, and talent of our nation’s youth. Through the Awards, students receive opportunities for recognition, exhibition, publication, and scholarships.

Students across America submitted nearly 320,000 original works during our 2016 program year across 29 different categories of art and writing. Submissions period: September to December. In this handbook for young writers, #8220;Spilling Ink,#8221; professional authors give advice to teens who want to become authors. Essay? By mixing personal anecdotes with practical advice, this book offers everything a young author will need to create incredible stories. One Teen Story is an award-winning literary magazine for readers and writers of young adult literature. Subscribers receive one curated and edited work of maker, short fiction each month in essay starters the mail or on their digital devices. Blessing? Submission period: September to May. 13.

The Claremont Review. The editors of the Claremont Review publish the best poetry, short stories, short plays, visual art, and photography by essay starters for macbeth young adults. Essay? We publish work in many styles that range from traditional to modern. We prefer pieces that explore real characters and reveal authentic emotion. Submission period: September to April. Sponsored by Hollins University, the Nancy Thorp Poetry Contest is in for macbeth its fifty-second year. The contest awards prizes for the best poems submitted by young women who are sophomores or juniors in high school or preparatory school. Prizes up to $5,000 are awarded to winners.

Winners are chosen by students and faculty members in the creative writing program at Hollins. Each year, young writers with and without disabilities, in U.S. grades 6-12 (or equivalents) or ages 11-18 for non-U.S. students, are asked to explore the disability experience through the art of script writing for stage or screen. Writers may craft scripts from their own experiences and observations, create fictional characters and settings, or choose to write metaphorically or abstractly about the disability experience. Winners in these divisions will receive $500 for arts programs at their schools. About A Boy? Grades: 6-12 OR Ages: 11-18. Essay Starters? The National YoungArts Foundation identifies and nurtures the most accomplished young artists in the visual, literary, design and performing arts and assists them at critical junctures in their educational and on my, professional development. Additionally, YoungArts Winners are eligible for nomination as a U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts, one of the nation’s highest honors for essay starters high school students who exemplify academic and artistic excellence.

Ages: 15-18 OR Grades: 10-12. The Critical Pass Review is now accepting submissions online for blessing nature its Critical Junior Poet#8217;s Award Contest, an editor#8217;s choice award for exceptional promise in the art of poetry. Applicants between the ages of for macbeth, 13 and 18 can enter for history essay free. The winner will receive a $100 cash prize, a $20 iTunes card, a CD of master poets reading their poetry, publication of his/her winning work in The Critical Pass Review #8216;s Summer 2016 issue, and more. Submissions period: November to March. #8220;Leap Write In!#8221; is from acclaimed author Karen Benke, who does a fantastic job helping teen writers to generate ideas for their next story. Essay? This book has an amazing spread of diary essays, writing prompts, all designed to get your heart on the page and the reader#8217;s heart in their throat. Starters For Macbeth? The Patricia Grodd Poetry Prize for Young Writers recognizes outstanding young poets and is open to high school sophomores and juniors throughout the world.

The contest winner receives a full scholarship to the Kenyon Review Young Writers workshop. The Glazner Creative Writing Contest is an opportunity for high school juniors and seniors to compete for a chance at publication in Santa Fe University of Art and Design’s online journal, Jackalope Magazine . To enter, students must submit up to 10 pages of work in any genre to our contest email address ( #117;de.#121; 1507225691 #116;#105;#115;#114;#101; 1507225691 v#105;nu#101; 1507225691 #102;#97;tn#97; 1507225691 #115;#64;tse 1507225691 #116;#110;o#99; 1507225691 ). Deadline: November to December. The Young Authors Writing Competition is a national competition for high school writers of fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry. It began as a local contest in 1995, and since then has expanded into a national competition that has received tens of thousands of essay on my movie, submissions from students across the country. 1st Place: $300, 2nd Place: $150, and 3rd Place: $50. Essay? Submission period: November to favourite, January. The OddContest is an annual competition for essay starters speculative (science fiction, fantasy, or horror) stories or prose poems no longer than 500 words. Prizes: $50 to first place; Odyssey Con membership and free books to top 3. Ages: 18 or younger. Selected writers will be invited to New York, expenses paid, for our Young Playwrights Conference to easy maker, work with some of this country’s most exciting professional theater artists, and to hear their plays read in our Off-Broadway Readings Series. Accepting Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Poetry, and essay starters, Essays.

Winners and Finalists will be recognized at the 7th Annual University of Idaho Hemingway Festival, and end of history essay 1989, cash prizes will be awarded in essay starters for macbeth each category. Winners will also be considered for publication in an online University of Idaho publication. There will be one winner and one Finalist in each category with one Overall Grand Prize Winner. Cash prizes up to end of, $500. Interlochen Arts Academy is a high school boarding school and summer camp. It online literary journal accepts submissions from high school students in five categories: Fiction, Non-fiction, Poetry, Screen/Stageplay and Hybrid form. Up to 6 pieces total. Submissions Period: February to March. Aerie International was born of a desire to essay for macbeth, offer outstanding young writers and artists an opportunity to share, edit, and publish their work internationally. What makes this journal unique is that it is essay, designed, edited and published entirely by high school students. Essay Starters For Macbeth? Students whose work is selected received $100 in addition to paper, a copy of the magazine.

Focusing on essay, themes central both to the Holocaust and to ethical decision making in our world today, the contest gives students from public, private and parochial schools the about a boy resume opportunity to essay starters for macbeth, share their creative works in response to survivors’ oral testimonies. Rules Paper? Participating schools may submit a total of three entries from three individual students in the following categories: art, film, prose, and/or poetry. #8220;Writing Magic#8221; is for essay starters every young author who wants to create a world that magically transports the rules a research reader. Essay For Macbeth? She focuses on the core advice every writer needs: how to write beginnings and essay on my favourite, endings, how to starters for macbeth, create unforgettable characters, and how to write snappy dialogue that keeps readers laughing and essays, crying. The festival includes plays written in essay for macbeth workshops at Writopia’s labs across the country and plays submitted to our competition from playwrights around the world from playwrights in essay on my movie 1st through 12th grade (ages 6 to 18). Plays are professionally produced in New York.

Grades: 1-12 OR Ages: 6-18. Since 1993, 12 plays are chosen by a panel of for macbeth, theatre professionals from submissions across America. Winning playwrights are provided careful mentoring and easy maker, direction from industry professionals to essay, help prepare their work for public performance and hone their skills, talent and confidence. Nowhere else in the nation can young playwrights receive the prize of seeing their vision come to life on stage in a professional production featuring known actors from film, television and theatre. The plays are crafted by seasoned professional directors and each is given several public performances in a month-long Festival.

Each year the diary essays Austin International Poetry Festival (AIPF) recognizes youth poets by publishing their work together in a truly diverse anthology. We welcome international poets from kindergarten through high school grade level or age to submit up to essay for macbeth, three poems. Winter Tangerine is a literary journal dedicated to the electric. History 1989? To the salt. The sugar.

We want bitter honey, expired swee ts. We want catalysts. For Macbeth? Accepting submissions of poetry, prose, drama, visual art, and about, short film. Submission period: April to October. The Adroit Journal, published at the University of essay starters for macbeth, Pennsylvania is open to all writers. The Adroit Prizes for boo radley diary Poetry and Prose are awarded annually to two students of secondary or undergraduate status whose written work #8220;inspires the masses to starters, believe beyond feeling the work.#8221; In other words, we strive to receive the absolute best work from about a boy, emerging young writers in high school and college, and the best of the best will receive these two lovely awards. Submission Period: To be announced. Hanging Loose Magazine is a professional magazine that welcomes high school submissions. Payment plus 2 copies. Send 3 to 6 poems, or 1 to essay starters for macbeth, 3 short stories, or an equivalent combination of poetry and nature essay, prose to High School Editor, Hanging Loose, 231 Wyckoff Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217. Identify yourself as a high school age writer.

An online publishing opportunity for young writers. The New Pages Young Author’s Guide. A resource for young authors to find places to submit their work! Hi there#8230;#8230; Are these competition opportunities open to people outside of the USA? We are in South Africa and would love to submit #128578; Thanks very much. Essay? I think many are, though you#8217;ll have to check with each one. Hey, I#8217;m also from SA! Would you like to chat on Whatsapp? Some say that deadlines are from September to for publishing a research paper, May. Is this May 2017, or 2016?

May 2017, because the starters for macbeth post was written only a few months ago. Cheers! There isn#8217;t much for some one who#8217;s 20. Rules For Publishing A Research Paper? Are there any, I#8217;m from India. People who are in their 20s can apply to all the adult contests (meaning the majority of writing contests out essay starters, there!) Thank you so much for resume this list! I#8217;ve been looking for a list like this for a while. Essay? Thanks! Could you please add our contest to this list as well? The name of our contest is Lifesaver Essays Essay Writing Contest and nature, the details can be found on our official webpage I am an 11 year old living in essay starters for macbeth New Zealand, I mostly do creative writing. Are any of essay on my, these contests for me?

Yes, most of them allow for essay starters international submissions. Hello Alex yes some of these essay contests can be for you it depends. I am a student myself in high school and live in easy maker San Diego California. The ocean essay could be for you since you are 11 years old. Hope this helped. For Macbeth? Where do I turn in the essay. Where do we turn in the story ? If you want to submit to each contest, I would suggest visiting their website and following the guidelines. I am odudu uduak from Nigeria and l am 11. I love writing and blessing nature essay, l want to know contest will permits international submission.

Many of these contests request #8220;previously unpublished work#8221; only. From your personal experience, what exactly does this mean? For example, would winning a regional-only award from Scholastic Art-and-Writing render the piece #8220;published,#8221; although (I believe) Scholastic works are not available for public reading/viewing until the national level? Or would you be allowed to still submit the for macbeth award-winning work to a contest requesting #8220;previously unpublished#8221; content? Thanks in advance! #128578; If the award didn#8217;t come with publication, then it#8217;s not published. It#8217;s only published if it#8217;s online or available to the public. About Resume? Hope that helps! Submit away! Do you have any contest that has a deadline after march? Contests usually take breaks over essay for macbeth, the summer (holding to a school schedule), but check the deadlines above to make sure. I was wondering if these contests are for the year 2017?

The deadlines only essay on my movie mention the starters for macbeth months, not very helpful. It was written in 2016. Listing only the months keeps it perennially fresh, because the contests are often in the same months for about a boy resume each year. DO you have any for 7th graders? I am writing a short fiction story that I would love to enter.

Most of the middle school ones are for starters for macbeth playwrights and poetry. Thank you very much. 1989? No, these are the only ones I have, sorry. do u have anything for 6th graders. hi we are running a short story writing contest for starters for macbeth young writers. We thought you may be able to help the young writers by spreading the word! here is the link! I#8217;m an editor at end of Teen Ink Magazine. We are a national magazine that has been publishing teens for over 25 years. In fact, we publish about 150 teens in each monthly issue.

We also run writing contests throughout the year. For more information, please go to: I am intetrested in short poem writing. Sometimes writing on social issues. Essay For Macbeth? Could you help me understand a little more how to go about getting my work known.

Make it the about resume best you can make it, get friends to read it and give you feedback, and then submit to these contests. Thanks so much for the list! It was super helpful!

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Defining The Bibliography Reference Types For An Output Style. The Bibliography area of the output style editor is where you determine exactly which fields are included for a specific reference type (i.e., book, journal, web page) and you determine the essay placement of the fields, the punctuation, any formatting and indicate under what conditions the field should print (always, only for source types that are electronic, or always for source types that are print). You can also include comments about each field in each reference type to serve as a reference or reminder of rules paper details for that output style. Use any examples in the Instructions to essay starters, Authors or Style Guide when creating your style. Important Note: every output style MUST have at least a generic reference type defined in the bibliography area. The generic reference type is used as a default and will be used by any reference in your database that does not find its appropriate reference type.

If possible, we recommend defining each reference type that you store in your database. To create a bibliography definition: Verify that the boo radley diary essays Bibliography tab is displayed in the main area of the output style editor. By default, your bibliography formatting will be created for essay, references that are in a single language. You have the option to add additional language formats if your bibliography will have references in more than one language).

To create a bibliography that supports multiple languages, click here to learn about adding alternate languages. Under Reference Type , select Generic . Different reference types often require different types of formats so you must evaluate each one and make changes as necessary. For example, a Journal may require the Periodical Name be italicized and resume maker, a Book reference may require the Title be underlined. Essay For Macbeth! Once you define the Generic reference type, you can copy the formatting from the Generic type to the other types. From there you only need to make modifications as necessary. • In the Reference Type list, select the essay favourite movie reference type you want to create. Notice that the Output Field Order box is now empty. • Verify that Generic appears in the Copy Fields from starters for macbeth, list. Use this feature as a quick way to define various reference types.

Copy from the blessing nature reference type that most closely matches the essay type you are defining. For example, if you have already defined Book, Whole and you want to define Book, Section you can copy from Book, Whole then make any needed modifications. Tip: If you are creating the output style for a publication in the Humanities, we suggest making the Generic format similar to a Book example. If you are creating an output style for the Sciences, we suggest making the Generic format similar to a Journal example. The Fields for this type box shows all the fields available for the Reference Type, Generic . (The fields change depending on the type of reference you have chosen.) Select the Authors, Primary field and click the rules for publishing a research right arrow icon to move it to the Output Field Order box. Continue selecting each field that you need, in the order you want it to appear.

Under Preview of Bibliography Output , click the Update button to see the fields you have added. Essay For Macbeth! You need to click the Preview button every time you make a change to the particular reference type in order to see the updated information. Under Output Field Order , select a field and look at the Field Settings displayed to the right of the essay window. Click through the various fields and notice how the Field Settings change to guide you through the starters format defining process. The first group of settings determines the formatting of the field itself as opposed to the format of the elements within the field. You also designate in the Field Settings when that particular field should print -- always, when the source type in rules for publishing the reference is set to print or when the starters source type is set to history 1989, electronic. In some cases, such as Volume , there is very little to starters for macbeth, establish.

In others, such as Author , there are many specific characteristics that need to be defined. Note: Under Field Settings, if you want to precede or follow particular fields with a tab or carriage return (i.e., a new line), enter the favourite movie appropriate t (tab) or n (carriage return) character. Tip : Detailed information about Field Settings typically used for defining a periodical are listed below. This will help you become familiar with the essay starters for macbeth different types of options available for the various fields. Tip : A word about punctuation used throughout a reference type – punctuation is normally included with the field it is used with, however, in some instances you will need to include the punctuation with the a research paper field that precedes or follows. RefWorks will automatically omit a defined field if there is no information for essay starters, the field in a particular record. If you have defined the field setting to include the punctuation, that punctuation will still appear, even though there is no information for it.

So, when you generate your bibliography, you will see stray punctuation marks. You may need to modify your format to include punctuation for a particular field with the field that follows it (The page number field is movie a good example. It generally appears at starters for macbeth the end of resume a format and if your record does not have this information to display, your format may end with stray punctuation, so include the punctuation for the field before page number in the “precede with” area of the page field setting.). You can always manually edit your bibliography using your word processor, but this may be time consuming. We do recommend you thoroughly check your final bibliography, as the information you have imported into RefWorks may be inaccurate or incorrect, but you should also check for odd punctuation as well. Author Fields (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Compiler and Translator) Enter any information you would like to starters for macbeth, include about this field. This field is information only and does not affect the formatting or output.

Select any font attributes required, indicate under what conditions the field should print and nature, enter any preceding or following text/punctuation. The number of author names to be included in for macbeth the bibliography. You can include all of the names or some portion of them. About! Selecting Include All overrides the for macbeth other settings. Blessing! Enter 2 in the If more, show first box and essay starters, select Italic. Click Update and see the for publishing display change to two authors and essay starters, display the rules et al in italics. By default, RefWorks inserts the word Anonymous in place of essay author names if the author field in a reference is left blank. If you want to insert another word, such as Unknown, delete Anonymous and type Unknown. If you want the field left blank, delete Anonymous and easy, don't replace it with anything. If you want to replace the author with the title, click the Use Title box.

Varies depending upon where the separator is located (i.e., between first and second author or between the second and third author, etc.). In our example under If only 2 use , press the essay for macbeth spacebar type and (without the quote marks) then press the essay favourite spacebar again. It will display as ( and ). You need to starters, include a space on for publishing a research paper each side of the and or the starters for macbeth result will be John JonesandBob Smith. Leave the comma in the If more than 2 use box and in the Before Last box. Notice that there are spaces after the comma and favourite movie, before and after the and. These settings may be different than the settings for subsequent authors. Starters! Under Name select the correct order of the names for the output style. For example, if the style requires names to on my favourite, be last name first followed by a comma and space, then the first name and middle name, select Last, First Middle. The Initial box determines the format of the starters name. For example, if the first name should be a full name and essay movie, middle name an for macbeth initial only, you should select First M . Under Case Setting , select any casing requirements (Last name in uppercase or Entire name in uppercase). These options determine the setting for all names after the first author.

In many formats, the first author is Last, Middle First but all other authors are First Middle Last. The Precede With and Follow With fields determine what comes before and after the author in a boy resume a reference that contains only one author. If, as in essay starters our case, author is the first field in easy maker the reference, you do not want a preceding character so leave this box blank. Starters! If you want to follow the author with a period, leave the period in the Follow With box. Keep in diary essays mind that all fields in starters the Field Settings area have a Precede With and Follow With option.

If you have Follow With characters of a period and a space and a Precede With in the very next field of a space what will actually show between the two fields will be a period and two spaces. The Precede With and Follow With fields determine what comes before and after the author field in a reference that contains multiple authors. Title Fields (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary) Enter any information you would like to include about a research this field. This field is information only and does not affect the formatting or output.

Select any font attributes required, indicate under what conditions the field should print and essay, enter any preceding or following text/punctuation. To leave the title as it is in your database, under Case Setting , select None. To change it to Uppercase, Lowercase, Title Case or Sentence Case, select the appropriate option from the Case Setting box. Uppercase capitalizes the entire title (e.g., THIS IS THE ENTIRE TITLE), and Lowercase format all of the on my favourite characters as lowercase, even the first word in the title (e.g., this is the entire title). Title case capitalizes the first letter of the essay starters first word and all significant words in the title (e.g., This is the Entire Title). Words not capitalized in Title case include certain articles, prepositions and conjunctions such as a, an, and the. Sentence case capitalizes the first word of the title only (e.g., This is the entire title). Note: If you have proper nouns or specific words that MUST be capitalized or italicized in rules for publishing paper your bibliography, we recommend leaving the case setting option as None . Essay Starters For Macbeth! When None is boo radley essays selected, RefWorks will print the title EXACTLY as it is entered in your database including casing and starters, font attributes (bold, italic, underline, etc.). Enter any information you would like to include about this field. This field is information only and does not affect the formatting or output.

Select any font attributes required, indicate under what conditions the rules a research field should print and enter any preceding or following text/punctuation. To leave the title as it is in your database, under Case Setting, select None. To change it to Uppercase, Lowercase, Title Case or Sentence Case, select the appropriate option from the Case Setting box. Periodical Name Format: Some Periodicals have both a full name and an abbreviated name. For example, Journal of Biology may be abbreviated J.Biol. There are several options for essay starters, the periodical name format. To choose to easy maker, have a preference in using the essay for macbeth full name or abbreviated name, select Full if present, otherwise abbreviated or Abbreviated if present, otherwise full. Or, you may specify using only one, full or abbreviated, by selecting Full Only or Abbreviated Only. If you use the abbreviation and want a particular mark to follow it add the mark to the Follow abbreviations with box. Follow abbreviation with:

Any entry in this field would be in addition to what you defined in history essay 1989 the Field Settings area. Volume, Issue, Pub Year, and essay starters, Pages Fields. Enter any information you would like to include about this field. This field is information only and does not affect the formatting or output. Options for these fields are very similar.

Because they are numeric fields, you may choose to add a numeric suffix to the field. RefWorks adds the a boy resume appropriate suffix for the number. Select any font attributes required, indicate under what conditions the field should print and enter any preceding or following text/punctuation. Determine any text formatting and if any information needs to precede or follow the field (for example, if it should appear as Vol. 10, you need to include the for macbeth Vol. in the precedes area). Make sure you include any blank spacing or punctuation that should appear before the next field. Determine any text formatting and boo radley, if any information needs to precede or follow the field (for example, if the issue should appear as (1), you need to include a left parentheses ( in the Precedes With area and a right parentheses ) in the Follow With area. Make sure you include any blank spacing or punctuation that should appear before the next field. Determine any text formatting and if any information needs to essay, precede or follow the field. Make sure you include any blank spacing or punctuation that should appear before the blessing nature essay next field. Enter any preceding characters (fore example “p.” might be used -- make sure include a blank space after the essay starters p. if needed) . Select the Page Range Setting (If you wanted the output to show 149-159, select Full End Page, for the output to be 149-59, select Abbreviated End Page and for 149, you would select Start Page Only.) The program assumes you want to on my movie, separate pages with a dash.

Adding this field to starters, an output style allows you to type in your own text and nature, format it as bold, underline, italics, superscript or subscript. Simply type the text in the Text to insert box and click the box next to the appropriate format. One common use for this is in the Book, Section reference type. A book section frequently requires you to starters for macbeth, include information on the book itself as well as the section information. History Essay 1989! You may need to create a format like: Book Section Title. In Book Title. In this case, you would type In in the Text to essay starters for macbeth, insert box and select Italic as the a research paper formatting option. All other fields with the exception of Descriptors have just the essay starters basic Field Settings.

The Descriptors field also has an option for the separator between the words. Some of these fields may be useful for various reasons. For example, if you are printing a bibliography from a reference list for a particular class you may want to essay on my, include the starters for macbeth notes field for reference. If you do not define a reference type, Report for resume maker, example, and you import a reference that is a Report, RefWorks automatically uses the definition you created for essay starters, the Generic type. In general the boo radley diary essays Generic type is the same as the Journal reference type in the already defined formats. Essay! You can easily change this using the Copy feature discussed above.

If you selected Book for essay on my, example, the Generic Reference is starters for macbeth now patterned after the Book Reference Type. In the Bibliography Settings area you specify the overall layout of the bibliography. Verify that you are in the Bibliography area (the bibliography tab should be grey and prominent). Click Bibliography Settings to nature essay, expand and for macbeth, display the settings options. Select the appropriate sort order for the bibliography. In Order They Are Cited. References are listed in the order they are cited in the paper. All Authors, Year Title. References are sorted by the entire Author field first, then by year.

References with the exact same authors and year are then sorted by title. All Authors Title. References are first sorted by the entire Author field. References with the essays same authors are then sorted by title. First Author, Year Other Authors. References are sorted by the first author only, then, for references with the same first author, by essay starters for macbeth, year. References with the same first author and year are then sorted based upon all other authors. First Author, Number of on my movie Authors Year. References are sorted by the first author only and then by the number of authors in starters the reference.

For example, if the first author is the same, references with three authors sort before references with four. References with the same first author and the same number of authors are then sorted by year. Author, Year Ascending Title. References are sorted by the entire Author field first, then by about a boy resume, year with the oldest first. References with the exact same authors and year are then sorted by title.

All Authors Title (MLA) This sort combines all authors and titles (for references with no author) into one sort. Other sorts place references without authors at the top of the list. Title, Year descending. References are sorted first by title and then by year with most recent articles at the top. Periodical, Year descending. Sorts by periodical name and then by essay starters, year with the most recent at the top. Year descending, Author. Sorts first by year with the most recent at the top and within the same year by author. Year descending, Title.

Sorts first by boo radley diary, year with the essay for macbeth most recent at maker the top and within the same year by title. Year descending, Periodical. Sorts first by year with the most recent at the top and within the same year by periodical name. Year ascending, Title. Sorts first by essay starters for macbeth, year with the oldest at boo radley the top and essay starters, within the same year by title. Sorts references by the ID number. If the history essay bibliography should have a title before it begins, type the title in starters for macbeth the Reference List Title box. The title is automatically centered on the page when you view or print the document.

Select Include empty fields in the reference output if, for example, you want the page number field included in the bibliography even if there is no page number in the reference. If you do not select this option, RefWorks automatically takes out empty fields. Essay! Most output styles do not call for empty fields to be included, so this option should be cleared. Select Apply APA Rules for Electronic Source field inclusion if your style should follow the new APA guidelines that require inclusion of a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) if available, in the bibliography. When this option is selected, RefWorks will look for starters for macbeth, Digital Object Identifier (DOI) information for the reference and print that first. If there is no DOI in the reference, then the RefWorks will print the information in the Links and the Retrieved Date fields. If there is no DOI or Links information, RefWorks will print the Database information for a particular reference. This applies to diary essays, all reference types except Unpublished Material and Web Pages.

For Unpublished Material the Database and Retrieved Date will print if there is no DOI or Links. Essay Starters! For Web Pages, the Accessed Date and Database will print if there is no DOI or Links. Note: This setting only applies to references where the rules for publishing a research paper Source Type field is set to Electronic . Under Indent Setting select the appropriate indent. Essay Starters For Macbeth! Select Normal if the first line of paper each reference should be indented, Hanging if all lines except the first should be indented or None . Under Line Spacing , select the spacing to apply to all lines within the reference. Your choices are Single , Double , or Triple . RefWorks automatically inserts one blank line between references in the bibliography. Make the appropriate selection from the essay starters for macbeth drop-down box for consecutive works by the same author.

In some cases it may be appropriate to history, substitute dashes for essay for macbeth, the author names. Enter the appropriate Precede with and Follow with characters for nature, each reference. For example, you may want to follow each reference with a period. Text After Bibliography could be used to essay starters for macbeth, specify punctation for all bibliography entries. Placing the ending punctuation in the bibliography settings would eliminate the need to include ending punctuation for every defined reference type.

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Framing Effects in Younger and Older Adults. A growing literature on decision making in older adults suggests that they are more likely to use heuristic processing than are younger adults. We assessed this tendency in essay for macbeth, the context of a framing effect, a decision-making phenomenon whereby the end of history language used to describe options greatly influences the decision maker#x02019;s choice. Essay Starters. We compared decision making under a standard (#x0201c;heuristic#x0201d;) condition and also under a #x0201c;justification#x0201d; condition known to reduce reliance on boo radley heuristics. In the standard condition, older adults were more susceptible than younger adults to framing but the essay for macbeth two groups did not differ when participants were asked to provide a justification. Thus, although older adults may spontaneously rely more on heuristic processing than younger adults, they can be induced to take a more systematic approach to decision making.

THE term framing effect refers to a phenomenon whereby the choices people make are systematically altered by the language used in the formulation of options. For example, in end of essay, the well-known Asian disease task (Tversky #x00026; Kahneman, 1981), participants in the so-called positive frame condition make a treatment choice based on for macbeth a description of lives saved (e.g., 200 out of a total of rules a research paper 600 people will be saved); by essay contrast, in the so-called negative frame condition, participants make a treatment choice based on essay a description of starters for macbeth lives lost (e.g., 400 out of a total of 600 people will die). Diary. Despite the identical underlying basis of the two versions of the essay problem, people make different choices: They are more likely to be risk averse (i.e., to move away from a risky option) when questions are framed as gains (i.e., positively) and more risk seeking (i.e., to move toward a risky option) when questions are framed as losses (i.e., negatively). The literature on rules paper these and essay for macbeth other framing-effect problems is extensive (for reviews, see Levin, Schneider, #x00026; Gaeth, 1998; also see K#x000fc;hberger, 1998). However, the research has mainly used college students as participants and the performance of older adults has rarely been the central focus of the research.

Although older adults were included in some studies with professionals, experts, and blessing nature patients (e.g., Loke #x00026; Tan, 1992; McNeil, Pauker, Sox, #x00026; Tversky, 1982; Roszkowski #x00026; Snelbecker, 1990), the starters age of the samples in these studies was also confounded with other characteristics such as expertise and some medical conditions. Previously, we (Kim #x00026; Hasher, 2005) demonstrated superior performance by older adults in for publishing, decision making using attraction-effect tasks, suggesting that older adults can, under some circumstances, show performance better than that of essay starters younger adults, perhaps because they have greater life experience in decision making (e.g., Hertwig, Barron, Weber, #x00026; Erev, 2004). In the current study, we were also interested in examining whether older adults can perform better than younger adults in decision making in the context of a framing effect. As in our previous study, it is on my movie conceivable that older adults are less likely to show framing effects than younger adults because they have greater life experience in decision making. However, an alternative hypothesis is also possible. In the framing-effect literature, there is some evidence that even people with experience or expertise are not immune to starters framing effects (e.g., Loke #x00026; Tan, 1992; Roszkowski #x00026; Snelbecker, 1990). Further, a number of explanations have been proposed for framing effects (e.g., see K#x000fc;hberger, 1997, for blessing a review); there has been some agreement that, in many instances, #x0201c;framing#x0201d; is the for macbeth product of heuristic information processing (e.g., McElroy #x00026; Seta, 2003). This proposal is strengthened by demonstrations that framing effects can be reduced when circumstances press for on my favourite movie detailed processing, for starters example, when participants must provide a rationale for their selections (e.g., Sieck #x00026; Yates, 1997; Takemura, 1993).

Thus, because there is paper evidence that older adults tend to rely on heuristic processing more than younger adults (e.g., Johnson, 1990), it is conceivable that older adults are more likely to starters show framing effects. Verbal framing could be a case in which greater life experience at making decisions does not benefit older adults. If it is such a case, then our question becomes whether asking for end of 1989 a rationale for a decision can increase reliance on detailed processing and thus make it possible for older adults to make decisions that are similar to starters for macbeth those of a boy resume younger adults. One hundred and essay starters eighty-six undergraduate students (aged 17 to 28 years) from the diary University of Toronto and 186 senior citizens (aged 58 to 78 years) from the Toronto area participated in this study. Older adults had significantly higher vocabulary scores ( M = 29.43, SD = 9.27), as assessed by the Extended Range Vocabulary Test (ERVT), version 3 (Educational Testing Service, 1976), than younger adults ( M = 19.39, SD = 7.04), t (368) = 11.75. Younger adults received credit for an introductory psychology course and older adults received $10 for their participation. We used two problems, each with a positive and starters negative frame. We adopted one problem, the #x0201c;fatal disease#x0201d; problem, from Wang, Simons, and Br#x000e9;dart (2001). We did not use the well-known Asian disease problem in this study because of the demographic characteristics in the Greater Toronto area, in essay, which a considerable portion of the starters population is Asian. For Publishing Paper. We adopted the other problem, the #x0201c;cancer treatment#x0201d; problem, from essay starters for macbeth, McNeil and colleagues (1982; see Appendix).

Note that, for both problems, the rules a research paper option labeled as B is the one that previous work shows is chosen reliably more in for macbeth, the negative frame than in the positive frame. The experiment was a 2 (Age: young and old) #x000d7; 2 (Frame: positive and negative) #x000d7; 2 (Justification: with and without justification) between-subjects design. For Publishing. There were 53 participants in for macbeth, each without-justification group and rules a research 40 in starters for macbeth, each with-justification group. Participants in the with-justification condition were asked to provide a rationale in writing for their choice prior to easy resume actually indicating their choice (Sieck #x00026; Yates, 1997). Starters. Participants who were in the without-justification condition were not asked to blessing nature essay provide a rational for essay their choice. Each participant received both problems in a counterbalanced order in either their positive or negative frame.

Because research has shown that a reliance on analytic strategies is resume more likely at optimal times of starters for macbeth day whereas a reliance on heuristic strategies is more likely at nonoptimal times (e.g., Bodenhausen, 1990), and because optimal times are different for younger and older adults (e.g., Yoon, May, #x00026; Hasher, 1999), we tested at normatively optimal times for each group, that is, in the morning for older adults and in the afternoon for easy younger adults. Our goal was to increase the likelihood that analytic strategies would be used by for macbeth both groups in the standard condition. For Each Problem: Problem-by-Problem Analysis. The dependent variable was the resume maker proportion of younger and starters for macbeth older adults selecting Option B in each problem (see Table 1 ). We used a chi-square test to end of 1989 assess whether the choice proportions were significantly different across the two frames (especially, whether the essay starters for macbeth choice proportion is significantly higher in the negative frame than in the positive frame), indicating the presence of boo radley diary a framing effect. In the without-justification condition, younger adults did not show a reliable framing effect in essay, the fatal disease problem, #x003c7; 2 (1, N = 106) = 0.99, and they showed a marginal effect in the cancer treatment problem, #x003c7; 2 (1, N = 106) = 3.13, p = .08. (The effect size of the original Asian disease problem is actually exceptionally large; its effect size was categorized as an outlier in boo radley diary, the meta-analysis of starters for macbeth K#x000fc;hberger, 1998. According to him, an average effect size of about a boy resume Asian disease types of problems, i.e., problems with risk manipulation by essay starters for macbeth a reference point, is around medium. Resume Maker. To give room for an effect to for macbeth go up or down with younger and older participants, we selected problems with effect sizes slightly lower than medium in the current study. Perhaps this is the reason why we did not find framing effects in boo radley essays, younger adults in essay, each problem.) Older adults, by for publishing paper contrast, showed a significant framing effect for for macbeth both the fatal disease problem, #x003c7; 2 (1, N = 106) 2 (1, N = 9.95, p #x0003c; .01, and the cancer treatment problem, #x003c7; 2 (1, N = 106) = 16.06, p #x0003c; .01. In the on my movie with-justification condition, younger adults did not show a framing effect for either the essay problem of fatal disease, #x003c7; 2 (1, N = 80) = 0.25, or of for publishing a research cancer treatment, #x003c7; 2 (1, N = 80) = 1.26.

Similarly, older adults did not show a framing effect = for either the fatal disease problem, #x003c7; 2 (1, N = 80) = 1.32, or the cancer treatment problem, #x003c7; 2 (1, N = 80) = 1.35. Across Problems: Pooled Data Analysis. We combined the choice data from the for macbeth two problems to enable a powerful test of our hypotheses. (In order to examine the diary independence of participants#x02019; responses across two problems, we used McNemar#x02019;s test. McNemar#x02019;s test is a test used to examine whether repeated categorical responses in two different conditions are independent of essay for macbeth each other. The test results showed that responses or choices are independent, i.e., significantly different, from each other across the two problems for younger and older adults, respectively, in about a boy, each justification condition. Thus, these results should ensure that our collapsing of essay starters for macbeth data across problems does not violate the responseindependence assumption of logistic regression.) We analyzed these pooled data by using logistic regression to examine main effects and paper interactions among three independent variables: frame (positive and negative), age (young and old) and justification (with and without justification). First, we carried out model selection by using stepwise and backward selection methods to find a logistic regression model that best fits the data (e.g., SAS Institute, 1989). The final model we selected (Hosmer-Lemeshow goodness-of-fit #x003c7; 2 = 1.58, p = .95, df = 6) excluded the three-way interaction (Age #x000d7; Justification #x000d7; Frame) and the one two-way interaction (Age #x000d7; Justification), and it included only three main effects (frame, age, and justification) and two two-way interactions (Age #x000d7; Frame and Justification #x000d7; Frame). Starters For Macbeth. Of these five parameters in the final model, three (one main effect and two interactions) were statistically significant. Maker. Specifically, the starters for macbeth main effect of frame was significant, #x003c7; 2 (1, N = 744) = 6.84, p #x0003c; .01, indicating an overall framing effect. This effect, however, was qualified by easy resume two hypothesized interactions#x02014;Age #x000d7; Frame, #x003c7; 2 (1, N = 744) = 4.66, p #x0003c; .05, and Justification #x000d7; Frame, #x003c7; 2 (1, N = 744) = 4.53, p #x0003c; .05.

The Age #x000d7; Frame interaction indicates that participants#x02019; age had an effect on the magnitude of the framing effect. To probe this further, we performed a separate logistic regression analysis for each age group. The main effect of frame was significant only for essay starters for macbeth older adults, #x003c7; 2 (1, N = 372) = 22.29, p #x0003c; .01, but not for younger adults, #x003c7; 2 (1, N = 372) = 3.13, p = .08, suggesting that older adults were more = vulnerable = to= this framing effect than younger adults. The Justification #x000d7; Frame interaction indicates that the justification manipulation had an effect on essay the magnitude of the framing effect. Separate analyses that we performed for each justification condition revealed a significant main effect of frame only for the without-justification condition, #x003c7; 2 (1, N = 424) = 23.14, p #x0003c; .01, but not for the with-justification condition, #x003c7; 2 (1, N = 320) = 2.12. These results suggest that the justification manipulation significantly reduced the framing effect for both younger and starters older adults. In the current study we examined whether there are age differences in vulnerability to a framing effect. About Resume. Faced with a problem couched in terms of the number of people who will die as a result of two treatments#x02014;the classic negative frame#x02014; older adults were more risk seeking than younger adults and, by for macbeth contrast, when given the identical problem couched in terms of the resume number of starters for macbeth people who will live#x02014;the positive frame#x02014;older adults were more risk averse than younger adults. We observed a very similar pattern in rules for publishing paper, the second problem, with older adults in this instance proving more likely to focus on short-term survival in for macbeth, the negative frame and on long-term survival in the positive frame.

In other words, older adults#x02019; decisions were more influenced by the language frame, at least for movie problems such as those used here, both of which may well have an emotional context. Furthermore, as we expected on the basis of earlier studies asking younger participants to provide a rationale for their decisions (e.g., Sieck #x00026; Yates, 1997; Takemura, 1993), the justification manipulation significantly reduced the present framing effect for for macbeth both younger and older adults. Clearly, older adults can use analytic processes that enable them to base their decisions on a problem#x02019;s deeper structure, rather than on its superficial language. The current data are consistent with the boo radley diary essays resource allocation hypothesis proposed by Hess, Rosenberg, and Waters (2001). Essay Starters For Macbeth. According to this hypothesis, because older adults have limited cognitive resources, they tend to rely on heuristic information processing in order to conserve their mental energy for important tasks. As a result, Hess and colleagues argued that older adults can perform as well as younger adults in a relatively low resource-demanding task when they are highly motivated to process information systematically. Our data fit with this explanation, if this decision situation can be thought of as one making a low demand, in that older adults were more likely to show framing effects than younger adults because they tended to about resume rely on heuristic information processing more than younger adults, but their performance improved up to the level of starters younger adults when they were encouraged to process information systematically. Our current findings have important practical implications for older adults#x02019; decision making, especially in medical decision domains.

This is about a boy resume a domain full of risky decisions that have to be made. Thus, knowing that older adults are more vulnerable than younger adults to how decision alternatives are verbally presented (framed), medical practitioners may need to pay greater attention to how they present medical information and treatment options when they communicate with elderly patients. However, our current finding that older adults#x02019; heightened susceptibility to verbal framing can be ameliorated by a simple justification manipulation suggests that a relatively easy, everyday solution may be available to starters older adults#x02014;along with others#x02014;to reduce some biases in choice. This research was supported by Grant R37 AGO4306 from the National Institute on Aging. We thank all the people who helped us in the data collection and entry processes of this project, including Rachelle Ta-Min, Ursula Wiprzycka, Ji-A Min, and many others.